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  1. What is the most interesting Vehicle TB you own or have seen?
  2. Has the TB been discovered on GC since you sold the truck? This thread got me thinking, I may have one of the faster TBs out there. Currently running 13s with it. Don't think it would be the fastest out there though, it is still my daily driver.
  3. Little late on this post, but figured I would add mine. 1. 200 finds (~20 left to go) 2. Find at least one 5 terrain difficulty cache with Cohen in the backpack 3. 50 hides (introducing some cache types not found locally) 4. Attend 8 Events this year (2 completed, 6 marked as 'will attend', vender at 6 events)
  4. We're from Sudbury Ontario. We also run a local GeoCaching supply store (Internet based). We also do some Geocaching every chance we get in the Sydney NS area while out that way visiting the in-laws.
  5. I am not sure about down in the US, but the local dollar stores here have started carrying small camping items. If the cache size permits, LED flashlights (work really well), decent compasses, emergency reflective blankets, chemical hand warmer packs make for good, quality swag. These work really well to bring the swag quality up in a cache, and they are still ~$1. We do carry with us small dollar store toys so that when we are caching with the kids, they can put toys in. Keep in mind, Geocaching in this area is pretty much an outdoors activity (bush), so the LED flashlights (headband style) and other items are a huge hit here.
  6. Depending on who made the trackable will make it easier to determine the activation code. If you want, e-mail my wife at customerservice(at)upnorthtracks.com and she might be able to give you the activation code if it is manufactured by one of the companies we deal with.
  7. Micros aren't as bad as the few nanos that have appeared here in the bush. I've already complained to the wife for selling nano cache containers.
  8. Don't forget to bring lots of swag. 'TNLN' is not much of an option with kids
  9. We have 16 as of right now. That should be at least double before the end of the summer. We really need them
  10. I just thought I would toss out the question of; How many caches do you own?
  11. CD, I'll use a #2 shell when placing my shotgun caches
  12. northernpenguin, Sudbury is very similar to North Bay in many ways. As you describe it, it could support hundreds, even thousands more maintained quality caches. I opened up the discussion of cache density at our last ice-cream meeting. Highlighted was areas that have a decent density (6-9 per sq km) and areas that have a great potential for a couple more caches. As a group, we are looking to increase the local quality cache count, in order to maintain or increase local interest in this hobby/sport. On a side note from your comment: A group of us from the last ice-cream meeting are looking to do a group multi-cache find. It'll be a canoe/kayak trip sometime in September. The target cache is GC27PV2 (currently disabled due to bridge construction in the area). You're more then welcome to come out and join us once the date is selected.
  13. I haven't read any of the books, but i did spend some time browsing them at the book store. If I were to buy one I would buy the Idiots guide to geocaching. It seemed to be the best to me, and if Groundspeak is endorsing it, it should be filled with accurate information, approved by Groundspeak.
  14. (Jess Again) That a great way to look at! I'm glad your able to do that. Good luck reaching your goal. Us? A golf/curling club membership is out of our budget, so therefore the extra gas is too. We had to give up much of the extras in our life when I chose to be a stay at home mom. Sorry if I managed to offend you. I was just trying to explain why we were asking the question in the first place. I guess next time I will just read and keep my mouth shut!
  15. I noticed there was a lot there. There was a spot along the Ontario/Quebec border that had a density of ~40 caches per km. This of course was mystery caches, earth caches, etc. I have a PQ setup for Ottawa, so the next time I go east the visit the inlaws, I may just make an over night stay in Ottawa to get some caches.
  16. I haven't tried other browers yet, but I log in, and it takes me to my profile page and everything is blank and it says I am not logged in. I'm using IE 8.
  17. hmm, sounds like a challenge.. I'd take on a chanllenge like this, but would feel guilty after the fact. Kind of like eating one of those big Hursheys Chocolate bars in one sitting. Would be fun doing it, but after the fact, probably not so much fun. I'm typing this while I am looking over at a shelf full of ready to place caches.
  18. Just for entertainment value, let’s go through your points here. The battery limits are 3 kids (ages 1 and 2 are 3yrs old) and caching in Sudbury. 1. Outside a 30km radius of downtown is bush (density ~1 cache per 10km and dropping further you go out) North Bay is the next closest town/city with a density greater then 1 cache per #kms. 2. In a 30km radius (from downtown) we have, 131 traditional (11 are mine, found 116) 17 multi (found 2) 7 mystery caches (one is mine) 1 Earth Cache 3. 3 car seats do not fit in a clown car. The 07 Grand Caravan (3.3l engine) gets ~20-30mpg x $1.12 per litter. Nearest cache not found yet is GC1FWDB (15km from home). You’re welcome to try taking the kids on that one. I'll even lend you my kayak (only have the one though). 4. See original post. A few of us are looking to add more caches within the city. I was asking for opinions on how many would be considered too many in an area because we do want to increase the count, but not create a power trail.
  19. (this is Jess now, not Mike) Our son is 1 and our friend's twins are 3. The girls love hunting for treasure, so when we take them we like to find caches filled with swag, no micros. We call micros adult treasures and they really don't like them. To spend the day caching with the kids we can't do the harder hikes, well, we can do some but they get tired and complain because they want to find more treasures. It would be nice to be able to do 3 or 4 caches without having to pack up all the kids into the van and drive somewhere else. There is enough bush here that many different areas could be more populated. It's not about the numbers as in smilies, but in the numbers for the kids. Imagine you are 3. You are going treasure hunting and you only find one treasure, then you have to get back in the car, drive somewhere else, maybe have lunch or a nap, and then you can find another treasure. Going swiming or playing in my sandbox is starting to look more fun, lol. The most fun I've had geocaching was at the Spring Fling. We spent the entire day hiking around the conservation area and found 8 caches. Cohen was happy in his back pack. We didn't have to keep putting him in and out of the car. He even had a great little nap in there. If we go out caching and we have to keep getting in the car, he will fall asleep just as we get to a cache, then we are stuck waiting for him to wake up or we wake him up and he doesn't get a good nap and is cranky all day. Our original question was not about filling up an area with micros or quick grabs. It was about adding to the existing quality caches to make the game more fun for everyone. We know how many are allowed, but how many do you think is actually too many. Do you say, go for it, if it fits the guidelines it's all good? or do you think there is a smaller amount that is too many? Personally I don't have an opinion on the cache density as far as numbers and statistics go. I just want to go out caching and enjoy the day without having to use half a tank of gas or more. I'd also like to see more of the different types of caches in our area.
  20. If and/when you release these, I sure hope one makes it this way. I would love to add one or more of these to my discovery list. It is too bad my little guy is too young to understand the meaning behind them.
  21. The double lock & lock boxes is actually a really good idea. Suprisingly I didn't even consider that as an option. We have a dozen or so different styles of these in our house.
  22. The basic run down of the event is as follows; There will be a number (~15) registered caches which I hope to coordinate their publication to be the night before the event. Each cache will have a standard log book with the first three lines numbered, and a different shaped hole-punch. The FTF for each cache gets 3 points, the second to find gets 2, and the third to find gets 1 point. The top 3 in the points get a FTF prize at the diner (held the next evening) and everyone gets a ticket per unique stamp to be pulled for other prizes. Because of the extremely limited variations of caches here, we are planning on placing the previous type caches as part of the event. In the end, we'll have some added new caches to the local area, different caches (Where to Go, Letterbox, etc) introduced, cure the craving for the FTF group, and have some great wings at the end of it all. I didn't include the extras of the event as the point of this thread was to get some input and ideas for interesting caches. The local hiding style is pretty consistent across all caches hidden here. So input from others in other parts of the country could add some difference in the way I was planning on hiding these caches.
  23. Mike & Jess

    GPS Maps

    Try gpscity.com or gpscentral.com. Odds are, the price for the maps are set by the manufacture, so most, if not all will sell it for the same price.
  24. I am looking for opinions on the best underwater GeoCache container. The limitations I have for an underwater cache is that I need to place it below the potential ice level (<2ft). The current container being tested is similar to a Pelican case. After almost 2 weeks submerged, with the temperature fluctuating from ~5'C to ~25'C, it is showing signs of moisture. Has anyone hidden a submerged cache, and what did you use for the container? How is it holding out?
  25. Jess and myself started Up North Tracks in May as a way to acquire Groundspeak donations for some of our local events and for something to keep Jess occupied while staying home with our little geocacher. Since our involvement in Geocaching has gone from just a casual outing, to a every weekend we are out on the trails, or at an event, our perception has sure changed. Now, with the help of some local geocachers, we are trying to raise the awareness of Geocaching, and bring in different, more interest geocaches. Getting right to the point: What we are looking for is ideas for interesting/different caches. Currently, Jess and myself are setting up a FTF event for mid August/September. This should include; - 1 Where to Go - 1 Letterbox - 1 puzzle - 1 earth - 1 submerged traditional (underwater cache) - 1 Traditional Ammo cache - 2 surprise traditional caches (thinking maybe a bird house and hollowed out log) What is the most interesting cache you have seen?
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