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  1. Hope you dont mind me asking a newby question


    when I go caching I will be carrying spare log books , if I come across a log that is full is it ok to replace the logbook or do I have to notify the owner ? if its ok to replace the log book what do you do with the full log book ?


    I also carry a pencil sharpener and spare pencils to replace or repair , and some tissues to clean the box if its a bit grotty , wet ,etc , si there anything else I can carry or do to a cache when i come acoss it that needs minor maintenance done


    Just add the logbook to the full log and notify the CO. I also carry some electrical and duct tape in the event that someone's container has a crack in it and it may get wet. Zip-lock baggies are another thing you may want to carry.

  2. Went looking for a cache in Burlington, VT a couple of weeks ago and almost tripped over a muggle in the woods behind a health food store. He was using some "medicinal herbs" and asked me if I worked for the University and was looking for plants. I had to chuckle a bit and just said I was out for a walk. He was practically sitting on the GZ so I didn't get to officially find it and sign. Wonder if he goes to the health food store when he gets the munchies? :laughing:

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