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  1. Big SIS is watching out for you. Surprised it didn't say "See Something, Say Something"
  2. Just add the logbook to the full log and notify the CO. I also carry some electrical and duct tape in the event that someone's container has a crack in it and it may get wet. Zip-lock baggies are another thing you may want to carry.
  3. If you are looking for containers, check out this site: http://www.locknlockplace.com/ They are having a $9.90 special right now and their shipping starts @ $3.99.
  4. Went looking for a cache in Burlington, VT a couple of weeks ago and almost tripped over a muggle in the woods behind a health food store. He was using some "medicinal herbs" and asked me if I worked for the University and was looking for plants. I had to chuckle a bit and just said I was out for a walk. He was practically sitting on the GZ so I didn't get to officially find it and sign. Wonder if he goes to the health food store when he gets the munchies?
  5. These are some awesome cache ideas. Keep up the good work!
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