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  1. yes...thank you....already found that.....it all became clear when I adjusted the center point by 18000km using the GPS... thanks for your help and reply. The program sure looks good to use now ! cheers Pete
  2. Hello folk I have just discovered this app...looks good. I can't seem to work out how to make a cache the "center point" (as in GSAK)..... "center round" a cache just seems to alter the distance/direction away to others, rather than have the nearest caches moved along side....(as in GSAK) Thanks for looking and any help. Pete
  3. Bound to have been discussed previously......but I see "event" caches hosted (owned) by the creater, then logged as "attended"....which seems to make sence.....if you are the host, you are present. This then adds to that (host) owner "finds" count. Every one seems happy with that. So...I have seen (traditional) cache owners log a find on thier own cache. Obviously, they have been to the cache location to place the box. Then there is some grumble about that owner "finding" thier own cache. What is the difference I wonder. Cheers b&w
  4. yep...us too...could not do a search by country or region....but was able to find new caches near home by trolling the map. (s'pose we could sign up for alerts...nah) But...can I say...lets not trash the web page people....I suspect they are doing things for love....and surely will sort it soon. at least I now know it was not a "me" problem. chill people...enjoy....and go safe out there P
  5. my 1 cent worth some good comments here. I would try and not let a DNF worry you. with over 2 million caches out there, no one will find them all. Every one plays this game with different goals (and skills) ....for us, a DNF is not a biggie....oh, we have plenty. For us personally, we enjoy going to the location as much as the find....but then, we are not urban cachers! On the accuracy front....you should also remember, the coordinates will also depend on how precise the cache owner was when he/she took the mark....there can be variance there. There is also some variance between model of GPS used, although that gap is closing. Don't let stuff bug you...it is a past-time...to enjoy. Cheers Pete
  6. Thanks guys for the comments....helpful. I will get to try the 62.....oh, it will be hard to part with the simplicity and reliability of the 60 though. Thanks again. Pete
  7. Hi people have any of you gone from a 60 to a 62. My 62Cx I love...but the casing is falling apart...no fault of the unit.My use and abuse. I may have chance to secure a near new 62 (compass model). Would be interested in feed back on ease of use in the field....marking way points, moving caches to "found" then find next ETC. Do they work in a similar way. Can I delete all way points except say "found" or or such symbols: ie, retain waypoints I want to keep in the unit. Thank you.
  8. OMG ....you are so right. Goodness knows how that happened (was there a "dodgy" log in there or some thing :-) Thanks so much for that...I sure did not think of that option. But ...whew. Thanks again. Pete
  9. Hi folk. My email in box from geocaching has been empty all week......no logs, no email even after having a cache published. When I look at our cache owned list, there have been plenty of visits I have not been emailed. I have not changed my geo account or email (gmail) account. Is this just me.....any suggestions? Thanks for your time. Pete
  10. Check out kiwi-nomad caches around Nelson (example GC33K4R) for clever inovative hides. He is the master. And, yes, why are you stopping at Christchurch. The best of NZ starts there, both for scenery and cache experience ! Happy travels. b&w
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