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  1. Thanks! I did reach out to the CO. I haven't heard back yet, but maybe in the next week or so . . .
  2. I think I've solved the puzzle for GC3A334, but when I go to put the corrected into the Certitude link on the cache, it seems to be pointing to a non-Certitude website - like maybe the page got hacked or something?
  3. One way I could see this working, is hold on to the trackable, but put a qrc code on the gadget, and when someone reads it with their phone, it brings up a webpage (presuming the location has internet service) that contains the code you need to open the gadget . . . INSIDE the container you can put the tracking code and say, "Discover me!" or something like that. There's a cacher in Pittsburgh, PA *WRWhizard* that took a trackable and made a GIANT wooden production of it, and it's mounted on his front porch for anyone who drives by to discover . . .I'm sure he has the original trackable safe and sound somewhere.
  4. I remember the thrill I got when I found my first trackable in a cache. It was amazing! It was an honor to help move it along and release it after a few weeks of traveling with it. I want to give that same thrill to others . . .but cheaply, LOL. So I only have a dozen or so released, but my secret is to attach the plain metal tags for the cheap ones to a happy meal toy with a hole drilled through it - so it's interesting, but not collectable or playable for a kid. I use a steel cable keychain with a drop of superglue in the screw, to attach them. For "high end" trackables, I definately use a proxy, and keep the original. I also have shrinky dink paper to write the trackable number on, and attach to a happy meal toy or dollar store toy, and set it free. I have some that have apparently stopped moving, but plan to wait for at least a year before releasing the second proxy for them.
  5. Ah, I didn't realize it was an attribute! Thanks so much!
  6. I've looked at Pocket Query, and don't see an obvious answer. Preferably I'd like to search for these and sort by distance from my home location. Thanks for any help you can give!
  7. Has anyone tried a dremel to engrave stuff?
  8. I just ordered a bunch of TB's. When I get them, can I send one to you, to be released in Scotland? I'd keep the original, and track the proxy around the world, starting in Scotland?? If you're still doign this?
  9. FYI, right now the Wonders of the World series are on clearance - under $18 for 7 TBs, and a free holiday TB if you spend $25 . . . get two sets of the Wonders, and you end up with 15 TBs for $35ish, and free shipping. Under $2 a pop. **Y'all are so kind, you didn't even point out my bad math. $2.33 each, including shipping.***
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