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  1. I would like a screw. What other coins are you seeking?


    does anyone have a redhanded coin to trade? even if its activated?

    I have an unactivated Red Handed. What do you have for trade?


    Lets see I have available:

    2005 Ky geocoin

    Sometimes you feel like a Nut




    groundhog day

    geocoin addict

    world of geocaching

    geocaching germany


  2. I am collecting state geocoins. Does anyone know if the following states have coins?

    Are they trackable? Where are they available?




    New Hampshire


    South Dakota


    Thanks for any help in advance


  3. I got a Wildlife Muggles cache bandit and a Colorado 2006 coin.


    Sat. was better I got several

    Micro baby loggerhead.

    baby loggerhead

    southside gang

    yellow mailer lost coin

    mini micro

    balloon coin

    timberwolf coin

    tumbleweed coin

    justice coin

    family coin


    That was a good day :ninja: .

  4. I would like to get a book that would explain WGS 84 coordinates in a way I can understand. I would like the book to explain adding and subtracting minutes. There are some caches where you have to go 2.84 minutes East. I always have to think and research. I would like a book to keep around the house. Any suggestions?? Found a good one at Barnes and Nobles but it was UTM format. Thanks for suggestions!!

  5. I got a Garmin Quest in December. Worked great for car navigation and geocaching. Last weekend it froze up. Screen said "Loader loading...: and stayed there for about 36 hours. Battery died. Rebooted all ok. Saturday came around it again, and it happened again. 1st time I was in an area with alot of electrical equipment. I chalked it up to disturbances. This Saturday, I was high on a bluff in the forest. As high as one can get in Florida. I don't understand it. Unit was out of commission for about 12 hours this time. Screen background seems little different now. Don't like it at all. I have me Rino 120 in backup. But with the expense of the unit, I wouldn't think I would need a backup. Any help out there??

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