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  1. I would like a screw. What other coins are you seeking? I have an unactivated Red Handed. What do you have for trade? Lets see I have available: 2005 Ky geocoin Sometimes you feel like a Nut Screw EU earth groundhog day geocoin addict world of geocaching geocaching germany iowa
  2. Like the coin. I would like 2, if icon. 1 if not. Thanks
  3. I am collecting state geocoins. Does anyone know if the following states have coins? Are they trackable? Where are they available? Massachuetts Montana New Hampshire Oregon South Dakota Thanks for any help in advance Turtletoes/Michelle
  4. I probably missedit, but I just read Alaska 2006 coin available soon. Where to order? Thanks, Turtletoes/Michelle
  5. I would like 1, please. Thanks, Turtletoes/Michelle
  6. I would like of the Sepag geocoin. Where do we order? Thanks, Turtletoes/Michelle
  7. Coin. Did I preorder. Thought I did. Want to find out before I preorder again. Thanks
  8. Good day so far, Caching partners original stash plaque sunshine gang migo lighthouse camo boots signal blind acorn and I am not home yet. Still waiting on Civil War coin!! Hopefully today
  9. Nada. Waiting on Civil Wars coin. I week today. I wish they would get here.
  10. Does anywhere know where I can purchase a 2LuknF8 coin, other than ebay? I think the coin is extremely cool and I enjoyed his Area 51 cache series. Thanks
  11. I got a Wildlife Muggles cache bandit and a Colorado 2006 coin. Sat. was better I got several Micro baby loggerhead. baby loggerhead southside gang yellow mailer lost coin mini micro balloon coin timberwolf coin tumbleweed coin justice coin family coin That was a good day .
  12. I want to add a picture to a cache of mine. But I want the pictures to be hidden. Only shown if someone clicks on them. How do I do this.
  13. I would like to get a book that would explain WGS 84 coordinates in a way I can understand. I would like the book to explain adding and subtracting minutes. There are some caches where you have to go 2.84 minutes East. I always have to think and research. I would like a book to keep around the house. Any suggestions?? Found a good one at Barnes and Nobles but it was UTM format. Thanks for suggestions!!
  14. Thanks. Weird that it woked fine for over 2 months.
  15. I got a Garmin Quest in December. Worked great for car navigation and geocaching. Last weekend it froze up. Screen said "Loader loading...: and stayed there for about 36 hours. Battery died. Rebooted all ok. Saturday came around it again, and it happened again. 1st time I was in an area with alot of electrical equipment. I chalked it up to disturbances. This Saturday, I was high on a bluff in the forest. As high as one can get in Florida. I don't understand it. Unit was out of commission for about 12 hours this time. Screen background seems little different now. Don't like it at all. I have me Rino 120 in backup. But with the expense of the unit, I wouldn't think I would need a backup. Any help out there??
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