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  1. Got my California coins Monday. GREAAAT!! Thanks
  2. Got the micros I needed. Thanks for the trades.. Now I need a Hawaii coin. Help please.
  3. I am still looking for a California Micro. Anyone have one. I don't have a lot to trade. Please let me know.
  4. Looking for a california micro coin? Not a lot of trading coins. I have a Arcadia and a Mississippi Thanks, Michelle
  5. Wondering how many Florida Geocachers have personal geocoins? Are they available? Thanks, Michelle
  6. I found the Georigia Micro and Indiana micro Does anyone have a Tennessee micro for trade. I have Arcadia Nat'l Park mississippi 2006 Ark-Mo 2006 for trade Thanks, Michelle
  7. I am looking for Micro coins for states now. I am aware of Georgia Tennessee North Carolina Kansas Indiana Utah Are there any others? Where would they be available if still available? Thanks, Michelle
  8. I would like a set. Do you send paypal invoice??
  9. I would be interested in 1 of each. Thanks
  10. Count me in for 1-2. Are we pre-ordering yet? Thanks M
  11. Seeking a Georgia micro geocoin available Mississippi 2006 pewter Ark-Mo 2006 Ant. Gold Arcadia National Park Gold
  12. Just found out about an Indiana Micro basketball coin. Does anyone have one to trade? I have just a few coins to trade: Arcadia National Park metal gold I think Finland 2006 gold Ark-Mo 2006 ant gold Mississppi 2006 pewter Thanks, Michelle
  13. Collecting state coins. Looking for info on these states. Do they have coins? Are they trackable? Hawaii Massachuetts Montana New Hampshire South Dakota West Virginia I have a non-trackable Idaho, Indiana, Maine, North Dakota, South Carolina. Does Idaho have a trackable coin?. Same question for Indiana? Same question for Maine? Same question for North Dakota? Same question for South Carolina? Thanks in advance, Michelle
  14. Looking for a Federation and a 2Luknf8 coin. Just started collecting coins 3-4 months ago. Not much to trade. Would buy if not to outrageously priced. Thanks, Michelle
  15. I have looked everywhere. Need to know where to get activation codes for the Florida Landmark geocoins. Thanks in advance. Michelle
  16. Thanks for the info. Was able to get them activated
  17. Need to know where to get activation codes for the following coins Tank Hounds Florida Landmark Gone caching 2 TFTC or Found It not sure the name of coin Smiley face Geoswag March 2006 Virtual Ghost Thanks
  18. I put in for 2 coins. Didn't get confirmation. Am I on the list??
  19. Seeking Arizona Yellow Jeep Fever coin. New to coins. Have to trade: 2005 Maryland MOS Pewter 2006 Mississippt Pewter Michigan MIGO Ant Gold Thanks, Michelle/Turtletoes
  20. I would like 2 of the reg and 1 LE. Thought I had reservedalready. So if I did then just confirming. Thanks, Michelle/Turtletoes
  21. 1 of each metal please for me
  22. I put a reserve in for 2 coins 2 days ago. Didn't receive invoice. Did my reserve go in?? Thanks, Michelle
  23. I missed out on the panther coin. Looks like it would have been sweet. Put me down for a set of the new coins. Turtletoes
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