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  1. I have built an ignore list. I want to know if there is an easy way of now taking these caches off my ignore list. I can and will go to each page, but with over 100 on my ignore list I would like an easier way. If possible. Thanks in advance
  2. My friend who is new to geocaching. Purchased a triton 500. We tried for a hour today to load gps. We downloaded mapsend lite. Couldn't get it to load. I have always used Garmin products. So I wasn't any help. GSAK won't support the triton series. any input would be great. Thanks in advance
  3. Read thru the forums quickly and only saw one Palm mentioned and no reply. I have a Palm tx and a 60cxs. Thanks in advance
  4. Currently as a team with use a Palm TX with cachemate. CHEF is leaving for the summer and wants something inexpensive, no wifi but wants to remain paperless. Is there an inexpensive way I can set her up? She is leaving the 8th of May so I have a little time here to do this. thanks for any help or suggestions. Turtletoes
  5. I, too just got a gold and nickel recently. I would like of each Thanks
  6. GlennK721, yes that is the mystery coin. Does anyone have info on it. The Steal your Face a couple of people sent me info. Thanks,
  7. I recently purchased a bunch of geocoins. There was a couple of geocoins I didn't recognize. 1 was a Steal Your Face with tracking number. 1 Steal Your Face doesn't have a tracking number. I read there was only 5 of these made?? Any other information on this coin?? There was another coin. Mystery coin. With pyramid and binary numbers. What is this coin? No number (tracking) of any kind on the coin. Thanks, Michelle/Turtletoes
  8. Looking to trade for a Cache or die trying geocoin. Would like a Golden State too. See my list: http://cointracking.com/public/Turtletoes
  9. Hello seeking a few coins Screw 2005 Cache or Die Trying Tempting the Fates Legend of Bigfoot Thx4TC jeep black see my trading list http://cointracking.com/public/Turtletoes please email me see profile
  10. I was looking at icons today and noticed a couple of coins with generic icons. I thought these coins had unique icons Prowler53 (1st coin 2006) Tank Hounds (basset hound rescue) Hogwild GW5 T-shirt Hawai'i Geohana Anyone know? Thanks
  11. Mailed the first batch of coins out today. Thanks
  12. Eartha, Thank you for the help with the picture. I posted them in the trading section last week and no problems. Oh well, computers not my forte. Thanks again Turtletoes
  13. The black nickel coins are gone. Gold and nickel left.
  14. Gold 100 Nickel 110 Black Nickel 35 250 total
  15. Try the pictures again. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa16/Tu...tleToesGold.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa16/Tu...eToesNickel.jpg[/img]
  16. My personal geocoin. My son did the drawing and Rusty touched it up. Gold and Nickel finish available. It is trackable @GC.com and has it's own unique icon. $7.50 each. Shipping $2.00 US/$3.00 Canada. International contact for shipping. If ordering, please supply the following: Geonickname Qty Finish Paypal address Shipping address 1st picture of Nickel finish, 2nd gold finish and 3rd the icon
  17. I was working a trade for a Master of Cache trade with someone. The email is gone. Email me again, please. Thanks
  18. seeking: Fluttershy Screw Legna and sOulbAit 2Hillbillies Legend of Bigfoot trackable Alabama trackable Idaho trackable Maine trackable New Hampshire Available Turtletoes gold and nickel Thanks, Michelle
  19. What about Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota? Looking for trackable coins. Not the Appalachian Trail. I have most of those. Thanks,
  20. Looking for a list of geocoins with pictures of the coin and its icon (if has one). Trying to get my list updated. Thanks, M
  21. Been off the forums for a while. Do these states have trackable coins? West Virginia, South Dakota, Indiana, Hawaii reg not micro. Thanks, Turtletoes
  22. I know there a couple of people I haven't finished trades. Work is hectic now. I will try to finish up this weekend. Sorry
  23. All trades caught up. Anyone else interested please email me. I don't get on the forums too much. Thanks,
  24. email sent to 3Doxies, TMOCM, Moop Along, Windrose, Creacher. These are the pending ones (I think). Waiting to hear from these people. I will be away for couple of days. Hopefully all emails are now answered. If not email again. I will be available again Mon pm. Thanks
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