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  1. I found my first 80 caches with a Tom Tom One. I also have a friend geocaher who still uses his car sat. nav. With the Tom Tom One, after a certain distance the arrow unlocks from the road. I used to view the coordinates (if I can remember you click on the GPS signal). I would then walk in one direction and then another until the coordinates matched with the signal. However, after a few caches under my belt I learnt to figure out where GZ was about 10m before I arrive, I do this even with my Garmin Orgeon.
  2. I would still prefer a flat coin shape. I went to the website but they do not have any in stock at the moment I'm developing a series of caches with the theme 'transparency'. I wanted something transparent to give to all those cachers who completed the series. I would make it myself, but I wouldn't know where to start!
  3. No I apologise for being too serious. When you look at it from an American's point of view it is quite funny.
  4. I'm looking for a transparent Geocoin/Pathtag/Geo Token/Moniker. It must be un-coloured and see through. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry to go off topic, but what do American's call these...
  6. I think the terms are 'burning torch' and 'electric torch' which just became 'torch' because burning torches aren't used in this day and age and 'electric torch' sound too '60's retro'. However, I think flashlight is a better way to differentiate between a burning torch and an electric torch. That's it I've change my lexicon, I will call them flashlights from now on.
  7. An even cheaper idea that has a lot of kudos associated with it is a series medal. Make a 'Completed the Secret Society Series' image and put it on the bonus cache web page. Those who have completed the series can copy the image to their profile page.
  8. The Ramblers Assoc have a page about it. There are links to maps and books. http://www.ramblers.org.uk/info/paths/name...oasttocoast.htm
  9. Apart from the separate cache pages (which don't have to be long) you will have to maintain the 27 caches of a multi anyway. This biggest problem with a 26 mile multi is if a stage cache is muggled the finders cannot go any further, some finders will post this on-line but others won't. If you replace that stage cache you may find out from more online logs that another stage cache after that one is also missing, and so on… I'm sure even the hardened geocacher may get fed up after two failed attempts. With a series a muggled cache gets alerted and the finders can carry on with the others. You get to see which caches are the problem ones, and you can home-in on them instead of running the 26 mile to see if all the stages are in place. It's less maintenance in the long run. You could also ask (Alternative Logging Suggestion) that anybody running the route could log their time (or steps on a pedometer) on the online log. You could collate the statistics for fun (if that floats your boat).
  10. Don't worry there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to a log on one of my caches squibs can be converted…
  11. If it makes Geocachers feel any better, it is not just the sport of 'Geocaching' that gets this treatment. With another sport call 'Trailing' (among other names _ I'm a muggle/squib to their game) a 'hare' leaves a trail of flour for other runners to follow. This has turned up in various articles around the world branded as terrorism, anti-environmentalist, anti-animals, dog poison, etc…
  12. I disagree with you. With a series of traditionals and a bonus cache you are giving finders more choice. More choice gives customers a better experience. Cache 'n dashers can pick out those caches near a parking bay; wheelchair users can see (or investigate) which caches they can pick out in terms of accessibility; similar approach for mountain bikers; finders who only like going downhill; finders who have a limited time; low energy levels; only like difficult-to-find caches; only like easy-to-find caches; visiting from out of town; and finders who enjoy a long hike. The best multi's I have done have equal and short distances between stages, and guide you through a trail. One multi that comes to mind was in a local park and it took you around the park to parts of the park you would just normally pass by.
  13. I cannot understand why a CO would do this, surely a multiple of traditionals and a bonus cache would be more appealing.
  14. I recently did a multi, stage one to two was about 300m, about the same for the next stage, but the next stage was over 1.8Km away. It was disproportional and off putting. I had to mull over whether to walk back to the car and drive to the next stage. In fact it was on a path I always wanted to walk so I walked it anyway. So my guidelines for distance between stages of a multi should be no more than 500m apart.
  15. Where has it said in this thread, or any other thread on acronyms, that all you should write in an online log is one or two acronyms?
  16. It's a cacher's trail. Honestly some cacher will do anything for a smiley.
  17. That's it! Thank you! They seem to have gone now according to Google Earth _ just a smudge. There isn't a geocache in view either.
  18. I have, and I can't find it. I remember it was to the right of a road coming out of Stratford Upon Avon. This was ages ago about 10 years BGC (before Geocaching).
  19. OK I'm going to be cheeky here, so I'll apologise beforehand to the forum moderators. Does anyone know where the white rabbit is in Stratford Upon Avon? This is a large rabbit figure in a hillside like the 'white horse' in Dorset. (just to keep it in this forum)… It would make a great location for a geocache.
  20. http://californication.mtbguru.com/2005/11...in-etrex-vista/ ?
  21. Bittsen click my funny button! Well we have only just met! I don't do the funny button on a first date.
  22. ...or should you edit the on-line logs and write 'signed as Boyscout64'?
  23. I agree this would be a good idea. So good I wouldn't of had to write this post!
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