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  1. I think we need one from the other side of the pond. Here is a view of Bewdley, England on a frosty morning. This view and similar can be found when completing the GC15RQH BSF2 - a town trail multicache.
  2. Well there is truth in the saying, 'location, location, location'. Well done *mouse*. I heard there was a queue forming to sign the log
  3. When caching with kids a good technique is to go on the caching route the day before and place toys which the kids like in the cache. It’s a real thrill for the kids to open a cache and find a keyring with their name on it.
  4. Please don't withdraw, I have a replacement jar spare.
  5. Umm… OK. Good Points: This is simple (which is good) and doesn't put too much burden on the finder. I agreed that there should only be a rate up (and not a rate down) because I don’t think it helps the sport if we state which caches were don't like. Bad Points: It doesn't differentiate between a fantastic cache and great cache. The statistics (number of rate-ups and percentage) are great but there is no room for improvement, like how many finders rated it fantastic and how many rated it as great. You have to trawl through the logs to see the rating (no quick number at the top of the page to check out) and you cannot easily get a 'how many of my friends (GC.com feature) enjoyed this cache' sort of statistic. Solution: 'Tavisman's Top 10 Profiling' has all the good points and addresses every one of the bad points.
  6. Sorry to bump this old topic, but I needed to use the collective noun of muggles in a log and I didn't know which term we had agreed upon. I used 'gaggle' in the end: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...5e-ea113b48b931
  7. Two caches I searched at night brought me pleasurable memories. The first was a night trail cache with reflected markers (GC1MF89). Three of us did it (two geocachers and a muggle) late at night and under a full moon. There was a great emotion of camaraderie and companionship. The other time was at dusk on my own going for a FTF. The cache itself was disappointing to be honest, but the countryside was so much different. I could here more and smell more than in the day and there was a great feeling of tranquillity and peace. As all the nocturnal animals came out they were surprised to see a human walking around.
  8. Spend a few weeks cooped up in your house doing nothing but watching TV and eating Cheetos. You'll soon appreciate those moments of outdoor adventure you had with Geocaching.
  9. Shouldn't we wait for page 2 before calling a deadhorse?
  10. If it isn't anonymous you might get some local angst from those cachers that hide film cans and key holders them for smileys. I think ras_oscar is spot on, if we all start rating caches in our logs then the I'm sure GC.com will follow suit _ consumer power! However, I would like to point out that there is no criticism with 'Tavisman's Top 10 Profiling', because you are only bringing those caches you enjoyed into public view. So there is no need for anonymity because you are not downgrading caches.
  11. Welcome to the forums, the volunteer help desk (private joke) I don’t think it does, lots of good ideas and loads of discussions on a rating system have been mentioned on this forum, and nothing seems to get done. However, don’t let that discourage you from discussing issues, asking questions and fleshing out ideas OK if it's a simple overall 1-10 stars rating on each find then you are going to get different ratings from different geocachers, because geocachers are all different and geocache for different reasons and goals. What happens when a geocache has a fantastic camo, but lousy location _ your rating will be a detriment to the location. If you want to have a list: 'camouflage', 'great view', 'destination' etc. and a 1-10 star rating for each category then you are putting a large requirement on the finder. There are some geocachers that just put one line in their logs, some don't even log online at all. Then what happens to the geocacher who has returned home from 100+ finds? Eventually finders will just not log online (bad bad news) or just pick the default star rating which defeats the whole point of rating in the first place. The best rating system is mine _ 'Top 10 Profiling'.
  12. Adam still has the domain, perhaps this is a server issue. I did/do like COTM but it's annoying to enter the data yourself, it would've/would be better to upload you own PQ stats or scrape the info. from GC.com (with Groundspeak's permission of course).
  13. Sorry I don't see the point either. Obviously you have a different mind-set to me, so you could be trying to explain it for years in which time your cache would be published and you already had your 'fun'. There are some local caches near me that we placed as part of a public 'Introduction to Geocaching' event. People hired GPSr's (they were muggles mainly) and went to find the geocaches. They signed the log, and then a few weeks later the caches were published on GC.com. Some FTF'ers and other GC.com geocachers (including myself) thought they used an old logbook from an archived cache. It wasn't until later that I realised what had happened. Nothing memorable and no wow or duh factor. I only thought about it after reading this thread. IMO I think you are putting in too much effort in and getting diddle-squat out of it.
  14. Uh, 1805! I can beat that! The first multicache. A three stage multicache, navigated by a star themed on preciouis metals, year 0000:
  15. Actually poka-yoke is one word (albeit hyphenated), which is one predominant form in Japanese comprising of four characters.
  16. Actually the opposite happened to me. I was close by one of my caches, so I thought I would go and have a peek at the log. I got there and couldn't find it. After a long search I eventually found it. Someone (the last finders no doubt) hid it in the same place by in a position I would never of imagined. I left it as it was and nudged up the difficulty rating.
  17. It is true, I contacted the jewellers and this is their reply…
  18. No - you want this model - better tires.... I have been looking everywhere for one of these, for over two years now.
  19. I agree, through history these so called PR stunts end in a lot of trouble.
  20. You want one of these... I know I want one for my kids.
  21. The same thing happened to me. I found a cellphone on the beach at San Diego. I phoned the owner and we arranged for a place to hand it back. I waited at the rendezvous and the owner didn't even get out of the car, just held her hand out. I received no thanks, just a grunt as if it inconvenienced her.
  22. Word is that the best swag and geocache containers are found in Birmingham, AL. Hunting for hidden treasure in Birmingham Any truth in these new 87 silver boxed caches in Birmingham?
  23. It's entirely up to you on what to upgrade to. It just happened I had some birthday money spare and went for the Oregon. As a general rule of thumb, IMHO the hierarchy goes like this: Get you there – printing out Google maps; sat nav. Point you to GZ – e.g. Etrex Paperless Geocaching – e.g. Oregon Geocaching online – e.g. iPhone; HTC Sort of going off topic: As technology gets cheaper, the 'one-gadget-does-all' like the iPhone and HTC will become the norm. Sort of making the hand held GPSr redundant. I'm sure the guys at Garmin are worried about this, that's probably why they put a camera in their latest model. You may hold fire for a while and Garmin/DeLorme will sell off all models as they enter the 'one-gadget-does-all' market. Trouble is it is more difficult to enter this market from the GPS side than it is from the computer-in-your-pocket side (like iPhone and HTC). Just my thoughts.
  24. http://geocats.blogspot.com/2008/10/geocac...-with-love.html
  25. Now that has been decided... When you store one in your car... will it end up in cubby hole or the boot? I see what you are trying to do here. Out of respect of the OP I'll give my answer in a new topic: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=226935
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