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  1. Well, I'm not an expert perse. But as he's all over my bathroom, I did a little research. Kokopelli is from Southwestern Native American mythology. He's a fertility god (ok big word, and it doesn't really fit, but spirit seems too small) and the hump on his back is said to be carying blankets, seeds and babies. He's playing a flute for reasons I cannot recall at the moment. Don't know what Kokopelli would be doing Geocaching, but he's been adopted by many groups. They usually replace his flute with something pertaining to thier particular hobby.
  2. OK, here's the thing. I'm a bit of a geek and got to thinking. I love gaming (rpg, like D&D and not over the computer) and I love geocaching. I'm batting the idea about for putting the two together for a con. Naturally, it would be a puzzle cache, but how to go about doing it. Riddles and math problems and such, a couple battles here and there. The GM would have to follow, but not interfere with the players (for the fights and such) and would ba available for additional hints (as with any puzzle cache) One cache leads to the next, and you get a treasure at the end, a geocoin or somesuch. Any ideas?
  3. Anyone who tried to mug me would find themselves sorely disapointed. I didn't have any money before I went on maternity leave, and now I have less. I'm always ready with a response, though, from my mother. She was walking to work through a nasty park when someone came up to her and demanded money. It was january and it was freezing rain and in her normal fashion, she was without a coat. She just looked at him and said "Mister, if I had any money, I'd buy my kids a coat." he said "Sorry." and left her alone. So now I've got that handy.
  4. Well, I make jewlery (earrings mostly), and I had a few left over from the "Maybe I'll sell them on e-bay" days. I leave them in caches for swag. I've given away all the ones I don't wear, and now I'm gonna start making them with the Geocaching colors. I've got enough to make myself a pair and then release 11 into the wild. I hope people enjoy them, and either keep them or trade them out or whatever. One of these days I'll see someone wearing them.
  5. So, I think it was in another thread where I read about these things called "Geocards" that people left in caches. Now, the first thing that jumps to mind is a sort of business card with your name, geocaching.com ID, and home cordinates. Maybe a bit of other info too. Then I thought; gee, if these are home-made, it'd be great cause I'm out on maternity leave and we're sorta broke. Then I thought well, if the cache got wet, the ink would run, unless I made them up on my friend's laser printer, and I'd hate to use up all his... whatever it is that makes a laser printer print. I know, I think too much. Anyway, am I even in the ballpark on these things?
  6. I knpw that someone could find many caches in 24 hours just in my area. Certainly not upwards of 12,000, but you could get to 100 very easily. There's a local historic site that's creeping with caches. Good luck!
  7. Well, a pathtag is a kind of sort of small, personal geocoin with a hole in it. People collect them, people pass them on, I'm sure people trade them. They've got tracking numbers on the back and I'm pretty sure they've got a website preinten/engraved on them as well. I'd check the oner I found but I've got a nursing baby in my lap and every time I move he growls. Good luck!
  8. Too Pregnant to what??? I was out caching with my #1son, husband, nephew and sister-in-law the day before my #2son was born Of course, I'm a bit mad. Now the issue is not being able to go because I'm home taking care of the baby (3 weeks old!)
  9. For me, it was like this: I wanted to do some geocaching, but I didn't have a gps. So I used the maps to get me in the general area. I then asked myself "Where would I put it?" In a log, under a log, up a tree, under a pile of rocks in a rock? Sometmes you can be all over gz and if you're looking at the base of the tree and the cache is in a knothole at the Y of the tree, you're not gonna see it. You gotta look at the big picture. And always remember to ask "Where would I put it?"
  10. OK so I've seen some of the other cachers mentioning they were using thier iPods for geocaching. So I'm thinking, "For what? Entertainment?" I'm in the market for an iPod, I've wanted one for age-es, and we've finally got the resources. What use can they be in geocaching?
  11. Well, I've got a Garmin GPS80 MIL. I'm still learning all the bits and peices. I did my first caches with google maps and good old-fashioned footwork and no gps at all. Just looking and asking where would I put it. I don't wanna waste my printer ink, so I've got a hand-written log book of caches I want to visit, thier co-ordinants, locations as shown on google maps (google earth probably better, but dial-up sux) and clues if I'm desperate. Then when I find them, I date my book so I don't go back over and over. I'm forgetful like that. ::crawling under her own rock::
  12. It's a pretty neat tool. The tech is nice, too. My dad worked for the USAF on the program that makes it work; his job was to make it keep track of airplanes, where they were and where they should be. Kinda neat. Without the tech, we wouldn't have the tools. It does triangulation for you, which I'm sure would be rather a nightmare with map and compass. Yeah, OK I've done it back in high school Earth Science, and it's not brain surgery or anything, but doing it with a bunch of poodle-haired snobs who'd rather be getting thier toes done than be out in the woods was a nightmare. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Eventually I just threw my arms up and said "I'm going to the flagstaff. See you there later." I like it as a tool and as technology. A little unnerving that we've got all these satelites flying around up there that can pinpoint your position to within 10 feet, but if I don't want to be found I can always turn it off.
  13. I'd heard about it ages ago. Never did anything about it, even though I wanted to. Then I was bored one day and plugged "geocaching" into google and got the website. I didn't own a GPSr at all, but I'm fairly good with maps, so I searched within a mile of my home. Someplace I could walk, ya know? Turns out there was one very close to my house. I plugged the co-ords into google maps and figured about where it should be. Then it was only a matter of asking myself "Where would I hide it?" I left with a smiley, and have been hooked ever since. Hubby got me a simple GPSr and I've been out and about finding caches since I got it. Well, I have taken a couple weeks off since the birth of my #2 son, but I hope to be back at it full-force very soon.
  14. I'll admit I've not been at this very long, but I've noticed something: Slightly damp caches tend to have a smell about them. It's almost like bug spray. Do people bug-spray their caches?
  15. The reason they call it "weed" is it's a weed. Unless it was growing in rows with trestles or tomato cages I wouldn't worry to hard on it. It grows wild all around here. I even got a picture of some while I was out with my geology class way back in high school. S'no big deal. Probably not enough thc in the lot to do anyone much harm.
  16. I think the reason that more people don't just tell muggles the truth is that it just feels cool to be part of a "secret" club. That, and it could compromise the cache. Personally, I'd like to know more people to go caching with, so I'm letting friends in on the secret. It'd just be more fun with more people along, I think
  17. I used to work security at STL. Basically what we did was BLEEP Patrol. The jobs thet the airport police didn't want to to. Traffic control, crowd control, building patrols and the like. The TSA did all the bag checking and such. To this day I can't help but get a little twitchy when I see an unattended bag. At any rate... I don't think that placing a geocache (since virtuals don't exist anymore) in a terminal is a good idea. In fact, it could be detrimental to your health. Or the health of the cache. Unattended, suspicious looking containers have a propensity for being exploded. Even with the "official" stickers... I mean, what a perfect way to hide an explosive. It'd likely be eliminated in short order.
  18. Thanks! It's right next to where my son practices soccer tonight, so I'll look into it afterwards.
  19. I've been keeping an eye on one of the first caches I found, and noticed many people logging DNFs. I don't own the cache, but I could go back to it very easily. Is it bad form to check-up on a cache that isn't my own, just to see if it's still there or not?
  20. My husband's a pretty big muggle, and he thinks I'm a bit mad. Then I mentioned we could use it for LARPing or just as an aside for a regular RPG. I think he's trying to figure out how we'd go about it. It only took me maybe 15 seconds to come up with a plan, but he likes to over-think things. It wouldn't be too hard to have different challenges set up as a temporary cache; in this box, you'd have to defeat 250 kobolds, or something crazy like that YK? Then you get the coords for the next challenge (an Orc, a Dragon or whatever), and so on until the end where the players all actually get "treasure" for thier efforts. Small gift certificates, an "I survived Fox's GeoRPG" tag or something like that. It can be integrated with other activities, no problem.
  21. I'm happy to find any cache, urban micros on up. Of course I'm very very new to this. I just think it's great fun to have a treasure hunt alone or with family. I just got my gps and can't wait to really go after the more difficult ones out past where the local built-up area ends. After I figure out how to use it, that is.
  22. I don't know how large your school is, but the one in my town is pretty huge. Could you stash one inside, perhaps behind the gym bleachers or somesuch place and have them track it from your classroom? It's what I'd do.
  23. oooh.. Celery and peanut butter with raisins stuck in it.... Ants on a Log.. How appropriate is that? Of course we could call it ticks on a log. I remember the salmonella peanut butter outbreak. My jar was recalled, but as we'd already eaten half of it we just kept it and were fine. I hadn't heard about peanut butter having that plastic chemical in it
  24. Bobcats. When I was a little girl, we were on our way to visit relatives. On the side of the road was a little grey kitten. Being little girls, my sister and I were like "We have to go get it, Mommy. It'll get smashed on the road. We can't let it die!" So mom grudingly pulled the car over and backed up to the kitten. As we approached the poor kitty, it sprung up in the air and bounded into the undergowth as a much larger version of it sprang up and bounded towards my sister and I. EEEK! Baby Bobcat! I don't think I've ever moved so fast before or after.
  25. Not that expensive, except to get your GPS. My husband plays Warhammer 40K and he'll drop a good 100 bucks on a box of unpainted plastic bits that he may or may not ever get assembled into a tank which he may or may not ever get painted to "regulation standards (at least 3 colors)" which he may or may not ever use to play in a tournament (another 50-plus dollars). He "needs" alot of tanks. And army men. And these things called "war walkers." And these are the cheap models. The most expensive ones are upwards of 3,000. Nah, I think we've got it pretty good. Besides, it's something we can do on the way to someplace else.
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