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  1. My husband is on alot of mecications, consequently we have ALOT of pill bottles sitting around. Big ones, little ones, medium size ones; all collecting dust in our bathroom. I'm loathe to just throw them out, and he keeps them for storing candy in. I won't get into the problems with a diabetic keeping candy in old pill bottles. Anyhoo... Could I wash these and use them as a cache container? I think I'm finally ready to place one and I'm looking into an inexpensive water-resistant container and if I can get one free, all the better.
  2. I've learned the following things: There is no way to keep burs out of waist-length hair A mile is ALOT further than I think it is. Small children are great for finding the micro under the bench. Mark. The. Car.
  3. Thanks! My boss changed my schedule just in time for this, so I can't make it. It always works out that way for me. Hopefully I'll get to come to some events soon. I made the run today and got 6 of 12. My son and I got lost in Pierre Marquette or we could have got a couple more. It went something like this... "Mommy, did you mark the car?...... Mommy?"
  4. Yes, lots of meet n greets, but my work schedule won't allow me to get to them. I'll come up with something.
  5. I'd like to find someone to go caching with. More eyes are better than just my two. But I feel strange asking this of people I've never met. I know I should just buckle down and do it... But again with the feeling strange. How can I get over this...
  6. UHG! Yes. My current bane is potato salad cache It's driving me crazy. I'm all over gz and what with the undergrowth I could be stepping on the ruddy thing and not know it. That and the 3/3 up the trail, but that gives everyone problems.
  7. Regular Traditional Earth All alone Hubby doesn't want to play. Only hiding so far Uhhh... Never played either, though I bet Wherigo would be fun once I upgrade Cheap and easy I bet it'd be fun to socialize and cache at the same time I'm too slow. Not. Why waste precious podspace? Both once I get going. Or I happen to be in another state. Layed back Whatever I find. Not too many rurals around here.
  8. Coyote's Girl


    Nah, February's already spoken for. As a Bi-sexual, married, Pagan, geocaching, knitting, hobby photographer, thrill-seeking, closet race-car driver wannabe, half-breed mother of two boys, I'd like to propose that all like minded persons (whether they were born girls or not) claim the third thursday of April as thier own. I'm looking for a geocaching partner, too, but I'm only part lesbian and I don't live in Alabama. Personally I'd setle for anyone who's not hateful, nor a letch and is just as excited about Geocaching as me. Or more. I'd take that. St. Louis Metro East! (waves to Stephen across the river)
  9. I saw the article, too. I wish I knew where to pick up the co-ords because I'm pretty darn certain the visitor center will be closed on Sunday, which is when I'd like to do the run. Here's the story
  10. I was wondering what the average was for strike-outs before asking for help. I'm pretty persistant about doing thigs myself and I've been pretty lucky so far. There's a couple caches nearby that are proving difficult. One of them seems relatively easy when concidering the posts, the other seems particularly difficult. Since #1 son is with his Nana tomorrow, I was gonna make a run at them since they're along a bike path and I can sling the bitty one. It'll be third strike on both if I miss them again. The easy one's a 1 1/2 difficulty, the hard one's a 3. How many times do you try before asking for a bone?
  11. I just changed computers, and can't upload pics yet but here's what's in my bag.., Not nearly as interesting as you all... A notebook with a bunch of local caches since my printer insists on dying every other day My Garmin80 MIL My Camera A few spare pens Earrings and various other sparklies for swag A travel bug whose mission I need to complete. Of course, I'm just getting started, so it's pretty sparse.
  12. Sez the Pagan.... All joking aside, this would be a hoot for a church group to do as a private cache. Hide poor Baby Jesus someplace in the woods, and have to do a puzzle with Bible-verse clues to the co-ords. First ones to find Jesus get a.. cookie? P.S. I wanna se tha Santa too!
  13. Warm weather and a geopup. Bug spray and something that'll keep sticky burrs and beggar leaches out of my hair. An all-terrain stroller for the bitty one..... That's it. If nothing else, I'll take the warm weather.
  14. Or.. What if I'm laying in bed, and a tree falls thru my roof and smashes me? Life's too short to worry about random things. I'm sure it's happened before, I'm sure it will happen again. But the chances are so infantesimal as to be impossible. You've a much better chance of beinh hit by a car whilst in your diveway gathering the morning paper.
  15. What we need here is a smiley wth a bag over its head (kinda embarrased I don't know )... I'm assuming that secatures are what I've heard galled "hedge clippers" over here. Kinda scary big scissors (razor sharp rusty blade and bits of dirt optional)? Sounds like a good idea to keep in a bag, but you'll fail your "Pass without trace" roll..... Now I just need a way to keep the varrious versions of the burr out of my hair.
  16. "I collect spores molds and fungus." Or.. (with varying degrees of insanity on my face) "I'm gonna be the morrel queen of Southern Illinois!" I've not run into any muggles though. I'm still pretty new at this, and it's hard with a newborn. I'd bundle him up and toss him in the sling but I'll admit... I'm a little lazy
  17. Well, being a big dork, I plugged these into Google Maps. Turns out, they're about 2K apart (in a straight line) and 3.2 k apart in real travel. ONe point seems to ba a house, another seems to be the side of the road. Probably what happened was you mis-entered, or switched some numbers around. Even if you accidentally set the cache location as home, it shouldn't read "HERE" unless you are at that location. You probably put in your home number accientally. I've done it. No biggie.
  18. I'm a little floored. What? He's been policing the bottom side of a rock for the past 15 years? Luckily I haven't had any run-ins with the police yet.
  19. I don't think it's it poor taste. I might think it was a little strange if you were gonna dig for booty there. It'd only be in poor taste if you were doing things that were morbid and creepifying.
  20. You don't need a gpsr to play, but it makes life sooo much simpler. I found my first few caches with only a knowledge of the area and a google satelite map. "Oh, it's on the east side of the lake, in the middle of that side. There's a drainage whatsis over there, so that's where I'll start my search..." Back before the button was pushed, they taught us this stuff in high school earth science. Good luck out there!
  21. One I dredged up from my airport security days... "No. Two minutes always means half an hour."
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