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  1. Welcome to the fun! I just said in another post that it's like having a thousand little secrets inside.
  2. Don't be discouraged! I finally found a micro yesterday that was really close to my home. I could stand in the lot outside my apartment and see the the building it was by. It was over there messing with my head. I'd been out there a few times and was ready to give up on it. So I'm out there again; looking, pacing, waiting to get a better EPE than 30 feet when I look up and sigh in frustration. Lo and behold, it's right in front of my face. Right there. Don't give up, this is soooo fun. It's like having a thousand little secrets inside.
  3. Yay! Hopefully they'll come around my birthday. What a lovely gift to give myself! I'm super excited.
  4. Smile! I'm using an out-dated handheld military-style unit. It's got no maps, just a pointy arrow. It's ugly as sin and I got it for cheap. But it's sufficient for caching. I've been at caches that people posted things like "I saw it from the street!" but it took me three trys. I've heard from people who'll DNF on the first try and people who won't DNF ever if they can help it. I've heard from people who'll DNF, then edit the log each time they try. Mind you, I've only been at this 4 months. Good luck, and don't give up!
  5. It's the end stage the mystery cache. The reason I was going to put the cache in this park is that no caches show up on the map. None. The closest mystery cahce has been made avaliable to premium members only, and the search put it .8 miles from where I was placing mine. It is, in fact the only mystery cache for 5 miles that has not been archived. I just had bad luck. I went back to the park and grabbed my conainer. I'm gonna go at it again when the weather's not truning for the worst. If i did move the cache, there's always a chance I'd wind up putting it closer to the end stage of this particular puzzle, especially since I cannot see the end stage of the puzzle. I'll try a different park We've got quite a few. P.S. Yeah, I know I should become a premium member. But we really are strapped. That and my husband is paranoid about doing anything with money online.
  6. So I placed my cache. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, got it stocked and hidden and submitted for review. YAY! I just got an e-mail stating that it's a couple hundred feet from the end stage of a mystery. If I knew where the mystery was, I'd fix the problem easily. But as the end stage of mysteries won't show up on a the map I can't do it. Just venting.
  7. Cool! I love $2 bills. Off I go then!
  8. I'm getting ready to place my first cache. I've got my lock-n-lock, my log books and some swag that's been sitting around my place, and I'm ready to move it along. Now... For the FTF prize. I will be unable to leave money (or much of it anyway) or the keys to a new (or used) car or anything even half that cool. I don't have a theme in mind, so I'm open to suggestions. What would you like to find that could be laying about a house, but it's not in yours?
  9. So, if the listing reads something like: "Go to the posted Coordinates (which are out in the middle of the woods someplace). Then, look for the big oak tree and continue on that trail. At the next intersection, go left. The box is behind the big elm tree" is this considered OK for a LB Hybrid? If so, is it listed as such, or as a Multi or Mystery (since the box is not at the listed coords). If this is the case, why have a LB Hybrid option? There's a local micro where the posted coords "bring you to the park sign." and that you must "Find it the old fashioned way" The only clue is the one on the cache page engouraging you to "think it under" whist on a bench. There are a number of benches in the place, so I'd assume the cache is near one of them. I haven't found it yet and if I'm sitting on a bench (or several benches as it may be) I'd rather it not be this cold out. It's listed as a traditional.
  10. OK, so it's not like I'll ever, ever have the kind of money it takes to get coins minted but I had a few questions for those that design coins about coin design: 1. When designing a coin, what scale is best to work with? 2. How complicated are you allowed to get? (and now getting to the fun story part) 3. What is the hardest thing to get the folks at the mint to do your way? I'm bored and need a creative outlet, so I thought I'd toss down a few designs and see what I thought. Again, it's not like they'l ever go to mint, but it'll be fun to do anyway.
  11. Oh yeah? Well, that looks like a monopoly to me. How many of 70 placements are within 4 square miles? (I'm just making ths up as I go) That being said, as long as they keep the pens un-exploded and the logs fresh and replace cracked containers, let em go at it.
  12. Seriously. I wish I had eben a tenth of your talent. And enough money to buy all your coins.
  13. It's one in a park just across the street from my place. I can step into the parking lot of my apartments and see the building it's on. I just haven't gotten over there yet. If I decide to break 30 by the end of the month, I'll hit it up, if not... oh well. Totally Lame
  14. OK So I've found my first couple geocoins and I'm super excited. Wandering around the forums, I notice things called "Mystery Coins." From what I've been able to gather, they are coins that show up unexpectedly either in caches or in the mail. Am I far off, or is there something else to it? Thanks!
  15. I didn't order, but there's no mail here on Sundays or today as it is a holiday
  16. Is there a winner yet? I've always been partial to Dingo as a dog name. Dunno why. And here's my tip, as a mother and a pet parent: Leashes. For both of them.
  17. I got my order in, #106, Thanks! I canit wait to see these lovely coins in person
  18. I got my order in, #106, Thanks! I canit wait to see these lovely coins in person
  19. I'm negotiating a deal with my husband to get this coin. Looks good. I'm excited.
  20. I had always wanted to try geocaching since I saw it on some news show. The satelites hold a special place in my heart, as my father was one of the programmers on them (the original ones). I couldn't afford a GPSr, and the idea went to the back of my head where it rattled around until my half-birthday last year. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and bored out of my skull. I decided I was gonna give it a shot with or without a gpsr. So I found the website, and searched from my address. Lo and behold, there was a cache I could walk to even in my bloated state. I looked at the map, looked at the google map, and headed across the street to the park. From there it was just a matter of looking and asking myself where would I put it? And it was there, right where I'd have put it. And I was hooked.
  21. Wow. I have a barrel-scraper GPS and even I can put in my co-ords. On the happy side, I found my first 3 or 4 caches without a GPS and 2 of them were in the woods of a local park. Enjoy caching and welcome to the game!
  22. Wow, I just hopped onto here to see what the Tree of Life would look like, and now... I want one. What are the prices, and when will they be availiable? A great deal of my ability ti get one hinges on the price.
  23. Hey! I'm right in your area... I think anyway. At any rate, how old is your son? Could he chache on his own, or would you be going with him? Back when I started in September, I did it purely without a GPS at all. Then I got my husband to agree to a Garmin GPS 80, mine's the military version. Simple, hand-held and on sale when I got it for about 50 dollars. It works like a charm, no bells, no whistles, just a pointy arrow. My son is only 7, but he wants to cache along with me, and it's perfect.
  24. Tried it... Tissue was soaked. Ah well. I'll have to see if I can find any of his test strip bottles, he never throws any container away if he can at all help it. Plus, it's not like lock-n-locs are all that expensive.
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