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  1. Oh thank you so MUCH! I needed a laugh today, and I got a great giggle out of this. I'm a Pagan and we've adopted the term for non-pagans. People used to call them "Mundanes" but that word is so.... mundane. Muggle is more fun in ANY context. BUT if you're insistant upon changing the terminology do this: Get together with a couple geobuddies here and come up with a nice word that encompasses "valdalizer" "Thief" "unwashed masses" "Infidel" "clueless" "unaware" "unwary" "roadblock" "loiterer" and "silly muffin-head" then populate Groundspeak with that word. Really. Check out the entymology of the word "quiz"
  2. Well, the reason it crossed my mind is I was going to do some geocaching at some of the great places he took us on field trips. Unfortunately, that trip got cancelled and I sat around allweekend brooding. This took my mind off of it. Of course since I'm flat broke it'll probably wind up being a fimo figure of him that's a travel bug.
  3. Yes, I'm trying to hunt him down now. It's been an arduous process, but I think I've located him. I just need to send a letter.
  4. Some evil person in my area machined thier own bolt and put a nano inside. They bolted the bolt to a parking sign. evil.
  5. I had the great fortune to have my life touched by a special teacher who kindled a love of geology in my soul. He was an amazing teacher fully steeped in awesomess, and I'd like to immortalize him (or at least a cartoon version of him) on a geocoin. He's the guy who wrote the Geology IS program that was used nationwide for high school students, and I was lucky enough to get him all to myself. Well, maybe not all to mself I had to share him with other students. Too personal, or does it sound interesting?
  6. I say something like "Dove in behind So-and-So" or "All credit for the find goes to Joe Blow" You still get the smile and you've done a courteous thing.
  7. These remind me a bit of the ATCs (artist trading cards) I make. I'd like to make some for geocaches now that the idea is in my head. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Today, while going after a cache in a nearby park, and not finding the cache. I gave up after dealing with those awful stinging throny green plants. Anyway, I went to put my GPSr back in my geobag, and I sneezed pretty hard. It fell on the blacktop bike path and broke in half. It still works just fine, although I suspect it will be slightly less waterproof from now on.
  9. Yay! Thanks. I told the husband he could get his stupid laptop if I could get a premium membership to Groundspeak (which incidentally costs significantly less than his lousy computer) and here, three months later I'm still membershipless. I shall have to rectify that (it's complicated) this evening.
  10. I'm going camping this weekend. We're going to a really nice area in Missouri. I'd like to pack the GPSr and take my pals along on some hunts. Is there a way to create a custom map for the trip? Not a "Cahe along a route" type, but a large map that I can put on only the caches that I'd like. "Oh this one's a micro so I'll miss that, but here's a nice large size that I think my friends will enjoy finding so I'll put it on. Here's a myster that I'd like to try out, I'll put that here. What kind of a sick freak would put a nano in the woods?? MISS!" that sort of thing. Just an overview map that would show caches I picked and wouls like to visit. Perhaps with numbers and thier info on the bottom of the page?
  11. I use true north on mine and do well enough. KNowing the declination for your are will help if you use magnetic north. Here in St. Louis, it's close to zero but if you lived in Alaska, well, it'd be a little crazy. Have fun!
  12. I take that back, you'd center the map on your point, then it would find the center. I wish I could find it again.
  13. I used to have something on my old computer that if you right-clicked on a google map, you'd get a string of numbers, and then this could be used to get co-ords for the spot you clicked on. I read about it here. Anone help?
  14. I've run across a laminated card with some geocoin info on it, but no coin in sight. It was logged in the cache as a coin. It's my best guess that it was a way for the actual coin to remain un-lost and for people to get the icon. smells fishy to me.
  15. I'm planning a trip to Florida later this year, and I don't know the zip code to St George Island, But I can type it into the search just fine. "St George Island, Florida" and up it comes. I can even Scoot it up on the geocaching maps and follow the route I take all the way home. However, it seems like it would be convenient for people who do regularly spend time at two different lcations to be able to toggle between the two.
  16. Admitedly, I've only been dong this for less than a year and I've only cached through the late fall, winter and early spring. Our area may be particularly difficult for finding that "Just right" container. In the summer the temps get up close to, if not over 100. The winter brings snow, or worse.. Ice. It's nearly always wet. Any plastic container would be tested by these conditions on a long-term basis though lock-n-locks I've found are rarely damaged terrible bad. Altoid-type containers seem to rust quickly if left in the open, though they also seem to last in the typical LPC setup. I enjoy finding ammo cans, personally but these are few and far between. And the army surplus store in the next town closed its doors some time ago. Unfortunately, the ones that seem to be best suited to our environment are the dreaded film canisters and bison tubes. Which is OK for me since I get a little thrill and a feeling of power from knowing something is there that other people don't have a clue about, but my son wants to trade toys and you just can't put anything cool in a film canister.
  17. >angsty< Are you sure that this humor is appropriate for the CHILDREN? Think of the children! chiiiiiiiillllldreeeeeeeeeeeen ooooooooooooh.
  18. I have just picked my #1 son, D Bug, up from school, and decided to check the mail box. And in there, all alone is a bubble mailer from Scavok! On my birthday! What a lovely an fun surprise These cois are amazing, shiny and oh-so-beautiful. I'm never letting go of mine! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
  19. Happy birthday to me! I'll be so happy if these come on the 23rd; of course if they come earilier I;ll be happy too.
  20. Sometimes I take my #1 son D Bug with me, he's usually in school though. I've almost always got the bitty one with me, but he's only 5 months and I don't think he knows what's up quite yet.
  21. Just looking for a nice, quiet spot to nurse the baby.
  22. ... Your toaster burnt your breakfast, your kid was late for school, the lamp in the family room blew out, the squirrels are eating your back deck and your husband used up all the hot water but it's gonna be OK cause you're going caching!
  23. I know there are two at a very cool old cemetary here in O'town, but neither of them are owned by me. If you could contact the owners, they might consent to being part of a Spirit Quest. O'Fallon Cemetary, Land of the great Past and The Departed
  24. Trackables are a great idea. Each girl (or the troop as a whole) could create a travel bug and a goal for said bug, and set it off to the world. Also see if there are geocaches at say a state historic site. The folks here in Illinois were gracious enough to allow caching at our Cahokia Mounds site. with many of the caches placed at important places within the site that people usually miss just hitting the visitors center and Monk's Mound. I'm all about multi-tasking and it'd be a great way to get two things done at once.
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