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  1. Awwww, I haven't seen any love for Illinois yet. I'm sure there are many caches around Chicago, but I'm avoiding those too. Check out the beautiful Shawnee National Forest which covers the vast majority of the southern half of the state and houses a fabulous wine trail. The geology alone is enough to keep me entertained, I'm certain it's crawling with caches. Historic Springfield is there for the history buffs with settler villages and such, and near my home is the Cahokia Mounds historic site which is brimming with caches.
  2. I tried to post this earlier today: If I spent the money on a Kelty pack, I'd kinda loose the high ground on my hobby being cheaper than my husband's (He does tabletop gameing and spends quite alot on plastic army guys). I've got a moby wrap I can break out if I think of it, and I can work that on my own. DBug didn't buy the "Treasure Hunting" angle very long, although I do have a picture of him in a pirate hat when we went caching one Christmas before we went to the familys' places. The Bitty One, not being two yet, has cached with me a few times since he was born and I've made several treacherous descents with him in the sling. However he's a little too young to cob onto the whole Treasure idea yet. I'm just happy to have gotten the two finds I did today and maybe I'll go for another tomorrow before his nap.
  3. The Bitty One came along with me today, we had a good time. We're pretty limited from his naptime and my bus routes though. I kinda hoped the older one would get into it with me but no such luck. Oh well. I'm kind of resigned to caching by myself since no one I know is into it.
  4. I haven't found squat since that TB decal in the Six Flags parking lot. It's entirely my own fault, and I want to go find more. It's just a hassel with hauling my kiddo (not even two yet) And my second geoversary is today. I gave it to myself for a half-birtday present. I know, I know. Shut up and cache, right? There are quite a few new ones near here, so off I go.
  5. So my husband and I were watching one of the gun shows on History (You know, the ones with the guy from Full Metal Jacket?) and they're showcasing the world's smallest machine gun. He's excited about the ongoing distruction. My comment? "Aww! Look at the wee little ammo can!" Later that weekend he's watching "The Island that Time Forgot" and at the end, one of the guys tosses his story out into the ocean in some sort of jar. I said "That container is totally not waterproof." I think I've been warped beyond repair. Anyone else?
  6. What a lovely picture. It broke 50 here today, and the streets were crowded. Would have loved to cache but I was otherwise occupied. Welcome Spring and cache on!
  7. Odin's Beard! (just had to get that off my chest) I hate poison ivy/oak/sumac too. Of course I haven't gotten it (yet) but my husband gets it bad enough for the entire family. Get it checked out, sounds like the shingles folks know what they're talking about.
  8. I didn't know him and I'm crying. My deepest sympathy to you and his family.
  9. I know, right? I've sent a PM. I'm always amazed at the kindness and gernerosity of this terrific community.
  10. My wallet was stolen. They can keep the two bucks and the expired unemployment debit card. I'm very angry that my geocoin is gone. Are you going to be minting these again, or is it e-bay for me?
  11. I've told this story before. But it's still fun. I was very pregnant (little did I know, just 13 days away from my son's birth) and feeling down and heavy and generally blah. I was looking for things to do with my #1 son after the baby and all. I'd heard about geocaching, but didn't have a GPS or anything. I googled the term and found out there was a cache right across the highway from my apartment. I looked at the map, and walked over. Quick find. I was super-excited and went back home, getting my case ready to present to Husband. I talked him into getting a reciever, and ordered it online. It came on a Saturday, we found some caches on a Sunday and I had a baby on a Monday. I blame his arrival on all the hiking I did while geocaching.
  12. I printed up a bunch of cards, then hole-punched them and tied a ribbon to that. Attatched to the ribbon is a small charm with Swarovski crystals (which are much much cheaper than people are lead to belive) in the Geocaching colors. It's my hope that I'll see one on a bracelet or a necklace some day. I haven't been caching in a while because of the cold and now I'm sick but I hope to be placing them again soon.
  13. Always. And I look forward to long car trips brcause "I haven't cached in (Insert state here) yet! Unfortunately, I'm "grounded" until I kick this bronchitis.
  14. Need.. more.. caches I know. There's some I haven't got. I'm gonna get a few more today, but I'm nowhere near ninja enough to get the one on the cracker barrel.
  15. I have cached in areas marked "Authorized Personell Only" I have signed logs with sticks dipped in mud. I have wandered far too far from my bus to get that cache while on charters. I have giggled at profanity left in caches by ill-meaning muggles. Is there any hope for me?
  16. I live in a funny area for weather. We're a hop skip and a jump from St Louis, if you've ever heard about St Louis Weather. It's not unusual to get above 100 in the summer or below zero in the winter. We've been spoiled the past few years with a mild winter, and this past summer was just plain.... cool. I have a saying about dressing for the weather "You can always put more clothes on, but you can only take off so much before you get arrested." As soon as I dig my gloves out of the black hole that is my bedroom I'll probably start caching again. UNtil then, reading, knitting, and naps will fill my days
  17. You will make a doughnut run when it's too cold to cache? Me too! I love someone who has their priorities in order! It's only a few feet from my door to my car, and another few from the car to my favorite bakery. If the cache was a park and grab instead of a hike and search I might have gone for it, but I've cleared out all the P&Gs in my town and the neighboring ones. I'll take hot coffee and doughnuts over frozen fingers any time. Last winter was very mild and I've misplaced my nice gloves, or I could probably be persuaded to go anyway. Of course I couls always knit myself a nice pair of wool flip-mittens soI could free my fingers for logbook signing.
  18. I could go on, but out of respect for okie-wan, I'll stop. *snif-snif* Brings a tear to my eyes.
  19. So I was making a doughnut run today and contemplating grabbing a cache in a nearby park before our gaming group shows up. Butbetween my apartment and the car I could swear I felt my fingertips crystalizing. So I hop in the car (which was reluctant to start) and glance at the thermometer. It told me it was a balmy 9 degrees. So much for my caching trip. I've got a mad case of cabin fever and I have a feeling that once temperatures break 40 I'm gonna go on a little bit of a nutzo trip. For now, I'm looking for ways to fill my time. Reading books, playing video games, farting around on the internet; how do you fill these cold, cold days?
  20. I'm talking about the sort of double-snap push on lids I've seen advertised here lately. I didn't know L&L made coffee containers. I'm also thinking of picking up soy sauce buckets from the Chinese place where I used to work. I just don't know a place big enough to hide it that's far enough away from an existing cache.
  21. Have these been around long enough to test in cache situations? How do they hold up? Do they keep water out? How much stuff do they hold? Is the opening a good size relative to the inside of the container? Because what I'm really getting at here is this: Is it worth switching brands for a few weeks to get my hands on one?
  22. I have two caches, and I can see them from where I work. In fact, when I pull my bus off the lot and I have to wait for my right turn because someone is comming out of the park, I always hurry home after my run to check my e-mail. Each log is like a little gift. I could very very easily walk to both caches to check on them; every day if I wanted to. But I don't. I even look after two caches that someone has abandoned. One is the first cache I ever found, the other is in a place that's special to me. Both have the same"Owner" who has since stopped caching. The logs are crucial to upkeep. They keep me informed and make me smile. They're very useful. Enjoy them.
  23. Nearly invariably a red shirt and jeans and extraordinarily improper shoes like flip-flops or semi-rugged Mary Janes. Because my husband is a total muggle, and I'm usually caching to escape from being the wife and Mommyperson. I just grab my geobag and shout "I'm escaping!" through the crack of the closing door. If I have time to plan a big caching trip for the whole family (right) I'll have my hiking boots, jeans and a shirt that isn't red or some other hideously bright color.
  24. It sounds like Spanish and Hawaiian got together and had a little language baby. Or that could just be the synesthesia talking. I'd like to see the spreadsheet and how this whole thing works. Edit: Upon further investigation, the baby's father is Japanese, not Spanish.
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