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  1. Field of Dreams is still active, but the cacher who placed it is not. Which reminds me, I need to pop over there and replace the container.
  2. My high school history teacher did that (shoe banging) when discussing that particular speech. That and eating chalk. But not at the same time. The chalk-eating was caught by unwary students coming back from lunch early. A side note: Is it dead yet?
  3. Endangered Spiders Nope. No black widow listed. Squish it and flame-throw the egg sac.
  4. Wow! I'm no so sure I like you very much. Are you planning to hide that amongst the other acorns? OKok, I was just joking. Don't go getting all worked up over it. No. It's going in a pine tree, 'cause I'm schitz I mean kind like that.
  5. There are some lovely oak trees in the park across the street that give HUGE acorns, and I've been wanting to do something with them for a while. So I went to the park with the bitty one today and picked up a likely-looking specimin. Coming soon to a park near me.....
  6. I'm going to second, third, fourth... whatever we're on at this point, that your experience was not with geocaching, it was with shopping. Second, pick an easy cache in a spot you know. I found my first few while very (VERY) pregnant and without a GPSr simply by examining the satelite map and knowing the area. I still find some this way if I happen to be in a place I've researched and can pick out the cache area from the map. My unit cost me 50 dollars and no it won't give you step-by-step instructions, but it does point to where you need to go as the crow flies. I will admit to being able to "get above myself" very easily and look down at a map in my head (which is probably why I'm always the navigator on long trips, but I digress) but it's not a superpower and I'm not 100% reliable. I urge you to try again. It really is fun.
  7. My #100 was this cache (Now disabled due to white-nose disease) Burksville Cave I put my high school geology teacher in there. It was a truly fabulous experience. Here's to 100, and 100 more and then more after that.
  8. It's from a hotwheels haunted house folding toy. My son used to have one. Wonder who put it in for sawg? It's not the same as the matchbox toy previously listed. Of course... This one doesn't have the numbers. blast it.
  9. Power Trails not withstanding of course. I think someone broke a record here not long ago.....
  10. Could have lost an eye the other day. Thank goodness my glasses deflected that pointy stick.
  11. Seems to ring true for my area as well. The majority of space on the Eastside can be accounted for by farmland, but East St and the Northside are blank. Just as the pattern would indicate.
  12. Wow! It's the pouch I lost for my pocket knife. I'll leave five pennies and a Florida fighting Conch shell I got on vacation last summer.
  13. I don't think it's possible to break up with a spirit of mischief and chaos. Might as well embrace the inevitable. just feel bad about any possible confusion, although he'd probably laugh about that too.
  14. I just used this and I'm SO happy! It even went back and changed all my stuff for me. Fabulous. Now I feel bad about my logs in the logbooks fron a couple days back. Help purge me of my guilt! Edited because I still can't type
  15. We had a great time. I dragged my son along with me, and I'd planned to get 10 for the day but I DNF'd most of them and couldn't get my backup cache due to muggle activity. Oh well, 4 is better than 0.
  16. Who cares what the button said? I can use it to set my watch since the bitty one chewed on it on hte way to the cache! Speaking of the bitty one.... Here's a baby food jar lid I found in the back of the car today.
  17. ugh! Those batteries leaked everywhere and now the cache REEKS! I'll pull them out to trash later.... or maybe sabotage my ex-husband's life somehow, and leave this used, hairy pocket hairbrush with half the teeth missing.
  18. Mine was, and is, a Garmin Gps80 MIL. It's heavy, ugly and mono-chrome. And it works. The only thing that makes me sad is having to hand-enter the co-ords.
  19. OK so I haven't logged over 200 yet but the thing that frustrates me is that I'm forever forgetting a pen; I've signed the log with a bit of a stick and some mud before, or leaving a pen from my geobag (which at one point contained over two dozen of the things) in a cache or accidentally taking a pen from a cache and then not realizing it til I've gotten home. That and cloudy days under heavy tree cover. Ticks. I don't react to poison ivy (hurries to find some wood to knock) so that's not a major issue. So, my pen amnesia is an issue. That and not having a cache partner. Edited because I can't type.
  20. Sometimes I take, usually i leave. i definently leave something if I take something, but I don't always take when i leave. The best thing i ever left in a cache was a lovely opal ring I got from a man I loved a while back. I left a note that whoever took it should give it to someone they love, too. That there was still room for him in my heart bu it was tome to move on, and that I had promised to never pawn the ring. In keeping with that promise, i'd placed the ring in the cache so it could bring someone else joy.
  21. My first reaction to this was "What, are they two sides of the same coin? Now THAT would be funny." Alas! As to the OT, I must agree that it's the link that makes the difference. If it could raise ire, no matter the topic, if ONE group plays EVERYBODY gets to play and that would just be too much. Edited because I can't type.
  22. That is beyond cool. Can't wait to give it a try. Many things will want transfers.....
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