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  1. $54.00 at Econo Lodge for 50 years old and older.
  2. With a very possitive response, way to go Pepper!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL
  3. All I've seen so far are a recommendation for the Best Western, one person staying at the EconoLodge, and a big convoy out of the great emerald north. I've fired off an e-mail to MisguidedOne and LucyAndRickie to check the status of 'Capitol Babaloo' and/or some lunch event. Also, I've got another set of waypoint files, created and hosted by Mr.Gigabyte, which I'll be adding to the OCM page this evening. Lastly, I expect to post the final route and the packet of cache pages on Sunday night. Watch this space for updates. Add my name to the list for the Econo Lodge
  4. WSGA party last year Give this a try.
  5. Ok, I like Utopia a lot, I just did all my GPX files in one shot. 1699 Geocaches at one time, BAM.
  6. Having played with Utopia some more, I did it. I think I'm going to like this a lot. Thanks for the help. In both Topo and SA2004
  7. If its help handin those out, I could help. Of course I don't know if any will be left to hand out, after I test them.
  8. Hey John, for a guy who likes numbers, check the spelling for one. LOL
  9. Thanks, I changed the sting, and that added the G number, the name, and the rating, now if I could get it to do all 500 of my waypoints at one time I would use it. I do thank you for your help. It does work in Delormes Topo also.
  10. Smilies This in one place to get them
  11. Hey L or R, I will be in town the 22nd of Dec, driving my mother to my sisters, and will be in the Mill Creek area. Lets do caching.
  12. Now that sounds like fun to me.
  13. My thought is that you try to buy the best PDA that you can get. If you are like me sooner or later you will upgrade, and if you get the best you can get now, you hopefuly will not have to upgrade again real soon. IE more memory, faster cpu, larger screen, battery life, so on.
  14. Just downloaded Utopia, and was able to get the map pins on the Delorme Street Atlas 2004. Now my question is is there a way to get the G number, the name, and the difficulty level on those map pins all at one time. I do this with Microsoft Streets and Trips, but would use Delorme's Topo if I could do this in one move.
  15. Very Nice! Hi Donna, how ya doing?
  16. I have used both Palm and PPC, and one off the reasons I like the PPC is that I can run multiple programs at the same time, just like Windows. You may be able to do that on Palm but I 'm not sure as I never did it when I had it. I will also add that it has a lot to do with what your budget and uses for a PDA are. P.S. There is of course GPS software for both. I have only used the PPC versions of those.
  17. Hey MBC, how ya doing? I'm running a Ipaq 3955, with an expansion pack with an extra battery and compact flash card slot. You can get waterproof cases for this setup. Using Mapopolis with a compact flash GPS to get me close to the caches then my regular gps to find it. I also use Mapopolis Maplet converter to convert my gpx file into a file Mapopolis will use to put the waypoints in it. Then I use GPX View to read all the cache pages on the pda. I bought all the hardware on E-bay. One of the things I like about all of this is how easy it is to use. To put the GPX file on the pda is simply a matter of dragging and dropping it in an explore window, being a Microsoft operating system on both units. The one thing I wish I had done different is to get an expansion pack with a pcmcia slot so that I could use my wireless network card in it. The compact flash GPS I got came with an adapter for that kind of slot.
  18. Happy Turkey Day to the East side
  19. Keep in mind that for every person that's involved in this hobby, you have a different idea about how we should have fun caching. All in all the purpose of any hobby is to have fun, not to get stressed out because someone does not play the way we think they should. And just to let you konw, for me, I could care less about what is in the box, its finding the darn box that gets me going. So my opinion is to just go have some fun or start a hobby where the main purpose is getting stressed out to have fun. This post is not meant to offend anyone, only to suggest having some fun.
  20. Yeh we're up and running again.
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=99234 Need to know what time this event is. Lets have fun out there, we are.
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