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  1. Ok, I have been doing this for a bit. When I have folks over to the house and start talking about what I am doing, geocaching, they have a hard time understanding... It would be nice if I could print out all the caches I have found, for some range of time (maybe the last page have the ones I did not find). First page would look like my profile page! A page on each cache, similar to website and details. Include photos at each waypoint. Show only my logs. Show map like website. Is there anything out there like that. Any one have a macro for GSAK to do this? If so I could get it bound and place some fancy cover on it and put it on my coffee table! Who knows after a few more years I could have a Volume II.
  2. Do-Man

    Advanced Nuvi Macro

    1) Uncheck "Search for GPSr before starting POI Loader?" on the advanced options page. There are compatibility issues with some systems. 2) The 3xx series is unique in the way it displays the cache info and requires special output from the macro. I don't have a Nuvi 3xx to test with. If someone with a 3xx has a couple of hours to spare and has Skype or can take and send screenshots we could possibly correct the issue. j Your Option 1) worked! Option 2) I don't have Skype. I notice the screen shots on my Nuvi and I will send you it via email. Thanks!
  3. Do-Man

    Advanced Nuvi Macro

    I installed your macro into GSAK. I use a Garmin 360 Nuvi. I run your macro and click Create GPX Files. Macro Status window appears and works fine. GPX File Generator Message window appears and I click the button Run POI Loader for Nuvi. I get the Garmin Connection window and click Check Connection and get error window: Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c with buttons Cancel, Try Again Continue I click Continue a couple of times and then the macro starts to port the data to my nuvi. Then I get a POILoader window stating Congratulations! I have all the lastest updates of GSAK, POILoader and of course your latest macro 5.8.7. (Issue 1) Any ideas why the Exception Processing Message is appearing? (Issue 2) On the nuvi when I bring up the Custom POI and view all the details. You show the Geocache Name, Type, Found, code. The next line is blank. The third line has "Contact" then next 3 lines are blank? Why? Can I remove the Contact Line and the 3 blank lines and just start with person who created the cache? Save some lines and me from scrolling down. Other than that it seems like a nice macro. I really like the Display Large Text option!
  4. Well that was too easy! Thanks.
  5. How do you take your entire account of found caches and turn it into a GPX. I have them all over the country and the only way is to go by zipcode and 500 mile radius? Isn't there a easier way?
  6. You really have done a nice job the the Nuvi paperless geocaching. I have been using Nuvi 360 with the macro since June and it works great. Only one suggestion (of course)... When I go to view map and manually zoom In/Out or move around (not physically but manually with my finger like trying to read the map and see what is around) you can not see the caches. It would be nice if when this happens you could view all the caches and thier icons on the map. I know there was a way to drop a GPX file in one of the folders on the nuvi drive and they would show up but doing so doubles up the POI count (only have 500) and don't get the nice paperless geocaching either. So it would be a nice feature if we could be viewing the map and seeing where our caches are too. Hope that makes sense...
  7. Found this on my way to waypoint: GC4CEF. Saw this marker and documented it but could not find it in benchmarks. Newbie on benchmarks so don't know to much about them. But funny seeing this in the middle of nowhere... N 27 03.063 W 82 26.296 See photo: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...43a&LID=3236734 Text On marker (best I can make out): Corps of Engineers-US Army Survey Mark $350 Fine or Imprisonment For Disturbing this mark IWSA ??A Station Designation Agency Year 67 If you know anything about this please let me know...
  8. I looked at the demo (reader) for the pocket queries and could never get it to work on my PC. Would never read the pocket file I believe. Well maybe go try the demo again. So you folks like the pocket queries and it does the GPS download? Well I might be interested in that!
  9. When saving the .loc file you can rename it in the file save dialog. Yes but thats a pain in the butt ... I download 5-10 location files at a time. I am not using a wireless connection so from my home PC I have to save the waypoint name 5-10 times? I have to import those 5-10 .loc files seprately into EasyGPS and then import again those 5-10 waypoints in to my GPS. Please too much! However now I am actually doing the renaming of the .loc file everytime... I save them to a distinct directory. I wrote a VB program to take all the .loc files (XML) and combine them into one WayPointUnite.loc file. Now I just start EasyGPS once and import once the waypoints into my GPS. Really cool and saves me lots of time. I really need to figure out how to scrape those html waypoint pages and import the important information into my PDA then I would not have to print all those pages... See I really want to go cache hunting not work on my PC since I do that for a living... I will now step down from my soap box...
  10. 1) On the map page. Click the Identify radiobutton. Click the map again. The page redisplays with the caches numbered and listed below. Thats all great but next to the list caches below need check box to request download waypoints to all. You have this feature on other pages when filter but why not here? 2) Contact page. Many links just don't work. Look at the forum links. 3) When downloading waypoints why in the world does it always default to geocaching.loc. Stop that and default to the name of the cache. Or give me some preferrence in how this should work. Overall site is good but just believe this could make it better. Keep up the good work.
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