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  1. If unapproved, even temporarily, would this remove all names from the watchlist and treat it as a new cache with the exception to the logs? I didnt think there was a way to watchlist an unapproved cache so am curious if it is unapproved, how would that affect the watchlist?
  2. Being local i would also like to see this broadcast or help you in any way i can. another place to talk with locals would be on Tri-go. Its a pretty good place to get local info as well as meet others. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  3. we just put our first cache out and left a Unregistered Travel Bug for a FTF prize. The first 3 cachers kept chaniging the name to second then third then fourth since they already had some out there. it became a Fourth To Find prize at that point. The fourht finders were happy since they were new and actually going to buy one. not that expensive but hopefully someone will get alot of miles out of it.
  4. Just curious what rule of thumb have you used before placing your first cache. I just placed my first after 57 finds. Personally i wanted to see more than one style and location and get a better feel for the game before placing our first one. I noticed 2 other caches placed in the same area within the past 2 days by cachers have a combined 19 finds. I am not saying these arent good hides as i haven't done them yet, and am not saying there should be a written rule to how many finds before you are allowed to hide, i am just asking what YOUR rule for yourself was before placing one. thanks
  5. Every time i put my shoes on, my two year old says "Daddy go walkin in the woods?" . This being his term for Geocaching since he can't say it yet. OR My three year old sitting on Santa's lap telling him she was wearing her Geocaching shoes and wants a walking stick.
  6. Army for 4 years. 88-92 Deployed from Germany to the Gulf War. Finished up working at Ft. Bragg, John F Kennedy Special Warefare Center and School (big fancy name for Special Forces school). Would have stayed if you were allowed to just do your job but like everything, its all politics.
  7. so basically you are saying that had the gun bill been in place this wouldnt have happeend? at what point do we start being responsible for our actions as individuals? it is insane to think yet alone say, that if the gun bill had been in place this or any other crime wouldnt have occured. i dont think 99.9% of the criminals out there care one way or the other whether a law exists or not permitting them from having the gun that they are using to mow down a bunch of people. of course with this logic that Congress is responsible, we can either try Congress, or give a good excuse to let this guy out of jail since its not really his fault.
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