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  1. Didn't I read somewhere that GC had stopped selling them tracking codes till they caught up on previous orders?
  2. Please feel free to correct me if I am missing something here, but if this is what it appears to be, then I am truly amazed. I was looking through some old links I had today and clearing them out, when I came across SoCalGeocoins site. Now knowing there are coins on back order for up to 14 months and many many people coming here with issues in this thread, I couldn't help but stare wide eyed at what looks to be yet another presale of coins on their site. please tell me I am wrong here. SoCalGeocoins While I can't think of a person who frequents the forums pausing for one second over the add to cart button, and if they actually do hit the button then theres not much they are going to learn from anyone here. They might as well chalk it up as a donation at this point. Sadly there are people who don't frequent the forums who have no clue about the history of this company and will spend their money there. My question is this. How in the world does a company that owes the amount of coins like this one does, have the ability to take pre-orders for more coins? SoCal: You say you are sorry and have had issues and such. Don't you think you should clear your backlogs of coins BEFORE taking other people's money? Is this a situation where they are selling a coin to pay for the ones owed and will figure out how to pay for this preorder later?
  3. It's not a stupid question. Quite a few people know who Eartha is. I don't think it is a secret as much as it just isn't something that matters much.
  4. You do realize Pittsburgh is the host this year don't you?
  5. I'm not defending the guy either but the phrase 'pot meet kettle' come to mind here. We don't normally buy coins from anyone not listed in the forums as reliable but our experience this year has taught us to me more careful in the future. If the mints are the issue I'd like to see the list of the mystical mints that are bad for doing business with. If it's bad coin dealers I'd like to see a list of bad coin dealers. Enough of this "we got our money for the codes it's on the buyer" beware mantra. Nothing sours people to a hobby worse than bad business dealings, keep it clean and everyone informed. Nothing like going back to the dry well again and again for no other reason than trying to fill that empty bucket. How about trying to stay on topic. The topic in case you can't see it is, a VENDOR taking money for over a year for coins, and still selling others and having not delivered the coins. If you still have issues with a group project that was delayed by the mint for a couple weeks longer than was expected while they were busy doing the Olympic's pins, in which case you got 100% of your coins, feel free to take that up on those boards, or even start a new on topic thread. If you are just trying to stir the pot because you have nothing better to do, then I can't help you there. You won't see a list here on bad buyers as GC wants to stay as far out of this side of the buisnes so they won't have to assume any liability. The only recourse the community has is do to what I and others have been doing for years, and that is give honest feedback through the forums. There are mint delays, and group projects will always take longer since they are basically the same as getting 50 some single editions done versus one edition. The problem comes when people are selling more coins to pay for the edition they already sold and spent the money on. This is the second "vendor" in less than 3 months to have done this on a large scale and the people are taking the hit. If GC won't protect us with an authorized reputable vendor list, then we need to continue calling it out honestly here.
  6. We both know how the conversation went at GW, but whatever... I am not the one airing my personal issues in the forum to defend my buisness. You choose to bring the two things together, not me. I would rather see you and everyone else keep their personal problems to themselves and allow the forums to be more about coins than that. I don't want to rehash the old coin thread, but we both know you halted it because the event organizer never gave you permission. It was stated here in public for all to see. I didn't say a word about who was driving, and don't really think that is the case anyhow. You are the one claiming that you can not fulfill these orders due to medical issues, but you seem to have the time and ability to run around caching for months on end. The fact of the matter is you have an obligation to those who paid their hard earned money to you for a product. You have not delivered. Your actions make it very clear this is not your number one priority. Had it been so you would have been fulfilling these coin orders. Coming in here AFTER being called out about it doesn't exactly come off as being sincere. You failed to respond to people when they asked for info off the boards. Now you want to say I am sorry and have everyone back off and leave you alone. Doesn't seem very fair to the people who are out their money.
  7. OK I'll be the bad guy and call it how I see it. I am sure someone else ill be along to jump on your poor me party wagon, but that's their choice. It never ceases to amaze me how when someone gets in over their head the go to the good old well of a medical issue. I for one don't buy it. You were shady long before this. You guys have been doing shady stuff for a long long time. One the of the worst things I have seen in these forums was when you decided to mint an event geocoin for and event without their permission, and stole the artwork to do it. Yeah not everyone forgets these things. I was one to speak up then and stand behind every word I said then. It made you mad hearing people's opinions, and apparently mine. I know this since you tried to start a fightt with me at GW this year while I was working at another vendor's table. I politely said hello and left you standing there wanting a fight that wasn't to be had. It wasn't the time or place for that. I didn't think my opinion of how you guys run a buisness could get any lower, but you managed to show me. Obviously this is not a recent situation based on the people who have a lengthy list of coins they paid for months ago. A simple glance at your caching history shows you have found no less than 100 caches in August, 136 in July, 244 in June, and 525 in May. I don't think finding over 1,000 caches in the past 4 months is going to help your story of a serious enough medical problem to not meet the obligations to your customers. Maybe you better come up with a better story, or better yet, start refunding these poor people their money.
  8. Here's the key difference. If/when you fnd one. I don't think you are using the database of all the coins that were made and doing this to all the coins. One thing I have not seen mentioned or explained throughout this whole deal. How did this person get ahold of the database? Alot of personals are done through a vendor through one of the resell programs where you get X number of coins and they sell the rest. If that was the case he shouldn't have be privey to the entire list of codes. If he sold them himself then I understand.
  9. Actually it is even more than a guideline, it's the law. In order to sell at the event you MUST be on the vendor's license. Anyone selling that is not on the license will be asked to leave by property management. There is no second chances and this is out of our control.
  10. Not planning to buy. Trade, a little. Mostly going to see friends. Cheapskate. I will be trying to buy coins, when I am not busy. I know of some cool coins coming to the event that have gone sight unseen, so for all you saying you aren't planning on buying, you will reconsider.
  11. I fouy are doing something of a helpful nature, or have some info to add about the coin, then by all means thats OK. The difference here is someone is adding something that is not of interest to the owner or anyone watching the coin. The only person this is for is the person posting the note. This is an ego trip of sorts rather than information being handed out. What you have done is fine though. What does "fouy" mean You from Pittsburgh? I believe it means bite me, but I am not completely sure.
  12. I fouy are doing something of a helpful nature, or have some info to add about the coin, then by all means thats OK. The difference here is someone is adding something that is not of interest to the owner or anyone watching the coin. The only person this is for is the person posting the note. This is an ego trip of sorts rather than information being handed out. What you have done is fine though.
  13. I agree that alot of people don't come here to the forums, but I would disagree in this case. Just because he doesn't post doesn't mean he isn't here. A post count is no indication of how much time you spend here. I know lots of people who know everything that goes on here and I have neevr seen them post once. He had a personal coin minted. That's not something a drive by does. Whetehr he logged the coin as discovered or a note is no different to me. He abused the system by using knowledge that wasn't common to eevryone to leave his mark on pther people's personal property. he made the choice to allow his caching name to be commercially used. People spent their money on these items and they are the ones, not him, that get to choose what happens with their coins. these are not his coins to play with. Once again words are easy to say. He came in here at the begining to save his name. He started out defensive like he did nothing wrong, then changed his tune slightly. For someone who "gets it" by appoligizing, I would think they would also make ammends to their actions. He still have over 130 of these logs out there. I would think if he truly meant his words he would have deleted them. In my eyes this was nothing but a way for him to get people to support him behind the "He appologized" stance and "don't beat a dead horse" mantra. Actions speak much more than his words and right now his actions say he doesn't care about these other people, just himself.
  14. Groundspeak use to allow the adopting of coins to a player account until they realized a slight few people were doing this to sell them on eBay and make money from them instead of being thankful for the gift they had received. So basically a few people screwed it up for the rest of us.
  15. Honestly RSG, you have been one of the people calling others out in the past, and didn't like it when others try to silence the words. You agred then that this is a set of forums to discuss matters. .. you are right - to a point. usually i call out others when the issue seems to be bigger - but that is just in my eyes. i think the discussion is a good one and i would never suggest stopping it — but perhaps i've learned a lesson - not to beat a dead horse after it apologized. apology is pretty important doncha think. oh and thanks pgh, you always seem to be the one to point out my wrongdoings. ;-) rsg I wouldn't exactly call it a dead horse when 9 minutes before your post, someone else posts of a similar happening. Now would you? Appoligies without action are nothing more than empty words. IN this case they are for the sake of ending a public viewing of someone's actions. You are doing nothing but supporting him by allowing him to walk away unscathed because he said sorry. No I don't think saying you are sorry in all that important. Saying you are sorry and acting like it is a whole different story. I am unsure where your snide remark about me always pointing out your wrongdoings is coming from. I can't think of another thread where I told you how off base you were. I have agreed with you before and disagreed with you before, but am not sure where I told you before about your wrongdoings. Either way it wouldn't be relevant because I am talking about your words here, not a track record since those words have nothing to to do with the thread at hand. Try discussing the issue at hand and not taking everything so personal.
  16. Honestly RSG, you have been one of the people calling others out in the past, and didn't like it when others try to silence the words. You agred then that this is a set of forums to discuss matters. We will not all agree on everything, and rarely we will almost all agree on something. Trying to tell others when or when they can't continue with an on topic thread discussion that is relavant to the coin world, and you deciding when enough is enough, is just wrong. You only speak for yourself as do I. So if you are done with the topic, then please feel free to move on, but please allow others to continue discussing the thread as we are permitted by GC, and to do so without you or someone else trying to tell us we can't or shouldn't. Also you might want to be a little slower when trying to judge someone you don't know's stress level. The actions of this bogus logger don't stress me. I find it sad and immature, but not even close to something that will stress me out.
  17. The truth hurts. Now I will continue to post without the personal attacks, can you do the same? There shouldn't be a second option. Honestly there shouldn't even be a need to a first option, that is had you used common sense BEFORE doing this. I love how when people do something so screwed up and no defense for their actions they are so quick to tell people to go outside and cache. Imagine had you heeded your own advice. We wouldn't even have this thread about bogus discoveries. How about deleting ALL the bogus logs. Maybe that would be a great place to start if you are so sincere. Again I am amazed at the fact that you do a childish act, then want to challenge the maturity of other for calling you out on it? You just don't get it.
  18. Come on guys. A click of the mouse is strenuos for some but I fail to see how it is even close to paint thiner and some buffing. Please do what you will with the logs and be over it. I am a nice guy that just never thought this would be a big deal. Still not sure how or why it became a big deal. For the people that feal it is a big deal, please email me and I will click the button from my end to save you the mouse work So you want people everyone, whether they come here or not and may or may not have a clue as to even who you are, to inform you they want you to remove your bogus logs? Are you for real? You put alot of people in a very bad position they normally don't choose to be in. Deleting a log of any sort is usually done as a last resort, and most people will leave it. Not because they think you are being cute, funny, or anything else you might claim falsely. They will leave the log because they choose not to have a confrontation. You abused they GC system and betrayed everyone who's coin's you logged. You can down play it all you like and pretend it is funny, but the bottom line is the only thing becoming a joke here is your words and logs. I completely understand it's just a game, which is what makes it even more sad that you have nothing better to do than try to put your personal "tramp stamp" on other people's pages which appears to be nothing more than a self injected boost to your ego. Before this thread I had no clue who you were. During the thread I had no clue who this was about. Now that I have seen both sides, the coin owners and your weak excuse for abuse of a database, I have little respect for you. If people get time outs here for posting somethign OT or for a bad link, then you sir deserve to have a serious time out from the higher ups.
  19. I am amazed at all the posts from people without tats or piercings in a cointest for people with tats and piercings.
  20. Cadillac Mountain is the first place in the US to receive the sun of the day. Was pretty cool standing up there watching the sunrise with a bunch of strangers, all the while everyone was wrapped in blankets and such. Awesome views. Can't wait to go back, which I am sure we will since this is my dad's favorite place in the world to visit. Amazing since he doesn't even like lobster.
  21. I normally agree but this shade of green and white from the current auction is amazing. Over $150 already. WOW! Talk about some serious support to the event. Tsun, I will have to lay off the old lady jokes for at least a week on you now since you are doing so much for the event.
  22. Aw, now I'm really sad I won't be going to GCF! There's still time left to sign up. Registrations are open until Sunday.
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