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  1. How'd you know she was a liberal?!?!?!
  2. I need to get a few more of these to play along. Great pics so far.
  3. Well I might be able to help you out. Keep your eyes peeled as theer are 2 rare auctions coming pretty soon for the golden ones. The first should start this weekend.
  4. Ahhh a perfect example of why we love D@nim@l. Always thinking outside the box, or in his case the padded cell he resides in.
  5. What does the other side look like? I believe that the two coins in the picture are exactly the same only one is flipped to the reverse and the other to the obverse. You are correct.
  6. Jim has claimed he wishes to continue making coins and running the buisness of GeoCoin Designs. Don't be surprised. I just saw someone else trying to defend them but saying something about maybe they were using the money on survival needs. Not sure how you live but if I went through about $8,000 in one month, it surely would have been alot more than survival that I was spending my money one. Maybe he thinks if he doesn't answer anything here it will just all go away like a bad dream. At least it will be swept under the rug and once he delivers the coins, IF he delivers them. Then he will be the man who saved the company. Who knows since all we can do is guess since the man behind the company refuses to be the man willing to stand up for the company with an update of any sorts. That is an update since the top secret highly classified confidential newsletter he sent out filled with a bunch of personal drama that served no purpose other than to try to illicit some type of compassion from a group of people who have been basically robbed through his company. I wouldn't be shocked if people actually bought coins off them in the future though. New people don't have a clue as to what happened in the past and too few people are willing to stick their necks out to be honest and try to protect them. The forums through their "be nice" attitude does more harm than good in the long run. The truth hurts short term, but allows us to grow and learn. Seems we are more worried about attacking the people who call people out than to listen to why someone is being called out.
  7. I remember two girls working the table at GCF and thought they only had one half of the coin. The look on their faces when they realized each coin had a front and back to it and that when you put 2 coins (1 front 1 back) together it would complete the design, now that was funny. Who was that again? I dunno.... I dunno either, but I seem to remember having to call someone to explain that concept to me as well. . . . I wasn't going to call you out on your blond moment, but since you did it yourself....
  8. From seeing this thread and some others by the same company, I have learned that no matter when you think you know what they said, they change it on you. Paula says the coins were divided up and were to be sold to pay for the thousands in dollars that was spent, and then two sentences later she says she has no interest in them so she gave them to her kid to sell for toys and things kids want!?!?! Where are your priorities or ethics? Do you even care about the people you took advantage of? YOU should be selling these coins to give people their money back or buy the coins from the mint to deliver them. You sure did have an interest in coins when you took their money and blew it on things you wanted. Now you just throw your arms up and say you don't have an interst in coins. WOW! Such integrity. TheNumber1Bop claims to be Paula's mom, and claimed to be to old and unkowledgable about eBay to sell coins there so had Paula do them. Now she is selling them for her granddaughter, who was gifted them by Paula who no longer is interested in coins. Am I the only one who finds this change of story a little hard to believe. If that was my daughter and I saw these things, I would probably take her to the woodshed, but at least I would make her sell the coins for the people she stole from. I would not come in here sell coins on eBay for another family member and act like this is OK to do. Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree. It sure will ne nice when this is all cleared up and everyone has their coins in hand. I still find it funny how this company claims their wish is to remain here making coins in the future! That one cracks me up.
  9. Actually he has said he won't be updating in here and you have to join his mailing list to get info. Then he says that info is confidential and is not to be posted here, clearly showing his intent is to avoid these forums with updates at all costs. After all this you still think emailing him and asking him to do his job will actually change his whole perspective on this? Furthermore, why should anyone here have to do anything more? Isn't paying for the coin the extent of their end? Shouldn't he be the one who should be doing more, and on his own?
  10. Coins seem to be selling at a decent rate. I suppose only being $8.50 for a trackable coin with it's own icon will do that.
  11. They have no other choice but to wait. The time is way over PayPal's limits so they can't file a complaint against them. Each person as an individual has lost for the most part a small amount of money, so it's not wirth taking them to small claims court. The ones that bought a large amount of coins would probably have to file in their hometown (assuming here) but would still cost more in attorney fees than they probably have lost anyhow. No matter how you cut it, there is not much the consumer can do. I find it sad how some people still want to give them the nefit of the doubt, as if there is any doubt as to how porrly this entire buisness has been run. And to think Jim still wants to do buisness here with the same people that have gotten taken to the cleaners!
  12. I remember two girls working the table at GCF and thought they only had one half of the coin. The look on their faces when they realized each coin had a front and back to it and that when you put 2 coins (1 front 1 back) together it would complete the design, now that was funny. Who was that again?
  13. Because people have become greedy, and others here are too easily taken advantage of. Sure it's not all the people, but there are enough of the bad apples who have turned "desire" into their own unique form of begging. They word things in ways they can back track from and say they weren't begging, they were asking for a trade. They get the coin they "desire" and then list the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Instead of us trying to protect their feelings, how about we think about the people who have actually spent their hard earned money on their coins. If I produce a personal coin with my own money and you want it, but have nothing to trade for it, why should I be made to feel as if I am the bad guy for not trading with you, regardless of reason. Even worse, what makes you feel that I should just give you my coin? This happens time and time again. I see the same people posting over and over of how "I really want your coin, but have nothing to trade for it" or some other variation of this line. There's lots of coins, fewer now than before, that I would love to have. I don't feel the need to post it in every thread. The worst abuse seems to be with Mystery Coins. I feel sorry for those people who have done nothing but try to make others smile. They have spent their money, which they worked hard for, to make a coin to give away. They don't typically make enough for every person to get them, so guess what, not everyone will get them. Deal with it, but don't ruin their good works because your feelings got hurt because you didn't get this one or that one. I don't have every Mystery Coin, but I also don't expect any of them. I am grateful to the ones I have received, and fortunate for the one's I have found. Would my life be any different if I didn't have any? No. But you see time again and again of the same people posting in the Mystery Coin threads of how I wish this Mystery Coin would come to my area. One request is enough. Once a week is ridiculous, and I would venture to say it would mean you probably would move yourself off the list of getting one if it was me doing the listings. I know some Mystery Coiners out there and have been heard of some of the reason's people have "asked" for a Mystery Coin. If you are emailing someone for a coin for your Birthday, sickness, job loss, or any other reason...You are begging and putting these people in a very bad position. I never would have imigined 3 or 4 years ago we would have to explain to people the difference between asking for a coin trade and begging for a coin. If you can't tell the difference, then maybe you should hold off on posting till you do so as not to put the person who actually paid for the coin in a bad position.
  14. Why would you close a cointest that you started without even announcing a winner? Isn't that the point of why you opened it? I see one person thinking it went to far, and frankly couldn't disagree more. You asked for whining and got what you asked for. People around here are becoming very good at giving sob stories, either real ones of made up ones that they have seen from others. Personally I very rarely enter a cointest. I posted in this one because I feel this place has gotten so far away from a trading community and entered a new realm. It's more of a styrofoam era where on ever thread corner is another person with a worse sob story and a syrofoam cup asking "Hey buddy, can you spare a few coins". Do what you want, but closing it over from what I can only is a few small posts is pretty ridiculous. If you only want threads that will agree with you 100%, then you better open your own group and not allow anyone else to post.
  15. So you start a cointest that I can't win unless I whine, which I am refusing to do. Then if I were to win, you won't even let me decide what to do with my coin. No. Instead you will activate and adopt it to me. I can't even pick what cache this coin goes into or if it goes at all. It's my coin so what gives you the right to decide what I do with my coins? How unfair is that? You have my coin in your possession and still I can't even get you to release it. Now you will give my coin to someone else. That just plain sucks. I can't believe you are like that. I quit and will never post here again. Thanks alot. This will be my last post evah!!!!
  16. Eeek, I know (hope) this isn't about me, but I posted a few weeks ago mentioning the loss of my job but it was in response to having received a mystery coin and saying that it had cheered me up. I find begging unsavoury, but hope people won't feel unable to mention personal circumstances at all for fear of being seen as begging. I also posted for help/advice in getting some coins on a mission recipient's list - I received some great advice and have been able to do some trades that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise, people have been kind but I hope the trades done were as fair as possible. Nope didn't refer to you at all. Had no clue. The big difference is where you put the emphasis on your post. The trend of late is to focus on all the external things and that usually generates sympathy and support which in turn leads to coins, which again leads to more mush. Plenty of us share stories and life experiences here, but we don't do it in a way where it would lead others to feel the need or even want to send us coins to make us feel better. If you need someone to send you a free coin to make you feel better, then you should reevaluate your life and your priorities. If the free hand out forums ever went away, where would you turn? I know some are going to say Obama is going to take a third of my coins to give to those less fortunate, but I have been stock piling my coins out of the country in fear of this so I should be getting my hand out as well.
  17. I went to the Heart's thread and saw the last post there was this... I have never posted in that thread because it completely comes off as a begger's market there. Whether you claim your intent is to trade or not, you have not made a trade request for a coin that only 10 were produced. Further, if your intent is to trade, where it would be placed in the trading thread, you wouldn't be putting all kinds of personal medical issues into the post. That has nothing to do with a trade offer. Just be honest. You want someone to send you a rare coin for free and are using a disablity to help get it. Personally I find that rather sad, but that has become the norm here anymore so it really isn't a shock. Barry I have met you before at events and think you are a nice person. You are not alone in the way you ask for coins, but rather happen to be the last person posted in the begger's thread. You posted here and claimed your post there was a trade request and not begging, so here's how I see it. For a lot of us, your post can't be taken for anything but begging, so maybe it is viewpoint. Maybe this will help you see how other's are taking your posts. Once again you are not the only one known for doing this often. In a general sense the whole forums have devolved into this. If you beg or whine enough and can present some type of medical issue, or work loss issues, or something else, people will send you coins. Unless you are me of course. Then when you have a sad sad day, you get a virtual cup of coffee! Whatever happened to people buying coins and trading coins they have instead of begging for what they want?
  18. This reminds me of a coin a while back that was "almost gone. Reduced price! Hurry before they are gone." 2 years later and they are still selling coins. New coin sellers really need to get a grasp of how things work around here before coming in here trying to sell things. It will save you alot of pain in the wallet if you do. This should serve as an example to any other new coin sellers. Just because you have a nice looking coin, doesn't mean everyone here is going to play dumb and pay whatever price you want. People can see when they are being ripped off and someone is just trying to make a boatload of money. For this reason, most will remember and not buy the coin at any lowered price. I for one wouldn't buy this coin at $5 at this point because I am not willing to support someone who is trying to take advantage of the community rather than being a part of the community. At $25 you are making it that we are getting some great deal, but what you have shown is you were gouging everyone here at you even more ridiculous price before. On the bright side, at least you will have a lot of traders that were once sold on sale at a very high price.
  19. I think it says a lot about a company who uses the forums to their advantage, but when the community wants the info here said company refuses. I will continue to update the community to the best of my abilty witht the facys since you are choosing to only update those who wish to jump through more hoops. You took their money. you owe them, not the other way around. When are you going to get it?
  20. actually, you left out the top part of the letter which says: "Broadcast: All GeocoinDesign.com Customers Hello everyone! First - Please don't repost this newsletter to the Groundspeak Forums. C O N F I D E N T I A L Information" now you may feel you have the right to repost that info, but i think you should have respected the wishes of the sender and not posted it here. especially without ALL the information in the letter. you could have, perhaps, shared the pertinent information with the person, privately. just a thought. rsg Actually I got a forward of it which didn't contain that, so I didn't leave anything out. Which information do you feel is left out other than the demand of not letting others know what is going on via the most known route, the forums? Confidential? What in this letter is confidential, and better yet why? It says to ALL GeocoinDesign customers, yet we have a bunch here without the info so it's not accurate. He has thousands of dollars of people's money and doesn't want anyone except for who he tells personally, to know what is going on? Please. You were right on the bandwagon slamming Paula at every turn, and now you are going to try to stick up for Jim? I am not into choosing sides, other than right or wrong, but you really need to be more consistent than flip flopping on every issue. Regardless it still needs posted here. He is trying to make good on things, so he says, but wants it 100% on his terms. He lost the trust and respect factor a long long time ago and my major concern is for the people in the community. THEY are the ones who deserve the respect of timely honest updates and his personal pride should be put aside. It seems he would much rather do this outside the forums where he has some control of the flow of things rather than have to actually face the music and be up front with the masses. Thats not right. Jim should have been the one to post it here, sadly he is choosing not to update everyone like he said he would. Yet people still want to give him the benfit of the doubt after all this is absolutely stunning. No wonder this continues to happen and to this degree.
  21. Here's the summary of the letter, or more accurately the letter itself. Since it pertains directly to this coin, and not everyone seems to be getting the info this should have been posted here. For some unknown reason, Jim has decided not to do updates in the forums where the coins were sold and advertised, so I guess anyone who isn't on the official list he has isn't going to receive these updates. There are more than enough of us receiving them to help the rest of the people out by informing you as he should be doing on his own. Here's the letter... "Here is a quick update on Geocoin Design & Titanics/Lady Lucks geocoins. All the coins are produced and awaiting my payment for delivery. I have been in contact with Bryan Roth at Groundspeak and we talked extensively about the courses of action I have taken thus far to get these coins delivered to you all. Groundspeak would like me to get back on my feet as soon as possible as well and has offered help in the form of providing my tracking numbers in advance (90 days same as cash). Additionally, we spoke of the Groundspeak approved vendor list and both agreed that Geocoin Design should be removed from the list while I am in transition. I am getting my new bank accounts set up and my business license established in the great state of Oregon - I don't know how long that process takes, but I wouldn't think it would be any more than a few weeks. I have one of two bank accounts established now, and have my paperwork submitted for my state business operating license. I am on track right now and things seem to be moving along smoothly for me. Coins are moving through, just so you all know.. but I have to get them processed in the order in which the contracts were established. Please understand that most companies operate on a 'first in, first out' basis, and Geocoin Design is no different. For those who aren't aware, I also produce coins outside of the geocoin community. The first coin to go out after my separation was the US NAVY Ball challenge coin. The US Navy had contracted this coin back in April. Their event was held on October 10th, and their coins arrived to them 2 days in advance. I know it was cutting it close - but they got there. The next coin that you all have seen is the personal coin of Jeremy Irish. While I did post the coin on the Groundspeak Forum, there was no intention of saying "Hey, looky what I got!" - that's just not the way I work. I posted that coin to the forum because it was my way of telling all of you that I have coins moving - and they are getting out. Of course, some of the folks on the geocoin forum have a way of kicking people when they are down, so I had the thread on Jeremy's coin closed. In hindsight, it was a bad idea to announce Jeremy's personal coin. I have been in contact with Jeremy and many apologies have gone his way about that. So, I guess my point is, I am getting back in the groove of things here - and I hope to get everyone taken care of in very short order. On a very personal note to you all - I have received literally HUNDREDS of emails from you after my last newsletter of gracious support and understanding and I want you all to know that I really, really appreciate it. I have shed many tears over the last month and your support letters have been very kind. Thank you all very much! I shall be keeping in touch. Warm Regards, Jim Collins Geocoin Design"
  22. Does the Obama one come with a unique icon such as the hammer and sickle?
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