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  1. I have researched Delorme topo, National Geograpic topo and backroads, what is the most detailed? I have posted what I want to do before, which is to find a topo program that has trails depicted on them so I can mark the trails with waypoints and then upload them as trail into my gps. Now granted I know that the maps are not uploadeable but I want to use the trails depicted on the software to make waypoints along the trail and then upload the waypoints as a homemade trail.
  2. I use the Magellan Sportrak Map and the Mapsend Topo, that brings up another question: What about the new Topo software for the Magellan?
  3. Would my Sportrak be supported with the NG Topo! software? I know that the Meridian and Sportrak share some of the same cables and things. I would think if one is compatable then so should the other.
  4. I hike in Central Alabama(Birmingham) at Oak Mountain State Park, for 25 cents you get a topo map with all the trails on them. However there are no Lat Longs on them so I cant mark my on waypoints and then transfer them to my gps unit.
  5. Thanks for the info, I am a little lost with the term GPSr. Could someone help me out?
  6. I also use the Mapsend Topo on my Sportrak Map. But I am looking for something that has trails depicted on it (map or software)so I can transfer them into my gps. I carry a topo map from the State Park where I hike but it does not have Lat Long coordinates on it so it is only good for terrain features. I also carry a compass for backup.
  7. I am wanting to use a topo paper map or some type of reasonably priced software to make waypoints for trail I have not hiked yet. I have a book "GPS Made Easy" that tells how to use Maptech's 200 dollar program to make waypoints along the trail depicted on the map and then upload them to a GPS for use as a premade trail. This is very interesting and I would even be interested in doing this the old fashion way with a topo map and protractor. Anyone have any advise? thanks Slade
  8. Want to buy used Mapsend topo for aroun 50-60 buck. I have found it new for 67 bucks so I figure used should be less. Email me with what you have. Slade
  9. I think the ones posted before are wrong the correct ones are 33.28.326N and 86.49.995W Found him today and marked on my GPS Slade
  10. If any of you are in Alabama and are familiar with the Rick and Bubba Show, the coordinates for Big Boy, the new mascot are: 33.28.206 N 86.49.596 W Slade
  11. Format of Lat Long on easy gps wrong Thanks Slade
  12. It is for sure the easy gps software when I put in the Lat Long from the Handy Man Cache it puts the Cache some 15 miles away (in the same area that it puts my Lat Long) Slade
  13. It has to be the way easy gps is formated because when I find Caches from my origin it puts one that I know is close where it should. Slade
  14. When I look at a Cache page where you download the waypoints, they are in the same format that my gps lists them in for example a given lat is XX.XXX.XX and this is how I see it in my gps
  15. Ok when I put in the lat long for my home in easy gps and view it online it puts me way off but when I download waypoints it puts them correctly where they are suppose to be. What gives? If I set up my gps wrong wouldn't the correct lat long downloaded wayoints be off on my moving map? I have a sportrak map. thanks Slade
  16. I am new to geochaching and just got a sport trak map for Christmas. I really like the idea of the topo software, but I think I had rather see the roads I am on when I am using the GOTO function and going to a waypoint I downloaded from the website and transfered over to my gps using the easygps software. then, the basemap software seems to have the best of both worlds. I would really like to see screen shots of all three, if any one knows where to find them. Can anyone help? Thanks Slade
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