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  1. So I am looking online at google maps to see the area around Harper's Ferry WV. Well this town sits at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenendoah Rivers. But there is no Shenendoah. So I reload the map and see that it is still not there: Google Maps and go check Virtual Earth: Virtual Earth and it is not on that map either! What gives? Did the river change course? Why would both have the same inaccurate data? The Shenendoah is nearly as wide as the Potomac at that spot. Strange...
  2. Cyjo

    Gps Shutdowns

    Here is an interesting article... The best part is the idea on improving the signals to be more resistant to jamming. The roof of my porch jams the signal.
  3. Looking at this huge post, I started to think about how many disposable batteries this must add up to be. Does anyone recycle their old batteries? Radio Shack here will take them and my nephew's school collects them for additional funds.
  4. Cyjo

    Georeferenced Tiffs

    Hey, i recently began fooling around with a 3-D mapping program 3DEM and it allows you to overlay a georeferenced tiff image over the elevation data. Although the program allows you to import more than one DEM file, it will only allow you to import a single TIFF. Does anyone know of a utility that can combine the tiffs and retain the georeferenced data? Or does anyone know of a program similar to 3DEM that can import multiple tiffs. This is just for fun so I am trying to stick with the freebie programs. Thank you in advnce. Joe
  5. I have the large suction cup from RAM and it works great. I have gone off road without it popping off. It has a locking suction mechanism that increases its force on the glass. No wetting or licking needed. I have it positioned low in the windshield so that it doesn't obstruct my view. The cool thing is though it remains more in my line of sight than even the dash. More than not I'm looking at the receiver for speed and not the speedometer.
  6. I discovered a solution for my lack of a favorites list that I liked in my legend so much. I create routes with a single waypoint in them. I used to keep Home in my favorites so I could easily find it on the motorcycle. With the 60c I have route that contains only that one point which displays with Home as the starting and finishing point. When you hit navigate the gps simply sends you there from wherever you currently are situated.
  7. Anybody have an problems downloading waypoints using EasyGPS? When using the USB cable I capture about three or four waypoints from the receiver and then I get an error 22. Communication error. I have the lastest versions of software on both. I have no problems sending data to the unit. Thanks
  8. I have had both and now after the Legend broke, I just recently upgraded to a 60C. I liked my legend because of the maps. The ability to find some place like a nearby city or points of interest were the greatest use to me. The resolution is better on the legend so the letters and numbers are smaller and depending on where and how you use it, it may be more difficult to see. I often used it in the car and motorcycle and found sometimes hard to read. Overall I did like it but after having the 60c I see that the map screen on the legend was too small. Plus the 8 mb memory of the legend was quite small and I was amazed at how much I could fit on it. I could fit most of central florida and this state is much bigger than you would think.
  9. On my legend I had an option to set a few waypoints as 'favorites'. Does anyone know of similar functionality or a work around? That's about all I miss from the legend.
  10. Cyjo

    Handlebar Mounts

    I installed a cigarette lighter under the seat on my bike. I got an all weather sort of socket that has a rubber cap. I then wired in a fuse and attached it directly to the battery. For redundance I have a water proof case that goes around that and the plug for the gps just to make sure it is ok and then run the cable up around the underside of the tank to the handle bars. This is on my etrex legend. I have been in the rain with it and have not had a problem. The power adapter seals well enough. I no longer have it blinking off with momentary contacts and I can charge my cell phone under the seat to boot.
  11. Cyjo

    Garmin E Trex...

    I had one for about a year and a half. I then went with the legend but I have to say that the little box was great. It may not have maps but it does show you the breadcrumb path you've left which can be an asset. Paper maps are not really ever obsolete. They are a great reference tool. Welcome and have fun.
  12. Cyjo

    Ms Streets & Trips

    Thanks I'll try it
  13. Cyjo

    Ms Streets & Trips

    Ok, I use MS Streets & Trips and for the money I like the program. I recently upgraded from '02 to '04 and the other night I was trying to import waypoints from a comma delimited text file. In the import wizard you can designate the columns to represent certain info in each push pin such as name and address. Not matter what I did thought the points I imported always reported the lat and lon for name and address. I did not have this problem in '02. I checked ms for a fix but could not locate any. Has anyone else seen this and what did you do? Thanks
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