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  1. UPDATE: We have a replacement in the mail for the one that we sent that was lost by USPS. Tracking #: 9101010521297576903257 We post our phone number and support address at the top of our page: http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/ We did call you and left a voicemail at the number you left. We also sent an email back to you. When we saw the dispute in Paypal we responded quickly and provided the tracking information given to us from the USPS. In the end, we ALWAYS ask the customer to wait 30 days from shipment and to contact us again if they didnt get it. As for the tracking number, here is what we sent and provided in Paypal: USPS Website We are sending you a new travelbug today which you should get soon. Two points: 1- As of yet, we havent forced people to pay for 'insurance' to take care of problems 2 - We are one of the few companies that actually posts our phone number to contact us. Sorry for the problems. Oakcoins/Geoswag.com Just wanted to follow up and say that I did receive the second shipment, and have closed the paypal dispute. I don't want to get into a flame war with you guys, as I do now believe this to be just bad luck all around, but I live and die by my phone and email (IT (email) and part time stock trader (phone)) and I can assure you I was given no emails or phone calls before I filed my dispute with paypal. In any event, it's all sorted out now. Cheers,
  2. Hopefully this thread still gets attention.. this is my first post to the forum.. sorry its under these conditions. Name of coin: <actually a travel bug, which should be easier since its pre-made> Name of Vendor: Oakcoins Order #: On my other computer Shipment Due Date: "Shipped" on Jan 2nd, USPS confirmed it was never received. Now Feb 5th. Still no bug. Seller never returned calls or vm until i filed a paypal dispute, then gave me a seemingly bogus tracking number that the USPS confirms never shipped. Weak sauce man.. thankfully it was only $7, but I still plan on collecting it. This was my wife's first travelbug for her first cache and has been a completely horrible experience thanks to Oakcoins. Oakcoins are definitely not recommended by me. Even if it was an honest mistake (which I have yet to believe it is).. horrible customer service.
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