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  1. Add me to the list. I want the old style back. No unnessesary trafic!!! Greets, Andreas from Germany
  2. Hello Moun10bike, any idea when the BetaMaps will be out of the beta state and offer at least the functionality the old maps had? It is really annoying to built these old map links to use the maps... Why are new features integrated before the old ones are bug free and finished?!?! Andreas
  3. Sorry, but we are not looking for a workaround, we wait for a fix of this up to now useless function.... Andreas from Germany
  4. Can we please remove the "How to create a pocketquery Video" from the top of the page. I do not need to see that every time. It occupies a lot of valuable space and comes back every time I log back in!
  5. Hello Earthcachers, may I ask why we have such a big discussion? Noone said english is not allowed anymore in the description of Earthcaches. We just have to add a localy understandable language. Is that such a bad wish. I do not think so. The owner who want's to have visitors form all over the world can and should add english as a second language. If he doesn't, he will suffer from his Earthcaches visited only by locals... So why not have the listing in English and Local? I wouldn't like an Earthcache in Germany having only english and the other way round I can understand that local cachers in other countries want cache descriptions in one local language. Why not? Regards Andreas
  6. Hello, why don't you use geogebra? It calculates the point exactly for you. Regards Andreas
  7. Well, that week is far over now. Any idea when the process really will start? ... As I just saw there is a quote that it will be the first week in 2010. No idea where that came from.... Regards Andreas from Germany
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