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  1. I have Panama (the virtual at the locks in the canal), Guam and British Indian Ocean Territories (Southern Hemisphere!) Was going to Ireland last summer but that obviously fell through.
  2. Abother example of a bad cacher would be one who finds a TB and travels with it for a while. Then just keeps the thing. I found a TB shortly after my wife died. I brought it from Hawaii to NY. This woman took it all over for about six months. Hasn't logged it in about five years now but it is still "in her hands". That is a bad cacher.
  3. I found my first cache 17 June 2011. I away from home for months on end so more than half of my finds have been over 1000 miles from the house in Florida. Currently working in California where I have found over 350 since 8 March. California is now my third highest state for finds and will shortly overtake NY at second place.
  4. This has got to be the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I wonder, will my profile map show a new planet other than Earth?
  5. I'm not really a lurker. I guess I knew there was a forum but I never thought to check it out. 1692 finds since 2011. 31 States and four countries. So I am getting the hang of GC'ing. I usually use C:Geo on my phone. I just got a new phone after the old one completely died. I had to go to the play store to download apps into the new phone. I cannot find a place on C;Geo to sign in. Any hints? Thanks.
  6. I am sick and tired of two different tracking numbers on trackables. The code on the bloody item should be the ONLY code needed to log a trackable. This system in place is ridiculous. I just tried to log another trackable just now and It will not recognize the TB number. Make it simpler Geocaching.com. I have better things to do with my time than try to log something 5 different times.
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