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  1. There are only 3 geo caches within 4 hours from my home. There are only 10 geo caches in all of the province of quebec. I think that complicated software to sort them all out is a bit "overkill". I may be adding some caches of my own here in Quebec and I am talking to people about "geo-caching". Most are "french only" so "geo-caching" is not known here. 2 of the caches in my area have french language description and I have a feeling that the people who installed the caches do not speak or write in english. I don't know how they got accepted.
  2. Isn't carrying a pencil, pocketknife, matches or lighter, paper, compass, map, flashlight, emergency blanket, etc etc a necessary part of going geocaching in the woods? If it's in town, well there are convenience stores all over the place.
  3. Ok....what started out simple has now turned more difficult. What is a PDA. What is a "palm"? What is "plucker". I only got part of one answer about what is better "waypoint+ or Easygps". The person had never heard of "waypoint+". All I want is a free software program to store coordinates (trip) into my computer and then transfer those trips to appropriate maps. Converting, modifying, sorting.....I can do myself. So far "easygps" seems to have some unacceptable glitches like mangling files. I would like only those people who have not spent a fortune on electronic equipement to answer. I only have a Garmin 45. There surely are people here who use older gps units and do not use complicated or expensive software and hardware.
  4. I am not in favour of downloading files with extensions like "VBS" etc.
  5. Which is better? Which is the most often used? Anyother programs as good or better?
  6. I haven't found any caches yet. I got my GPS 3 days ago. There are only 3 caches within a 4 hour drive from my home. Luckily, the 3 caches are within 1 hour drive. There are only 10 caches in all the province of Quebec. So, I guess I will add a few in my area. I participate in a similar forum where fishing is the main interest. Knowing that many fishermen are outdoorsy types, I hope to attract more interest in "geo-caching" here in Quebec where a large portion of the population is french speaking only and therefore do not even know that geo-caching exists. Is planting a geo-cache on an island allowed or acceptable? I do some wilderness canoeing and camping and from the number of "geo-cachers" in Quebec, I am pretty sure that some of the places that I could plant a geo-cache would never get visited. How long does a geo-cache exist? Are there any geo-caches that were planted long ago and have never been visited?
  7. Well, I finally got a position today. After over 2 hours, the gps showed strong signals from at least 5 different satellites. There were 8 or 10 satellites on the screen. What a relief. At least I know that the old Garmin 45 works. I even got a response from the seller of the pflug to make a power cable and a pc cable today. After supper, I plan to take a walk around the neighbourhood. Tomorrow I plan to do some ice-fishing if my blues band decides to not have a band practice. I can hardly wait to see how long the acquisition time will take.
  8. I finally got almanac data (date and time) yesterday when trying to autolocate but no position.
  9. I live in Canada. NAD27 is probably the norm I will be using when working with maps. However, right now, I am not working with maps etc. Should I leave my settings on WGS84? I guess most Americans use WGS84 and from what I see, most of the waypoints mentioned in this site are in WGS84. Should I stick to WGS84 and then switch to NAD27 only when using maps? I am still at the "autolocate" stage ..... it's taking forever. My GPS is outside on the dash of my car "autolocating".....
  10. I am having problems getting my Garmin 45 to "autolocate". Does it really have to do that? Isn't entering a nearby know coordinate then just acquiring satellites enough? Has anyone else had problems getting the Garmin 45 to "autolocate" and "acquire" satellites. There are lots of satellites on the screen but there are no signal bars showing strong signals. Sometimes I get 1 signal bar but then it goes away and I get another from another satellite. The manuals don't explain much other than what is on each screen and how to modify.
  11. This is good stuff. I'm a complete newbie too. I just got my GPS today. A used Garmin 45. Ok....it is old but the original owner only played with it for a day or two and gave up. It's in pristine condition. I couldn't get the thing to "autolocate" today. The owner is in California and I am in Quebec. It was -20, windy, snowing, heavy cloud cover so I quit after 15 or 20 minutes outside. I put the gps on the window sill and got a bunch of satellites on the screen but no signal strong enough for a position. It sat there for a couple of hours....and only one satellite gave a signal strong enough for the screen to show a 1/4 inch black bar. I cleared all the waypoints and routes from the gps (even the ones in the simulation mode) and I manually entered the coordinates for my city "Chicoutimi". I have been fiddling around with it in "simulation" mode but it doesn't help me understand how it works. I guess, the best way would be for the thing to "autolocate" so I could enter the position near my house as "home" and then work from there by walking etc. There are only 2 caches in my area. I plan to add some more next summer. I do a bit of hiking, canoeing and camping (part of the hunting and fishing that I do). I read the manual. Now, I am trying to understand what I have read. How am I doing so far? What do you suggest as my next step? I even e-mailed for some plugs to make PC and power cables.
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