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  1. I got a reply from Photocartothèque québécoise ; Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs and there are about 2,700 digital images for the province of quebec (scale 1:20,000). Each image sells for 15 dollars. Area 22D (the sector that I am most interested in) has 64 digital images at 15 dollars each. So I guess that the best method so far for me is to buy a few printed maps at 1:50,000 scale ( I already have a few ), scan the maps on my computer, enlarge the maps to my liking, save the scans of the maps in .bmp or .jpg and using those images along with my GPS and PC.
  2. You can get a bunch of guitar picks made up as signature items. I may do that fro my bluesband in the future but for now, the importance is to start the sport of geocaching in my area.
  3. I just bought a Lowrance GlobNav 200. I was using a buddy's Garmin 45 which is even older. There is a big difference between the Garmin 45 and the GlobNav 200 but. The difference is in speed and sensitivity. The Garmin 45 is 8 channel sequential and the GlobNav 200 is 12 channel parallel. The GlobNave is quite a bit larger and heavier with a lot more "interfaces" but both work marvelously. You need to be a bit more patient with the Garmin 45.
  4. How did you know that I am only a couple of miles from St-Ambroise? Yes, great link. I asked for info on ordering the CD rom.
  5. I live in Canada, in a region where a few miles north of me, there are no more towns or cities. The bush is literally crisscrossed with logging roads. Some are old, some are new. I do a lot of wilderness hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, ATVing, snowmobiling, biking and hiking. So keeping track of how to get back to my starting point will be easier. The nicest function will be how to get back to my starting point via a more direct or alternate route. The second use will be for publicity. Hunting and fishing reports paid by clients in which I indicate geographical coordinates of places to hunt, fish, camp etc. Very few of the remote gravel roads are marked. There are flimsy signs but they get often get buried in the snow, lost, misplaced etc so I enter the coordinates and directions along with other info about the outfitter or cabin rental, coordinates for rental equipment, grocery store, gas, bait when on route to the area. The visitor or tourist finds that using his own gps while on route, gives him a lot of answers for a lot of questions .... "where, when, how".
  6. I visited the "Topo" website and I don't see how to download anything. I would love to have some detailed maps of 22D (the area just north of Chicoutimi Quebec. How do I go about getting some of those free digital maps?
  7. At that rate, it looks like 4,000 to 4,500 caches this time next year. There are 222 now in Quebec.
  8. yes .... GPS is kind of like cheating. About on par to using a telephone instead of passenger pigeon.
  9. It has probably been mentioned before but I just had to mention it again. This site is really nice to navigate in. It's fast, simple and easy to use. At one glance, a person can see new messages with the dates times and who posted the message etc. Just one click and you can mark all the posts as being read etc. The messages are well divided from one discussion forum to another. I participate in a good many forums and not many are as easy and as fast as this one.
  10. phern47


    Logger, the translators are horrible. For instance, how does the translator differentiate words that are the same (right, right) (left, left) (fly, fly). There are probably words that have 3 different meanings. Post office box ends up in french as boxing in an office.
  11. phern47


    After seeing that a travel bug "tag", costs 6 bucks U.S. plus shipping and cost of money order etc I guess that the CDs will be "hitch hikers".
  12. This is normal. Just like the "ETE" has no indication. When you are not moving, there are many readings that will not show anything. How can the GPS indicate which direction you are moving if you are not moving. Once you start moving and the GPS detects the movement...you will get speed, bearing, ETE etc.
  13. phern47


    Does that bother you? Of course, the person who writes in another language knows that he/she is writing to a limited audience but if the subject line is filled out properly, the non-initiated won't bother to open the message so it is not time consuming for them. If I only spoke french, what benefit would it be to me to try to post a message in english. The reason a person posts a message in his own language is because he/she wants to communicate with someone else who speaks their language. I just can't understand the rule that only one language can be used in a forum or newsgroup. Is it because the moderators cannot censor the the messages? If nobody understands the message, what use is it to censor it? To keep my posting about "geocaching", who do I contact in Canada if I want to buy tags for my travel bugs. How much do they cost? What if I just put an item in a geocache and ask that the item be put into another cache? I am talking about a demo CD of 4 songs. It can't be stolen because the person who wants to download the songs to his computer can do that if he/she wants and then takes the CD to another cache. All I would ask is for the finder to post a message (critique) to my blues band's website and mention which city they are in.
  14. Thanks Car37&Shnde, I will order some tags from someone in Canada. I did not know that tags existed. Can these tags be attached to a CD? How much do tags cost?
  15. I want to send my new travel bug by mail to a geocacher so that he can place it in a cache in his area. There are no caches and no geocachers in my area but I want my bug (demo cd of my blues band) to travel around often. What must I do? I am very new at this. I have not found a cache yet and I have not placed a cache yet.
  16. Steve, You can make your own cables for only a couple of dollars. If you absolutely need an external antenna, it is possible to use the existing antenna on an extension cable with a male antenna connector on one end and a female antenna connector on the other end. There is always ebay.
  17. I was hoping for just a GPS with no accessories. I can make mounts, cables, external antenna etc.
  18. I just got back from a store that sells GPSs. They haven't got a clue. One salesman (manager of the sports dept) even said that he does not go hunting or fishing and therefore sees no reason to even own a GPS. Geez, some sales people are stupid. They are either stupid or very condescending. I guess, the fact that I am not important, have no money, too old to know about modern equipment allows them to come to the quick conclusion that they shouldn't waste any time on me. So, why do they always bother me with their damned "may I help you?". I guess it's their way of saying...."we've got our eye on you so don't try to steal anything".
  19. I guess that means that all "firemen" stink. Are there any "firewomen" here who are willing to let me test out this theory?
  20. I guess, my buddy will want to take back his Garmin 45. He loaned it to me because he does not read english and did not know how to use it. Now that I have been using it and having fun with it, I can see that he is itching to get it back. I know that in the spring when fishing opens, he will want to use it. I really like the old Garmin 45. I like the directable, removable antenna, the large screen, no unnecessary bells and whistles, the 5 to 40 volt dc capablilities etc etc. The only draw back is the 8 channel sequential satellite reception. However, after looking at GPS prices, I saw that the Garmin 48 looks exactly like the 45 except it has 12 channel parallel reception. Does anyone have a Garmin 48 they want to sell? If not, does anyone have a Garmin 45 or a Garmin 45XL for sale? Here in Canada, the only people who have GPSs are the stores.
  21. This morning, I put the old Garmin 45 in it's holder on the dash but this time, it was too cold for me to stick my arm out the window with the unit in my hand so that it would "acquire" the satellites before starting out. It was very cloudy, it was snowing very hard, it was foggy and the wind was blowing the very loose snow all over the place. Visibility was next to nil. I got to the end of my driveway and waited for a lull in traffic and "lo and behold", the unit was all fired up. With 8 strong satellite signals (max number for the 45). I was considering using an external antenna or even making an extension cord and use the existing removal antenna as an external antenna but I guess I won't have to. When I told the kid salesman at the local hunting and fishing store that sells GPSs, that someone had loaned me a Garmin 45 he just laughed and said that it was junk and could suddenly quit working because of some internal thing that limits the life of a GPS. I guess I should go back and laugh at him for trying to sell me a pc cable and a power cable for 75 dollars each but cost me only 10 bucks total to make at home. I was surprised at the accuracy of the Garmin 45. I kept travelling over the same streets and roads and when all the tracks were laid out on "GPS Trackmaker", all the traces were tight together at the highest magnification (20meter). I guess when my buddy will want his GPS back, I will have to buy my own. My buddy paid 35 dollars U.S. plus shipping for it but since he doesn't read english, he doesn't know how to operate it. Are there any other GPS like the Garmin 45 but with 12 channel parallel cababilities, removable, directable, external antenna, large screen, rear connector for pc cable or power etc? I hear about other GPSs that you must hold parallel to the ground in order to get satellite reception. I have the impression that the manufacturers have used some short cuts and cheaper materials in order to save money.
  22. Je suis surpris de lire que les caches ne sont pas les bienvenue dans les parcs et sépags de la province de Québec. Pourtant, les 3 caches dans ma région se trouvent dans des parcs soit le Parc des Mont Valins et Parc Saguenay. Ce sont des endroits fréquentés par des étrangers. Je trouve que les "géocaches" sont un plus pour attirer les touristes. Imagine si un "géocacher" a le choix entre visiter une exposition de macramé et voir un spectacle de marionnettes ou faire une randonner pédestre ou circuit de canôt camping où il y a possibilité de découvrir une demi douzaine de géocaches pendant son trajèt. Les sépaqs aussi peuvent profiter du fait qu'il auront une activité de plus a offrir sans investissements et sans récolte de la ressource faunique.
  23. Donc les sujets comme la vente de GPS etc ne sont pas nécessairement dans le "geocaching" non plus. Il y a un lien indirecte. Tout comme mes messages dans mes autres groupes de discussions quand je parle du nouveau sport de "géocaching". J'avais l'intention de cacher un "géocache" la fin de semaine prochaine près du site de pêche que j'ai montré sur "MapQuest". Je les trouve un peu "étroit d'esprit" là. Je conviens bien que la pêche semble éloigné de le "geocaching" mais j'ai des projets pour cette été partout dans la province. Je ne peut pas trop en parler mais je suis sur un projet dans le milieu du tourisme et le "geocaching" va en faire parti. Disons que pour le moment, je peut dire que beaucoup de sonars pour pêcheur on des GPS incorporés et la plupart des sonars ont des prises dans lequel on peut brancher un GPS. Finit le temps ou un site parle d'un sujet seulement. Bientôt on va voir l'intégration de plusieurs sujets dans le même site et même des liens directes entre sites, radio internet, t.v. internet etc. Je me croise les doigts mais j'espère que dans 1 an je pourrais revenir narguer ceux qui n'ont pas une vision plus large. Je t'invite a consulter le site de "Québec Pêche" (j'ai presque le même nick) et je parle de "géocaching".
  24. phern47

    Ammo Boxes

    Moins chèr que rien ne veut pas nécessairement dire "cheaper than dirt" quand il faut acheter aux États Unis en argent americain et les faire livrer via le courrier (ou pire encore "UPS") à travers les douanes vers le Canada. Sera moins cher dans ce cas de les souder toi-même dans un garage d'un ami en utilisant de la tôle épaisse. Je crois que je vais faire ça. Les boîtes ne sont pas obligé d'être si gros que cela. Avec de la peinture en masse, ils ne rouilleront pas rapidement. Un sceau en caoutchouc autour du couvert et des clanches pour valises pour retenir le couvert devrait faire l'affaire. Le monde dépense normalement combien pour avoir une bonne boîte pour installer dans une cache? Cheaper than dirt no longer means "cheaper than dirt" when you have to buy from the U.S. in U.S. funds for items sent by mail (or worse "UPS") through customs to Canada. Would be cheaper to weld some boxes out of heavy sheet metal in somebody's garage. I think that's what I plan to do. They don't have to be all that big. With lots of paint, they won't rust all that fast. A rubber seal around the lid and some luggage type snap locks should work fine. How much money people are prepared to spend?
  25. Well, I was quite surprised when I got this message. From one of the administrators who has been here since way back in 2003. I don't really understand what the administrator is trying to say. On one hand I am allowed to send messages in french and in english as long as they are in the same message yet, the americans frown on anyone using a language other than english. I guess, speaking french is frowned upon. I posted my french messages in "Canada" site which has 2 official languages. I was hoping to get a few more francophones interested in geo caching. The fact that I mentioned that I went fishing and then posted the GPS coordinates on Map Quest was also frowned on because the subject matter was not directly related to "geocaching". So I guess selling and buying GPS units is frowned on too. Hey....les francophones....faite attention à vous!!! Vous n'est pas les bienvenues ici. I will probably end up being banned from "geocaching" now. Will I be the first "francophone" to be banned? Hi phern47, I have merged your French and English posts, there is no problem with posting in French on the Forum, but please do not double the threads by posting the same in both languages, one is ok and posting the English in the same post is ok if you want to post in both languages. Also, please keep the posts Geocaching related as per the forum guidelines. I am sorry, they are in English only since this site is mostly administered from the US. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=16 I look forward to seeing some new caches placed in your area, if I review any of your caches, please bear with me as I do not know French all that will but will try my best. Cache-tech Geocaching.com Admin
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