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  1. I need to upgrade. I don't need any city maps nor any of the U.S. navigational options or points of interest. I live in Canada and my gps will be used for hunting and fishing and I want to upload topo maps. I was looking for a used Etrex Legend but for a few dollars more, I can get a refurbished Vista....I like the compass function and the altimeter plus the additional memory. Is the Vista a good reliable GPS? Are refurbished GPS's good? Not many people mention the Vista.
  2. I will probably end up buying an Etrex Legend. I will be using it only for hunting and fishing in a 100 mile area around my town (Canada). I know that I can buy a Mapsource Topo Canada CD but is there a way to just download the area I want without paying (about 200 dollars) for a whole CD? As it is now, I can view the maps of my area for free via my computer and internet directly from Topo Canada however, can I download them to the GPS? If someone I know already has Mapsource Topo Canada, can he just send me the maps I need via the internet and then I can download them to my GPS? Right now in my area (Quebec), the Etrex Legend sells for 125 dollars. With Mapsource Topo Canada CD, the price is 200 dollars.
  3. How much without the mounts and the Topo USA CD? I live in Canada so the topo maps of the U.S. are of no interest for me. The mounts would be nice but I can get along without them. PM sent reply sent by PM
  4. I'm interested in buying your Etrex Legend. It would be a great upgrade from the Lowrance GlobalNav 200 I'm using now.
  5. How much without the mounts and the Topo USA CD? I live in Canada so the topo maps of the U.S. are of no interest for me. The mounts would be nice but I can get along without them.
  6. At dollar stores, you can buy a cell phone holder for a dollar. These things are adjustable so most handheld GPS devices fit in them. All that is left to do is stick some velcro on the bottom of the holder and somewhere on the dash of the car. Satellite reception is much better on the dash.....except when cartopping a canoe or boat.
  7. Metroguide v8 any good and what does it cover? I'm a bit confused because isnt there some naming problems between v8, v9 and v2008??? Which version is this Thanks Also I presume I can upload those maps to the GPSMAP 60csx???? Is this true? I just want to be sure You are getting me a little confused now LOL ! As far as I understand it, the base maps on the Garmin 60 csx are quite basic and not really a lot of use, especially for us in Ireland where it will basically be the main roads only. So you need to have a more detailed map(s) on a micro sd card (Metroguide Europe v8 or newer v9), unofficially some maps can be made to autoroute like the larger Garmins do, though they will not give voice directions. I'm no expert, I don't have a GPS yet! but the technology is getting to a point were its worth having! I've found the 60csx for 290 US and if I had a friend in the USA I'd probably buy it now, and get my friend to ship it as a gift. Cheers I'm sure that someone in the U.S. could buy the GPS for you and send it as a gift. I would do it, but I live in Canada and I'm not sure if I can save you any money.
  8. I am interested in the Sportrack Map. Approx., how much for shipping to Canada?
  9. Are condoms considered good swag?
  10. My paypal account is wired up to my bank account. It works perfectly. However, if the paypal account does not have the full amount, it takes about 10 days for a Canadian bank account to complete the payment transfer through paypal. If the seller is patient for his payment...no problem. In any event, the payment is garanteed unless the buyer closes his bank account or does not deposit enough money in his bank account to cover for the payment. I doubt that anyone here would do that. I sure would be embarrassing.
  11. I have a Lowrance GlobalNav 200. I bought it a few years ago when I sold my Garmin 45. Yes....I'm a penny pincher. I bought it here in the "for sale" forum. The GlobalNav 200 is huge and heavy when compared to today's models. It uses 6 AA batteries. The screen has far too many options and this can make it seem difficult to use. It does not have WAAS but the difference between zero to 45 feet as compared to zero to 10 or 20 feet is minimal except maybe for someone who wants to do some geocaching on a serious basis. As an outdoorsman tool....it works very well. When fishing, I use the power from my 12 volt electric motor battery. Just the other day, I was fishing in a reservoir that is dotted with islands and long narrow bays. I had to find my way back to a narrows that led to my campsite. The GlobalNav took me right back without the least problem. When driving, I hook it up to my cigarette lighter and it indicates which side of the road I drive on. One time I went fishing and had to follow another car to the fishing spot. There were hundreds of small crossroads going left and right and I had to make many turns. On the way back, I was alone and it was during the night. I just followed my tracks back to my starting point. If this unit had a few megs of memory to store a couple of 20,000:1 maps for live update, I would be very very satisfied with it and would not hesitate to keep it. I'm hoping to buy a Garmin Legend if I can find a cheap used one because I would just love to be able to add just a couple of 50,000:1 or 20,000:1 maps.
  12. Yes BelchFire, I plan to only use maps that cover my territory using a program like Oziexplorer and maps that I can either scan myself, or find on the internet. Where I go hunting and fishing (Saguenay region of Quebec), there are few maps anyway. There are no large lakes and rivers and most don't even have official names. The roads are all unmarked lumber roads which I can add to the maps myself after having tracked them out in my vehicule, VTT and snowmobile. I don't intend to spend much money on maps because I don't need very many of them. If there is any way that I can erase the basemaps in my GPS, I will gladly do it because I don't need all that info. As for travelling to any city that I do not know, I use programs like CarQuest or MapQuest to get directions if I really need them. Things like Google Earth, don't even have close ups of the area where I live. I'm certain that only a few megs of memory will be sufficient for my use, since I plan to download the area I will be playing in from my computer just before leaving home. Yes, the Etrex Legend looks good. So does the Lowrance H20. Are there any that are even cheaper? I don't mind a slower GPS, I don't travel very fast anyway...lol. Even my Lowrance GlobNav 200 is accurate enough as it is now. However, with that thing, I can't use a map of any kind and certainly not have live update when I'm hiking or driving to some of the tiny brook trout lakes I try to find. It's nice to know that the tiny trail that I'm travelling on is at least going in the right direction.
  13. I would like to buy a handheld GPS with mapping capabilities. However, I don't need or even want expensive maps of all over the world and any cities. All I want is to be able to enter a few maps around where I live (province of Quebec) and be able to see a live update of where I am on the map when I go hunting, fishing or geocaching for that matter. Having colour would be nice but grayscale is ok. There are no cities anywhere north of where I live. All of the roads are un-named timber roads and there are new ones every year. Which inexpensive GPS will do that for me? I already have a Lowrance GlobalNav 200 but it's time to upgrade a bit.
  14. I have been looking at GPS units on ebay and was startled to see that many of those used units sell for more than what a person can buy "new". I started out with a Garmin 45 and have upgraded to a Lowrance GlobalNav 200 (bought 2 years ago for about 20 dollars... lol). The Garmin 45 worked fine but was slow due to the fact that it was working on 8 sequential channels. I built a pc and power cable for it myself for a few dollars and sold it for about 3 times the price I paid for it. The GlobalNav 200 works on 12 parallel channels and came with cables.
  15. Anyone have a Lowrance GlobalNav 200 data cable for sale?
  16. Well, I tried to connect to geocaching quebec and nothing seems to work. I guess the site is not in operation. I am in the members list as their newest registered member but nothing works. I hope that somebody on that site sees this message and tells the site manager about the problems on his site.
  17. J'ai tenté de me joindre au site de geocaching quebec mais rien fonctionne. Pourtant, j'ai mon nom d'enregistrement et mon mot de passe que j'ai recu dans mon courriel. Tout ce que je vois c'est le premier écran qui dit "connection réussie" et quand je tombe sur le site c'est marqué "vous n'etes pas connecté".
  18. "Brownie Point" Is a term from the era of the Roman Empire. When there were gladiators, slaves, arenas, public baths. The public baths of the elite were made of marble and slaves would bring towels for them to sit on because the marble was cold and slippery. Anyone who left a "brownie point" was because he had not bathed yet.
  19. I went another route. I just use a female cigarette lighter assembly that can be bought for a couple of dollars in Radio Shack etc and added to short lengths of wire with aligator clips on the ends of the wires. I can clip the connectors to all sortes of batteries and power my GPS power cable or anyother device requiring DC power (sonar, lights, radio, cd player etc).
  20. I forgot to add that the Lowrance GlobalNav 200 is almost identical to the Explorer.
  21. With a place called "Licking County", it's easy to imagine the possibilitly of some wierd rules.
  22. I would love to find a nice pocket knife in a cache. I always have a pocket knife in my pocket when I'm in the woods and on my key chain etc but there's always room for another or a better one. I won't note it in the items taken in my trade. Where I live, there are no cities, towns or villages north of me. All wilderness right up to the north pole. Ok, a person may find a hunting camp within the first 100 miles but after that, it is close to hopeless. Every year people get lost in myh area. Many have died. Some barely survived and others did ok. Something very important (actually the most important) to have when in the bush is matches, lighter or something to make a fire. One of the first things search teams ask when someone is lost in the woods is "does the person smoke?". If the person is a smoker, they most certainly have something to light a fire. You can go a long time without water, and even a very much longer time without food but without a fire, it's hard to survive more than 24 hours unless it's very warm. Now, with matches and a knife, you can make yourself quite comfortable. So if anyone left something to start a fire or a pocket knife in a cache, I won't gripe about it. I won't mention it though. Since I quit smoking, I sometimes forget to bring matches with me. I always have matches and a lighter in my hunting and fishing gear but for a stroll in the bush or out berry picking, I forget.
  23. phern47

    Gps Units

    Sounds like a fun project. Please give us an update when your experiment is over.
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