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    Feature Request

    Thanks Guys/Gals Will try your suggestions.
  2. Imener

    Feature Request

    Is there any chance of getting a "Drive by only" or "Cash & Dash" option on the search page please? We would like to be able to search an area for caches that are close to the road and not a lengthy walk. I know the idea is to get you out and about exercising and enjoying yourself, which we do mostly, but sometimes we don't have time to do a lengthy walk to a cache and a drive by or cache and dash is ideal. The problem at the moment is having to trawl through them all and open each cache detail in an area to find the ones we want; which can take hours when the site is having one of its lazy days. (which is all too often sometimes). Thanks
  3. For example, I want to go to coordinates SK 57094 40088 (N 52o 57.308 W 001o 09.095) 1. On OSGB Setting on the active 10, it only gives me the option to put in 4 numbers in each box after the SK (5709 4008) I type this in and it brings me to point SK 5709 4008 which is a 10 metre square. The last two digits of each group is missing and are essential for geocaching. 2. On British Grid setting. It will let me input the 12 digit coordinates by changing the SK 57094 40088 to 457094 340088) which is fine. Then I press done and it dumps me at point X:00009E Y: 00008 N on the map (Which is basically in the middle of the sea South West off the Isles of Scilly). The bloke in the shop we bought it from (Blacks at Nottingham) couldn’t get this bit to work and didn’t know why either. 3. If I change to degrees, minutes decimal (N 52o 57.308 W 001o 09.095) it does actually work (some of the time). Sorry, have tried to explain it best i can.
  4. Hiya Folks Is anyone else using the Active 10 and if so, how have you got around being dumped at point 0 if you try and enter straight coords? Or is it just us having the problem?
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