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  1. We have a 25 foot travel trailer. We take the trailer out from April-October as much as possible. We planned specific campgrounds to stay at this past camping season, and our choices were partially based on availability of caches in the area we picked. We were able to find geocaches in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and 1 in Maine, all while camping. Next summer, we hope to finish up the New England states, at least. So, yes RV's and geocaching go great together!
  2. FYI. There's a cache near Logan Airport.
  3. Instead of coins, we purchased wooden nickels. We got 100 of them for about $30. We made one a travel bug. We purchased them through one of those business "gift" supply on-line stores. Ours simply says "Boot Group Was Here" on one side. People seem to enjoy finding them, as we notice people mention that they took the wooden nickel in logs after we visited a cache.
  4. We started caching on January 1, 2004, and did just fine last winter. Of course, there wasn't much snow last winter.... When the snow is deep, you just have to go looking for virtual caches, or caches that have recent logs (they've already been dug out!). Also, we hid two caches that are "up" (i.e. not on the ground), so they should be accessible in the winter. We're hoping there may be some caches along snowmobile trails, as we are headed for Lincoln, NH (corridor 11, I think), in February.
  5. We enjoy Wheres George and send some through geocaches, and spend some. We look forward to finding them in geocaches. We have about 30 logged Wheres Georges, and are having a lot of fun.
  6. Even though it was already mentioned in this thread we also suggest that you read your manual to learn how to waypoint your car. For our GPS, we just have to hold down the "goto" button for a few seconds to waypoint the car. That way, if we are ever feeling lost, we can find our car. Even if we aren't feeling lost, we've sometimes changed our current "goto" while in the woods to the vehicle to see how much further we have to go until we get back to the parking area. In addition to seeking 1/1, 1/2... caches, it's also sometimes more productive to look for caches that have posted parking coordinates. Sometimes your GPS brings you to a road closest to the cache rather than a good trail head. So, look to see if the cache description includes parking coordinates. Have fun and Happy Trails.
  7. I also believe in posting our DNF'S. We've logged several over this past summer. For one of our DNF's, we found it the second time using a picture hint from the cache page. There are two other caches that we have currently posted two DNF's. It has been a positive experience for us. Once we posted a DNF the second time, our friendly local cachers showed up in my e-mail for days with encouragement and support. The owner of one of the caches that we didn't find sent me their cell phone number, and told me to feel free to call if we are stuck for a third time. Another cacher sent some pictures near one of the caches as a hint. A third cacher offered to meet us at the parking area, and join us while we try the third time. We haven't been back yet, because we are still adjusting to the back-to-school schedule. We plan to meet up with the cacher who offered to help us soon because we always enjoy meeting fellow cachers. So, forget about your negative experience and keep on posting your DNF'S!
  8. Signature items are also great thing to leave. We don't use our signature item as a trade item, but always leave one (unless it doesn't fit). There are many cachers who like to collect signature items. Ours is a wooden nickel that says "Boot Group Was Here" on one side. In fact, we recently made on of them into a travel bug for added fun. We've also seen homemade bookmarks, calling cards, magnets, etc....
  9. We paid $5.99 for an ammo box. Plus we painted it because it still had some munitions information on it. We had some left over paint here at the house, however, so that was not an extra expense. We felt is was worth the $6 investment, so we don't have to replace any time soon.
  10. We like this idea too. We would probably be willing to allow a RV or trailer come park, since they have bathrooms in them. We could provide water and electric. There is a campground a few miles away that has a dumping station for not much money. We too would need notice. We wouldn't want to post our home address (other than town) on any database, but people who e-mailed us and seemed interested would get that information. For us, it might be allowed for "in season" months since we turn all of our outside faucets off after the first frost. Also, we would encourage families to come stay with us, since our kids like to meet new friends.
  11. I really like this idea. It would be fun to do a multi-cache that brings cachers to several interesting historical buildings/sites that we have here in our town, and then lead them inside the library. I'm friendly with the children's librarian because we spend a lot of time there. Why not buy two of the Geocaching for Dummies books, one for circulation, and one for reference (and as a log book). It's for a good cause (both the library and geocaching). I'll have to think this one through a bit more. It would be a fun project for the winter. So, thanks for the idea, and good luck with yours.
  12. Look under the GPS in Education forum. There are some presentation ideas there.
  13. For our first hide, we didn't put a FTF prize in. We just filled it well with nice, new items. It was found withing 24 hours. For our second cache, we put in $5 of Dunkin Donuts coupons, plus our signature item which is a wooden nickel that says "Boot Group was here". It was found within 2 hours.
  14. Very cool. I wish I could find a place to hide such a big container.
  15. From the main page, you can click on "Advanced Search". From there you will see a place you can click for the locationless caches.
  16. Well, #2 seek has been our pest for 2 days... Yesterday, and today, we went out to find two caches. Both days we found the first cache, and not the second. However, we're not spooked, we're just more determined to go back there and turn those frowns into smiles.
  17. Eek, that sounds horrible. On a serious note, though, may be a local boy scout, who is looking for a project, would want to clean up the old site. Of course, warn about the hole in the ground.
  18. Great job, to all, with the scrapbook pages posted. I am a scrapbooker too. However, I'm about a year behind in my family album, so I haven't added any geo-caching pages yet. I'm not going to make a geo-caching album because I have too many going already. I have a family album, plus one for each of the kids. I also have separate "school days" albums for the kids. That's 5 active albums. So, adding a geo-caching album seems like too much. I'll stick to making a geo-cache double-page layout for each season, and adding the my favorite geo-caching pictures to that page, with lots of journaling.
  19. Well, as of today, we have 65 finds. Since yesterday, we looked for 4 caches, and only found 2. We spent about 5 hours on the four. We logged the two as DNF's. We are somewhere between newbies, and not so-new cachers, and we sometimes just can't find them. We will return to the caches we didn't find at another time. First, we will see if someone else finds them, so we are sure they are not missing. Just keep hitting the trails, and your found list will soon be much bigger than your DNF list. Then, go back and find the ones that you couldn't find the first time. So, good luck, have fun, and enjoy the trails ahead.
  20. I've noticed tennis ball containers seem to hold up well. We haven't placed that kind of container ourselves, but have found several caches with them in use and they seem to hold up.
  21. Well, our post said ya-hoo for our 50th find. We actually didn't say ya-hoo at the time of the find. However, when posting on-line, the words(?!) ya-hoo seemed to spill out of the typing fingers. In retrospect, it would have been more regionally appropriate to say that "It was wicked cool to find 50 caches".
  22. Here in Massachusetts, it typically snows/melts, snows/melts, snows/melts, so if there are foot prints, they, well, melt. I've been thinking that I prefer winter caching because the ticks have been making me really nervous lately. We've all had at least one of those big black ones on us this spring and summer. From what I've read, those are not the ones in particular to be worried about for Lyme disease. However, no matter what, it's not fun to find a tick on you! I know you can still get ticks in the fall or winter, but at least the undergrowth has died off during that time, so there's not as much risk.
  23. I couldn't get in for about an hour, but all is well now. It's running fast again. Thanks!
  24. It's sounds like it's a grey area about pulbic or private property. It might be considered public property to your neighborhood, but not to random geo-cachers stopping by to utilize the open space. May be you should contact your approver with your idea, first, and ask him/her for advice. Make sure to clearly explain the type of land in your e-mail, like you did in this forum.
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