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  1. Getting Started-Glossary This is a link from the "Getting Started" portion of geocaching.com
  2. Yes, it's normal. It really bugs me when I get a DNF on vacation, though, because I know I can't come back and try again. Most of my local DNF's usually turn into a found log sooner or later.
  3. For Contemporary Christian music listeners: You are My All in All by Faith Nolan I always think about geocaching when we sing that one in church.
  4. When you put in your own zipcode, *hopefully* the people who have hidden caches in your area also live nearby. When I first started caching, some of my hometown cachers were by people of Massachusetts, but didn't live anywhere near here. As time went on, it was more people from my town hiding them. I've met one family who live about 3/4 of a mile from me who hide in my town. I see them at the local parks and parades and such.
  5. I agree. "Usual" means typcial for your area of the country. In some areas, the "usual" spot may be beside a log with sticks piled on top of it, or under a rock, or beside a cactus. Once you've found a number in your area, you'll get the idea.
  6. I agree with all that has been said here. Logging DNF's does alert a cache owner that ther MAY be a problem. I think most cache owner would note if the DNF'er was a newbie or not to weigh wether or not it was time to check on the cache. It's also fun for all to read who has logged dnf's. I know I sometimes get to meet new people when I log dnf's because occassionally, someone offers to help!
  7. I agree. Two weeks is a good amount of time. Some cachers don't go out that often, so you should move it asap. If you want to take it on your trip, contact the bug owner and ask them if they mind.
  8. Just change your "home" zipcode on your profile to the zipcode of the GZ. Then, you'll see the GZ coordinates.
  9. Micros for sure. I get frusterated easily with them, especially when they're in just a random area rather than a nice park.
  10. I chose the one closest to home. It was a multi-cache, but we didn't know that multi-caches were supposed to be harder. Lucky for us, it was a nicely laid out multi, with accurate coordinates, so it was actually good newbie training ground.
  11. I've found two letterboxes accidentally. I wish I did find a geocaching accidentally!
  12. Your enthusiasm is refreshing. I, too, still do the happy dance after finding a cache. Don't forget to give the secret handshake if you meet another cacher on the trail.
  13. Well, then if it's micro's you seek at first, look at the difficulty rating. Start off with 1 star difficulties. Some hiders enjoy making micro caches that are very small or very cleverly camoflauged so they're difficult to find.
  14. I ordered one too. My dad was diagnosed about a year ago, which means now I have to include it on my family medical history. His wife (my step-mother) is a nurse, so he's doing ok with it.
  15. My guess is that maybe they don't have a GPS, but can use Google Earth or other means to zero in on the virtual areas, and then go and figure it out in person.
  16. solve puzzle caches...then you can have a bunch to find when you're better
  17. ya, about .6 for me too...my son and I were FTF on it when it came out a while back wish some of the local cachers would hide a few
  18. bring kids...they can crawl, climb, and inspect every inch of the area and people just think they're being kids
  19. I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation and I did it the old fashioned way. I just looked up the zip code of the hotel where I'm staying and then checked out the various caches within 10 miles or so. I picked some that looked fun, scenic, and easy (since the kids are coming). I also checked out the zip codes of the other places I knew I was going to visit on "day trips" from the hotel, and picked a few caches in those areas.
  20. My local forecast for today: Forecast for: Middleboro, MA 02346 Updated: 8/2/2006 4:27:00 AM Important Message Excessive heat warning in effect until 5 PM edt Thursday. Today Mostly sunny. Hazy...hot. Humid with highs around 100. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Heat Index values up to 116. Tonight Partly cloudy. Hazy. Humid with lows in the upper 70s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the evening. Heat Index values up to 110 early in the evening. Nope, I'm not geocaching today. No, I'm not wearing long pants today.
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