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  1. Probably depends of the TB's owner. I personally wouldn't want the code of my TB published, especially on my TB's gallery. but hey, this isn't my TB. I'm thankful for the spoilers that were available before the beamed image since finding the code in the beamed image wasn't that easy & would be missed if you didn't know what you were looking for. It's interesting to see what creative pics some folks uploaded.
  2. Did NASA have Watson take pics of the calibration plate while on Earth? Would be interesting to compare the image quality with the beamed images. Maybe some effect due to atmosphere?
  3. Thanks. I went back & looked at Tuesday's email. Many times I don't download the pictures, so I never noticed it was called "The Logbook". And this week, I stopped reading when it got to the Wonders of the Word, so I missed the "HQ Happenings" & their announcement about the potential sighting on March 10th. Guess I'll have to read more closely from now on.
  4. Where do you see 23,000 photos sent back. The Raw Images page (Images from the Mars Perseverance Rover - NASA Mars) reports only 4,928 images as of 23:45 hours CT 02/23/2021.
  5. Totally agree with that!! I was shocked by the content of some of the ads that popped up (toon.com?) in the right bar while I was looking at someone's trackable page. Maybe legal, but "soft" porn, even if only cartoons, has no place on a site that is routinely accessed by children. They may ask for an age "verification", but there is no real verification and even if that dissuades further activity with the site, it is "grooming" behavior.
  6. I would expect that by virtue of their using the Geocaching site, the content creators have agreed to allow any "privacy" information they post to be viewed by others. If it isn't already that way, why cannot the ToS/Privacy statements say something to that effect?
  7. Not going top read through 5 pages of notes. Unable to edit my logs probably at least back to the first of the year, using Microsoft Edge browser.
  8. I have been having the same problem using Microsoft Edge, probably at least since the beginning of the year. Usually do at least a short log on my phone. Sometimes want to correct my thumb typing, add another thought or TB, but unable to do so.
  9. Thanks for the reminder/clarification. In a quick read through I saw at least two approved waymarks where the poster's name did not match the player's: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmCH93_NTR0_N_61_deg_270_Srkijrvi_Beach_Hervanta_Tampere_Finland https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmF114_DLB67_N_35_267_Rose_State_College_Midwest_City_Oklahoma of course, these were approved years ago, by a different reviewer.
  10. Not getting notified of posts to this thread despite following it, so I just saw this today. Vulture1957, I sent you a message from your Waymarking profile.
  11. No. Both the subject line and body of email reflect it is being sent to me. "[WMK] (Copy) ambegador is contacting you from Waymarking.com" "[This is a copy of the email sent to ambegador]" Nothing to indicate it was sent to my intended recipient. Making me wonder if they are being received. Especially since I haven't received any replies.
  12. Does anyone know anything about sending messages via user's Waymarking profile? I tried sending a message to tofixe that I found a spot with his coordinates, but the copy I received from Waymarking said the email was sent to me, not tofixe. May explain why I'm not getting any responses to my requests via Waymarking.
  13. I didn't catalogue all the variances in the waymarks posted, but I did notice one accepted instance of decimal degrees instead of degrees, decimal minutes. Several where the user elected to only ask for a dd.mm match, even though the name was more than four digits. Acceptance of leading zeros & not just in the hundreds for lon. Perhaps the requirements section needs to be more specific and address these issues. It provides guidance for names of five digits or less, but not more than five digits. Just because my name is nine digits, I have to be more precise in my waymark, but others don't? Ok, but spell it out, don't leave it to guesses. If I have to use seven digits, does it have to be the exact first seven, or is rounding to the seventh acceptable? Remember, we have to ask someone to do us a favor. They need to have a precise understanding of what we need for an acceptable waymark. I'd hate for someone to go to the effort to get to the coordinates, get & send me pictures, only to be told it was a waste of time.
  14. In this case it isn't adding a 0 in front. It was only using the first digit for the degree, instead of the first 2 digits. I hadn't thought of that possibility. Will go with using the first two digits as degrees first an see what kind of success I can get. And maybe explore this alternative after I've worn out the first. I came up with quite a list of caches near my north or east coordinates, for me to contact the COs & see if they can help locate a POI at the coordinate. Working on refining the list now for best possibilities.
  15. Somehow combine those already playing/posted on the Waymarking page with those here interested in helping. For example, unimoggers and tofixe have already posted waymarks for their name coordinates, but they are not listed here. Their name coordinates are "near" my home coordinates, so I can help them with additional waymarks, but not being listed here they have no way of knowing I'm available to them. Those just listing here may not see that their home coordinates could help someone who is already playing/posted, unless they take the time to read through all the postings already there.
  16. There seem to be a number on the Waymarking page https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=07f522ad-8905-4ae9-b57c-398479eb963f&r=10&exp=True who aren't also listing here. Doesn't seem to be a way of posting on that page unless one is listing a waymark. Would be nice to cross-reference the two. I downloaded the gpx files for those that are already waymarked and added them to my MapSource file for my coordinates. Accomplished two things. 1) saw a couple of waymarks "near" my name coordinates, giving me some people to contact to possibly help me. 2) Saw waymarks along the axis of my "home" coordinates, that when I read their descriptions, I found three others who I can provide waypoints for in my area. one hand washes the other!
  17. Yes, thanks. I read the posting requirements. I even posted the link to the Waymarking page with expanded description so anyone who wanted to play/help would be able to red what is involved. I'm waiting for those who have replied to actually visit a spot with my cords and send me pictures.
  18. Thanks! I also posted on the Worldwide Geocaching FB page and already have several replies.
  19. Thanks! I think I saw a way in Geocaching to ID partners. Especially since I've already mapped out general areas. for example, I use my name for the N coordinate, as you said I can see S. Florida is a likely location. Plug my N coord and then what would be the general Lon for Boca Raton (W080 00.000) into the Geocaching search box and viola! a list of caches in that area pops up. I see "bocadixie" is one of the cachers with hides there and I can now message bocadixie and ask for help. I can hop around the world plugging in similar variations and see if there are caches nearby and ask those cachers for help, too. I'm guessing it is similar in Waymarking.
  20. Yes! I got the coordinate part. I was stumbling over how to identify a partner.
  21. Can you help me with a few more specifics on the steps you took to locate someone? How did you search using your coordinates in Geocaching? Just used the map to ID the general areas? Or, did you somehow use the coordinates in the search box? Can you use wildcards in the search box for the missing coordinates?
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