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  1. I would like to know when they plan on releasing an update so we can FILTER out PREVIOUS FINDS!!! Its almost worthless because I cant scroll through a list of search results and If Im not in a new area Ive already found all the 20 maxx results it shows me. We MUST be able to log into our account or this is just worthless. If they get that squared away it will be priceless. Ive gone back to using Geopher Lite and just checking everyday to see if Groundspeak has made an update. The compass works GREAT!!! I will just be glad when it will recognize us as our user log in!!! Thanks and please make the obvious changes that everyone thinks is no brainers and if geopher lite a $1.99 app can do all that why cant Groundspeak put it out for $10? Please dont get me wrong love it but it is broken right now in my opinion just fix the ability for us to log in to our accounts and use it !
  2. I am calling everyone I know with an iPhone and telling them they need to go download this right now! And I know quite a few people with iPhones
  3. Yep that happened to me when I hit the save button as well crashed, but do it every time.
  4. Ok one last comment. Im at my house right now and searching from current locations yields me a list of caches and I have found most everything in the list! and there is no way to see more than 20 listings. Do I have to actually travel away and search again??? This is not good since I would like to decide which direction i want to travel based on results. PLEASE give us some ability to delete or just not include caches when have logged as finds Dont get me wrong this app is AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!!!
  5. One quick question that may be apparent and Im not getting it. When you look at a cache listing there are buttons for Save Navigate Map. Is there a way we can just "delete" caches that we have already found out of the list? or is that something we have to wait on the upgrade to filter out previous finds based on our geocaching accounts? It seems the save button toggles from save to delete but there doesnt seem to be anything change if you click the delete button. also the most caches you can list is 20??? That seems strange is that going to change? I like the Inventory tab on the cache page that is nice! Now if people would just just there TB finds/drops hahaha
  6. Im so happy this is available, too bad It is sooo dark outside I want to go test it!! While I am very excited and happy about what I see so far, I am disappointed you cannot log into your account so it will not list caches you have already found, also you cannot log your finds that sucks but these are issues that they are going to address soon i think in updates, so I am still very happy as it looks just great!!! We will see how it preforms in the filed at sunrise Great work Groundspeak! Im sure you cn see the handful of things everyone is pretty much in agreement on that it needs and it looks like those several things are on your list to include so I am super happy i bought this!!!!1
  7. For crying out loud, when are tey going to release this app?????
  8. I have sent a few emails to other posters but there are just sooooo many here. I would love to trade my new Wooden Nickel, I received today! I have lots Just email me and we can exchange addresses. Take care, MrHollick
  9. TB1A8HF Todie's Wild Ride: Helmets Save Lives Thanks for this late entry into the contest! What a wonderful way to honor a loved one! Take care, MrHollick
  10. My question is do you feel putting a xerox copy of a geocoin in a cache and keeping the original safe at home is cheating? I ask because I went to a cache that listed a Geocoin only to find a laminated xerox copy of the real coin. Well I sort of felt cheated and disappointed. The great joy of finding a shinny geocoin and enjoying it until I drop it off at another cache is a lot of fun. I understand people may do this as a means to combat coin loss, theft and such but then since the actual coin isn't really traveling around how can it be logged in and out of caches as if it were? Its not really been in all those places it lists in it log page. It just seems like fraud to me somehow. I am about to start buying some Geocoins myself and I think I will have to just buy doubles of every coin, one to keep at home in "my collection" and one to release into the word and fend for itself so to speak. Im thinking that can get expensive after awhile. I am interested to hear what others think about this practice.
  11. Yes that is what i do, now Im using Geophe Lite on the iPhone, then punch the loc into my garmin and off i go i use them both together, mainly like you said due to battery life. Plus the garmin is a bit more rugged lol. I am noticing Im goin through the doubles AA's at an alarming rate though hehehe I can hardly wait for Groundspeak to get approval on this app, Im going o buy it immediately and tell all my iphones friends to do the same!
  12. Just skip a days caching and you'll save $9.99 in gas. Yeah come on I spend $10 on lunch at mcDonalds! $9.99 is nothing for an awesome app like this. If you spent $ on an iPhone you can afford ten bucks
  13. Lastly, I dont see any coordinates on the compass screen shot. That is one of the things I like most about the Geoper lite app, It shows the cache coordinates and your current coordinates all on the same screen, unlike my gps that only shows my current coordinates. I like being able to know bot at the same time so i dont just have to blindly follow an arrow.
  14. I also think there are a lot of people out there that might be interested in geocaching that have an iPhone and would be interested in paying $9.99 to try it out rather than $100 for a gps unit. Currently I use both, i use my iphone to look up caches listings in the filed then put them into my Garmin GPS and off I go,
  15. This is fantastic news!!! I have been using Geopher Lite which does the trick and lets me find all caches relative to my current location. None of this having to do pocket queries etc, I can just do a new search wherever I am anytime and get the most up to date live results. There are some drawbacks which i imagine Groundspeak will be able to address easily, like when you select a cache to go for, will it populate the coordinates automatically into the program so you do have to manually type them in?? I can hardly wait for this iPhone app I will buy it immediately!! The screen shots look great. Will your compass work unlike the geophoer lite compass?? And how does your app effect the iPhone Battery life? Geopher KILLS the batter fast.
  16. Currently I have a Garmin Nuvii 200 that sort of works but is a hassle you just have to keep backing out and hitting the coordinates button. But seems fairly accurate, I also use my iPhone 3G With the App Geopher Lite, It is really cool app that lists all the caches near you from the geocaching website descriptions and all, the only thin is the gps isnt all that close but seems to get you close enough to fumble around a bit. It lists the target coords and your coordinates,seems to update rather slowly. I wish I could find something cheap to plug in the coordinates and then It would show me an arrow to follow and take me to those coordinates. Thats all I really need, anyone know something like that??
  17. I downloaded Geopher Lite and it works great on my iPhone 3G. It cost $1.99 and saved me hundreds of $ replacing my garmin nuvii 200! I runs my battery down like mad though and I know Im goig to need to find somethig more accurate, but Goepher Lite is awesome to just stat up and it tells you where the closest caches are to your position and give you their coordinates! I need to find something to replace my Garmin Nuvii 200 which is more accurate but a pain to use because it doesnt auto update the coords as you move you have to click back then reload after takens a few steps. Is there an enexpensive gps that you can see your coordinates on with some sort of compas "Arrow" on that shows you which way to walk to get to the coords you type in??? Any help would be super, Im poor so no $500 units for me Im looking as close to $100 as possible
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