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  1. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4051 Thanks, I spend an hour plowing through old threads trying to find it, the search function did not like the 4 ways I asked the question.
  2. I have 4.18 for my Oregon 400t and had some challenges today and found that there may be a more current Beta Software version. I have searched and only found the 4.18 that i have, however I know that there is newer. Can I get a link to the newest Thanks in advance Scott
  3. As a last resort go here: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Miscellaneous Thanks for the reminder on the link, When I first got my Oregon I had to do Option #2 worked great and then upgraded to the current Rev. I was trying to hit the power button to increase the light during the update to show a friend the process of the update.
  4. Looks like a great beta, did the update on the 400t and attempted it on the 300. I hit the power button in the middle of the flash on the 300 and removed the software during the flash. How do I get the system to now read the unit to attempt the 300 update? Spot
  5. 60+ finds since the update... an event cache using waypoints, so far so good
  6. Working great for me... quite a few caches since the update
  7. Powerex/maha same battery, with their charger, so far the best I have used in my thirsty Oregon with backlight on full 100% of the time. I have tried several brands and they seem to be the best... how long? I really do not time my battery use but last weekend I did 40 caches on 1 set with extra life left. Jet
  8. Spot2


    I marked a waypoint in my driveway, walked away 90 feet and used the unit to guide me back, still off. I did the same thing with the oregon dead on 5 minutes apart same birds. Odd??
  9. Spot2


    Yes, I do Possible the set up is wrong? What should the system be set up for in Oregon USA. Just grasping here
  10. Spot2


    I'll turn off the compass and see if that helps.
  11. Spot2


    We have a Oregon 400t and a Colorado 300. this is not a vs thread. My Oregon has been spot on with the new updates. I recnenty bought my wife a Colorado so she can cache while I out of town, so far we have not found 1 cache with it even with the most recent updat. We have had to pull out the Oregon for every cache since the purchase of the Colorado. I am sure there is something in the settings but cant really find it? By the way the Colorado is normally 25'-35' off on most caches. I know this thing can work well, we have relatives that have a Colorado and actually get closer to caches than we do with our Oregon (possilbly the extenal antenna) By the way I did do a search and most of the post only talk about what to buy Ideas? Thanks in advance Spot
  12. Thanks all If anybody would PM me a hint on how to do what i am planing, or if you are located in Oregon and need a caching buddy for a day (I'll drive) Thanks again all Spot
  13. I remently purchased City Nav (micro sd) for my Oregon, it works great. My wife has a Colorado and i want to duplicate my purchased City Nav for her unit. I did atttempt it and everything seemed to work fine but it will not work, any of you guru's out there care to give me a hint on how to make it work? As i wrote this it sounded like I am asking for a hint to find a cache. Thanks all, a pm is ok if it is top secret Scott
  14. This may have done it... since it was working fine on 2.8 unitl I did the recent trip and it was challenging getting the downgrade. I went to the garmin update site and did a overwrite to the 2.8 that I had on the unit. I went outside and marked a waypoint and walked down the street, I then directed myself within 2' of the waypoint that I set. Just in case it was a fluke I did the excercise 3 times while turning the unit off in between and re- directing myself back to the way point. I may have fixed it, I am going out to hit a cache and check it in the real world with crappy original cords... Wish me luck Scott
  15. Bummer, it did not take the downgrade to 2.6. Not sure what I did wrong, I followed the instructions?? I thought it was working, I placed a new cache and tried to find it, still was not working properly. On the compass comment, it was level and I circled slowly like it said with the unit level. i appreciate the ideas... please keep them comming. One note 3 days ago I was in Canada caching and it worked fine, when I got back to the US yesterday it did not seem to work, could that have been part of the problem?? I'll try the downgrade again Scott
  16. Thanks splasy... just downgraded to 2.7
  17. Bummer it is set to WGS 84, I hoping that that was it. Also for some reason the compass is not moving as I move my body,
  18. I recalibrated it several times yesterday.... odd. I will check the map data. This thing has been humming right along and now this hitch.
  19. I updated the Oregon 400t to the newest rev. It appears that the compass does not function and the distance to the cache is way off. I cached today with a friend and her unit distances were a few feet off but my unit was 150 feet (+or -) off. Is there something else that I need to go to get this update working correctly. We hit 29 caches today and My unit did not find one of them. thanks all Scott
  20. Same boat here always crashes when going to marine mode no 3d view now For geocaching I normall do not use those modes but definatley not the best update. I do like the white background now in Geocaching mode, it easier to see in sunlight. If I want the green background I can switch to the Rec. mode. Close but not a 100% Scott
  21. I can confirm this as well. Great release.....the Altimeter display no longer works either. Altimiter reads (-) numbers now
  22. Touch the sattelite strenght bar
  23. Spot2

    Oregon, turn by turn?

    thanks all, I just ordered it from ebay with free shipping
  24. i believe it works with the 60cxx series as well... it'll work with anything that uses a microSD size chip. the size of that one is about 3/8" x 1/2" randy Is this a full load or a update only? Thanks Scott
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