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  1. Well Thanks for every-bodies input. I just bought an Oregon 450 which is way easier to use than my old explorist 100. Thats why I decided to get more involved and try to get out more for exercise.
  2. I have taken her on a few nature hikes. If it takes longer than a half hour to get to the cache then she is not interested. Also I have taken her to small parks that take only 10 minutes and she doesn't find them fun either.
  3. We recently went on a trip from Pa to Fl. I have an Oregon 450 and I made a few pocket queries to cache along route 95. I planned on trying a few that were at rest stops when we had to use the restrooms. My wife got mad and didn't see the fun in finding caches at the stops. So I was not able to even attempt any of them. My question how do you get your spouse more involved in the game,sport of geocaching.
  4. the maps are on GPS Filedepot.com you need base camp or mapsource to install them on the gps. I just started last month with the 450 and I amstill learning how to use it.
  5. thanks for the help I am still learning how to use this.
  6. Thanks I didn't know that each profile would select different maps to use.
  7. HelloWhen OSM World routable is enabled my compass takes me all over the place and not to the geocache. I was wondering if there was a setting to make this work. I have been switching to the PA topo to find the cache. But I thought I could leave it on the OSM map and then it would calculate off road.
  8. thanks for every-bodies help I changed the profile to recreation and it finally showed the whole map. not sure what it was set to before.
  9. I opened the folder and I dont see any maps in garmin but they are on the gps. How do you rename the maps.
  10. I added the maps with basecamp. I selected only one map at a time on the GPS. I disabled basemap and only slected one of the maps. My pa topo shows streams rivers nad railroad tracks but no streets. I was going to use the maps at different times.
  11. The maps are pa topo northeast topo 3 nad osm world routable that i have for part of the east coast. I live in pa.
  12. Hello I just purchased an Oregon 450 and I have been trying to put maps on it from GPS filedepot. I can put the maps on the gps but even when I select highest detail the maps have no small streets or contour lines on the gps. The fine details are in mapsource and basecamp but when I put the maps onto the gps they disappear. thanks for any help
  13. I served from Jan 95- May 2001. US ARMY Fort Knox Armor OSUT Basic training Jan 95- May 95 El Paso TX 3/3 ACR K troop Armor crewman May 95- Nov 95 Colorado Springs 3/3 ACR K troop Armor crewman Nov 95- Dec 97 Hohenfels Germany 1/4 Inf D Company OPFOR Armor crewman Jan 98- May 01
  14. I would be interested in this app. I have a Samsung black jack II. I dont know who to make gps work without paying for it. Also In bright light I cant read screen. And its not waterproof. So I guess it would be ok for using on ones near paved rds and parking lots.
  15. I figured it out. I had to open Ibycus from the C drive and add the files manually. The image files went into the the big folder and the TB files went into the first folder when opened. I replaced the old TB files with the new ones. and I just added the image files to the big folder. Now when I open mapsource it says Ibycus ver 2.01. I think that is not too bad for someone that doesn't know much about computers.
  16. I would like some info on how to add the patch to Ibycus USA 2.0. I have the file unzipped I just don't know how to get it into Ibycus. Thanks.
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