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  1. Could it be Nieu Bethesda (GCRYPG) by outop (1/2) perhaps?

    Jors jy het hom! You can actually see the cache's Checkers bag under the rock on the stoep. Looking forward to your photographic trip.


    Yes, Malo - I support the idea that anything goes here. It's actually tricky to get a photo that's not too obvious or completely obscure. Must admit that I stared myself blind against the landscape and environment (as Cincol described) and the 2 Goats Deli slipped through unintentionally - duh! :D


    Nieu-Bethesda is a great place to visit, especially in the dead of winter. The Owl House is a wonderful experience, a place to reflect...


  2. Saw some interesting statistics in a wine industry presentation recently. Two questions and an optional 3rd:


    For the SA market, RANK...

    (i) spirits, RTDs (Ready To Drink liquor, e.g. those sweet fruity drinks), beer, fortified wines and unfortified wines and then

    (ii) the spirits brandy, cane, gin, liqueurs, rum, vodka and whisky based on volumes consumed (most to least) in 2008.

    (iii) Guess how many liters of beer and wine (unfortified) did South Africans consume in 2008?

  3. Perfect time to ask this after a weekend of GREAT rugby games (GO Stormers!!! - just had to get that off my chest :P) interspersed with Trans World Sport highlights... It's Lithuania on their way to qualify for the 2011 World Cup.

    Trans World Sport had a whole section on them a week or two ago just before a game against Serbia (I think) to equal the record (held by SA and the AB).

  4. OK I got it, but must admit that because I'm geographically challenged I used some other sleuthing techniques to get to the answer. So, I'm not sure if I broke any rules and therefore will not publish the answer. Wanted to check out the spot on Google Earth but it's probably the only spot in the Old Transvaal covered by clouds!

  5. see this is my problem - how do I get this to the required size?

    Tom I'll share my wealth of experience with you... :) You must just open the photo itself and use that address. Like...


    Assuming of course you uploaded a large enough image in the first place. Seems like the image is down sized in the "log's address".

    I see earlier in the thread someone suggested using Photobucket but when I tried that it gave me an error message (something about a dynamic link...). Any solution for that?

  6. Hou van die volwaardige Afrikaanse woorde, maar verkies die “geo” band met die Engelse terme. Om julle gedagtes op te som en ‘n paar by te las…


    Geocaching = Geoskattejag

    Geocache = Geoskat

    Cache = Skat

    Geocacher = Geoskattejagter (OF miskien ‘n geoslaaf in sommige gevalle…?)

    GPS = GPS

    Logbook = logbook (lank reeds deel van Afrikaans)

    SWAG = SWAK (Strooi Wat Almal Kry)

    CITO = SIGO (Skat In Gemors Uit)

    Traditional cache = Gewone skat

    Mystery cache = Kopkrapskat

    Multi cache = Verskeidenheidskat (OF veelvuldige skat OF Hakkelskat OF Hopskat)

    Earth cache = Aardskat

    Event cache = Kuierskat

    Virtual cache = Virtuele skat (OF Spookskat)

    Travelbug = Reistor (alhoewel reisgogga baie goed werk saam met “geo”).

    Iemand wat jou reistor laat wegraak = Gomtor (of miskien ‘n faktor…?)

    TB hotel = Reistornes

    Geocoin = Geomunt

    Trackables = Georeisigers

    FTF = HEHE (HEt Hom Eeste) OF EGK (Eerste GeKry)

    TFTC = DVDS (Dankie Vir Die Skat)

    DNF = NGN (Nie Gekry Nie OF emosioneel meer akkuraat VOKK – Vergeefs Onder Klippe gesoeK …!

    TNLN = VNLN (Vat Niks Los Niks)

    Muggle = Maaifoedie OF Deugniet (daai’s nou lekker ou Afrikaans!)

    Muggled = Verwoes

    Spoiler = Pretbederwer (moenie met Maaifoedie verwar word nie…)

    Watch list = Dophoulys OF Loerlys

    Pocket query = Sakpas navraag

    Ground zero = Iniekol

    Archived = Uitgetree


    Die vraag is nou – waar gaan ons dit alles gebruik…? (dit is ‘n SVU [swak verbloemde uitdaging]).

  7. <p>My first ever forum contribution and now I want to upload a photo...? :) Let's see what comes out the other side... ddcbf4c1-5030-492c-86d6-2f173d10d042.jpg Technically it is not such a great shot, but I like the idea it represents - new growth after a fire, call it "Green Promise". Was taken in 2009 in the Kogelberg behind Kleinmond close to an archived cache Tall Story.</p>


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