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  1. Thanks Bruce! Your time and efforts are much appreciated! Was fun keeping an eye on the racers and interesting to see how the different components contributed to their success. After some unhappy experiences with TBs recently I'm very happy to see that all 3 my travelers are now able to enjoy a more leisurely journey trough the world. :D

  2. KASIMANI hit 500 at Bloukliprivier! Congrats and may there be many more finds, hours spent walking in the mountains, searching for disguised containers and quality Kasimani hides! :P

  3. Earlier today The Pooks forwarded an article which claims that cachers are a bit geeky... I of course revelled in the fact that they obviously did not talk to me... But after receiving this log and realising how much enjoyment it gave me I now have to admit...


    Many have sung the praises of Henzz's logs so nothing new there - I want to thank you for completing the geeky visions of grandeur I had when I came up with the concept for this cache - you completed the cache's story. You make hiding them just as much fun as finding them! THANKS Henzz!

  4. This is such a funny idea...! Thanks for brightening-up what has been a very dull forum lately. Scary to think what else you might have licked... Now I have to expand on my caching notes with "Please don't lick this cache!".... :blink:

  5. Throwing a few ideas in the ring focusing on easily recognising SA animals...


    Nr 1 needs to be stylised as a photo won't work, but it gives the idea of the perspective I like.




    Nr 2 and 3 are straight forward and supposed to be friendly and as simple as possible.






  6. OK my cache is eventually in for review. Thanks again to all - biggest lesson is to forget about Word formatting. Got both Write-area and Xinha working but still did some manual coding and had to retype the Bermuda-text by hand in the GC box - still don't know what was wrong.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @ the Trev-Doc-Fox love triangle :P: I use FF (you 2 convinced me long ago) and have used write-area but I gave me some trouble (can't remember what, think it was the tables in spring tide) but I was ready to give it another go but now it hasn't been supported by at least the last 2 FF versions. Am I missing something...?

    @ mr pand: you missed the FOOLproof part...! Down loaded notebook+++ (and some other html editors) just to wipe them again - too complicated for what I want to do (and can handle :blink:). No there's nothing that warrant the deletion - checked a million times.

    @ cache-fan: Thanks this seem to work best so far. Just don't like the fact that it's online.

    @ webscouter and chingha: Nothing too complicated just want to "order" the info in an earth cache (a solid block of text is also off putting). This is why I'm usually able to do it by hand - just wanted a short cut.

    @ the rest: thanks will give them a go.

  8. Does anyone know of a good, consistent and foolproof WORD to html converter from which you can just copy and paste the html code into a cache description w/o any problems? I've tried several but they either give you a very complicated file 10 times the size or gibberish in GC.com (the "clean" html apps), so I always end up coding by hand. Now I'm sitting with a cache description where GC.com consistently deletes ~50 words in the middle of the description and also bungles up the coding from there on!! :mad: There's nothing extraordinary about the section, the deletion site has NO code/formatting and I've tried an intermediate unformatted c&p step to try and get rid of hidden Word related formatting and even retyping by hand... [imagine emoticon pulling his hair out!]

  9. We've found:

    (i) Stashed diving equipment and abalone near Kleinmond... the tattooed. knife yielding divers around the corner put the "brisk" back in my walk! :ph34r:

    (ii) A bag of presumably stolen tools in the Johannesburg botanical gardens... but not the cache. :mad:

    (iii) Bung-smoking school boys in Stellenbosch... politely declined their offer to join! :blink:

    (iv) Lovers in a "compromising position" in Umhlanga... made me appreciate DNFs a whole lot more! :huh:

  10. ...and he found that many caches had many favorite points (but purely as a function of a high find count).


    Hi Eaves, I find the above statement interesting... All the heated debates on the forum somehow revolves around the "quality" of caches although, ironically, it can never be resolved because it is so highly subjective. The point is - not even favorite points will constantly lead you to what you'd consider to be good quality caches because, doesn't matter how you create the numbers, it's still based on a value judgement.


    In my mind 3 things influence the overall quality of a cache experience.

    1) The "absolute quality" (what everyone is trying to define - at least we can agree that a nifty hide is better than a piece of paper in a plastic bag, etc, etc).

    2) Your personal preferences and frame of reference (countless possibilities including likes & dislikes and your relationship with the CO).

    3) Your mood/state of mind while doing a specific cache (e.g. group caching [yes even record attempts by those inclined] and holidaying in an exotic location).

    The interrelationship between these will for example move me to give a favorite point to what might be an average cache for locals (when I'm high on holiday-endorphins :blink:) or snub a scenic location cache if the cache hasn't been maintained.


    In any case, as the gist of your discussion goes, it's about trying to focus on the better caches when you have limited time and using favorite points is definitely one of the better, quick tools for that. I just can't believe there will be many people who will create accounts to vote for themselves or only open caches for PMs to get a better favorite's ratio (too much conspiracy theory :ph34r:, it's a game for goodness sake!), so chances are that you'll miss them in any case. So if you end up at a "bad" cache just sit a while, take in the Italian scenery and say to yourself - "This still beats the hell out of sitting in my office!"


    See ya!

  11. I would love to but I'm afriad that it has been limited to Premium Members only, keeping the lowly riff raff out.


    Interesting point raised. I never use to even think about this but after a spate of "lost" TBs, abused hides and now even moving a hide to a different location (all of which make me see red) it actually crossed my mind... especially for fragile hides. Not because I think premium members are above all this but just to limit the numbers. Think it might make a difference...?

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