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  1. Nou praat jy! Rooiwyn geinduseerde wysheid het mos nie brieke nie... Ma' moenie komkommer nie ek's seker ons kan 'n probleempie erens uitdraai om saam op te los. Ek't juis gister vir die 1e keer die Wherigo-goed 'n go gegee en dis omtrent 'n hit-en-missery deur die OpenWIG sagteware waartoe my BB my beperk...
  2. Never mind... I just did the UFFAITP and it's working fine now (for those not familiar with the technical jargon we experts are using - an UFFAITP is the Universal Fix For ALL IT Problems - also known as a "switch it off and on again" or a "log out and in again" in this case...)
  3. Has anyone else had a problem with the "my finds" pocket query...? On my system it's been dead for some time now - the "Add to queue" clicker is inactive and the "last generated" column says "Never (no finds)" (and yes, I am logged in...). Other pocket queries work fine.
  4. Taking only these but sorting them for % Favorites/logs
  5. Danie Viljoen: "The point farthest from any cache in Africa is N13 26.770 E23 47.545, in the west of Sudan, 961.9km from the nearest cache. To put this in perspective - it is the centre of a cacheless circle with an area more than twice the area of South Africa!" Just thought you might want to know...
  6. We enjoyed doing a few of these - THANKS to the Vaalharts/Jan Kempdorp cachers! Have you ever determined which is the "most isolated" (ito distance) cache in SA?
  7. Give that man a Bells!!
  8. Ping pong... Where are we walking to?
  9. That's the one! Take it away!
  10. OK, so nobody recognises Schoemansdrift, so let's try...
  11. Hesamati


    Thanks everyone! A 1000 at Hartswater nogal! We had a lot of fun this holiday and also planted a bunch, so keep an eye open for some off the beaten track caches, way off the beaten track in some cases...
  12. Who-ha! Here goes...
  13. Hesamati


    Terunkie just hit 900 in Jonkershoek! Geluk julle!
  14. My magtig! 3 in a row I actually know and I missed them all!
  15. Malgas Pond GC2XP6H
  16. At the risk of starting a whole "what does the stats mean?" discussion a practical and philosophical conundrum for those so inclined... Filling the T/D matrix also has another dimension, i.e. new caches might be "influenced" (not necessarily consciously or maliciously, let's face it these are by no means standardised) to create more options for those currently rare combinations (see FTR's post in stats). So, first philosophical, like all the other stats the "value" of the achievement will probably decrease over time as we've seen with "just numbers". So kudos to the first few cachers to achieve anything related to stats! Secondly (and more importantly to me as a cache owner), how do you balance the D rating (especially at high T ratings) between making it a real 4-5 star find w/o sending a lot of disgruntled cachers home empty handed after a difficult/dangerous/equipment requiring hike/scramble/climb/dive/whatever? Especially when taking the hint into account. Placing a 5/5 cache amongst millions of rocks (or a micro in a Karoo-bossie... ) is easy w/o any hint, but will definitely not get a favourite from me. Manipulating this by creating mystery caches might be an option but again doesn't have "real value" as this gets watered down as people start sharing info (as should happen). Would love to hear your opinions on this (and please let's stay clear of the "it's not important to start off with" arguments - we actually know that but can't help finding it interesting all the same!).
  17. I've been using a BlackBerry Bold (9780) with CacheSense for more than a year and it's brilliant. Accurate, quick, userfriendly and all the paperless features I need. Only complaints I have relates to the BB maps, i.e. (i) it resets to the map scale every time you leave and return to this function, so you have to zoom in again, (ii) the map doesn't scroll automatically on the live map/direction view and on the map it only displays the cache code, not the cache name.
  18. Looks a bit like "Another Peaceful Valley" just outside Nelspruit if I remember correctly (I recorded an injury and a DNF...), but I see you haven't been there (or did not log a DNF...).
  19. Hesamati


    Nice one! Would have loved doing it - but the closest I'll get is lying in bath with the hot water tap running... Probably why photos are now OPTIONAL...
  20. Jeewiz, I'd give my remaining front tooth to do this one!
  21. Hesamati


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Kasimani - hoffe, es gibt viele!
  22. Check out this amazing VIDEO! Beats a day behind a computer...
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