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  1. thank you to all who have helped me open my eyes to getting maps. this thread is now closed.
  2. the link is only for when you allready have mapsource on your computer. I do not so it will not open
  3. thanks for the info rayt333. Found a map that will be perfect. Unfortunatley i dont have Mapsource as i bought the garmin oregon 300 used with 2 sds. Where can i find mapsource for free?
  4. mike, where did you find it as im having the same issue of not having the program therefore cant download free maps ive found??
  5. looking to buy a used SD card that has garmin Topo 24K covering Colorado in SD card format. Anyone got one for sale? Will be using it in an Oregon 300 and want the shaded detail that comes in the maps. anyone have suggestions that also would work for what i need?
  6. Ill take it, see my pm and email i sent. Thanks!
  7. I am fairly new to the sport and was wondering if there was any way to change your username without losing the amount of caches ive found? Ive got 53 and wouldnt want to have to go back and relog them because i need to change my name...petty i know but looking for an answer.
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