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  1. Yes, you are going to have DNF logs (that is if you log them). I had one last weekend that I searched with two other people for 45 minutes (total time spend 2.5 hours). I went back the next afternoon with one of them and we searched for another 30 mintutes (additional 1 hour). I read the previous logs and people were saying "easy find", "went straight to it", and the kicker "my six year old found this one as soon as we walked into the area"...those make you feel like an idiot.

    I agree with this completly. I have just found the first WP of a 3 stage multi after 6 trys over 2 weeks totaling nearly 5 hours of looking, and it was RIGHT THERE! Its even worse when everyone else says the rest of the WPs are harder. Some days it is harder then others and some of us can't let things go as well as others can. :ph34r: Keep trying and don't be afraid to ask for help if you want it, always worked for me.



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