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  1. Ok, short notice, and not even a hike.


    Tomorrow Sunday the 10th I am going to drive up to Index-Galina road and take a look around the area where the washout is. Then I plan on driving around to Jacks Pass and see how far I get.


    I am looking to get back to the Silver Creek area and am just going to scout around and enjoy myself and grab a few caches.


    Anyone wanting to carpool or caravan, let me know. I am planning on leaving the Monroe area around 8 am.

  2. Ok I have been looking at this for a really long time now and I am going to attempt it this year either way. It seems that we try one really challenging hike each year and for this year I am going to attempt to make it out to On the way to Florence Rae. Maybe it could be made into a HOTM maybe not. It is really looking like a 15 mile RT with a river crossing.


    Right now I am looking at the last week of August/First weekend of September as target dates. Anyone interested in a 5/5 or possible 2. (Lady Willowrose's deceptively hard adventure)

  3. The tunnel is open. Official opening is July 5. Buss service up the pass to run the tunnel begins tomorrow July 1.

    Looks good, I am going to head up today with the family and check it out before the opening crowds.

    And never mind, that plan fell thru, ended up in Woodinville instead.

  4. :unsure: Interesting fact......... 07-01-2011, Little Si Parking area & Mt Si Parking, signs are up and say Discovery Pass Required.


    I roamed in to check on all these REQUIRED PASSES. How about 80% did not have them and did not see any TICKETS on those without the PASS.


    Just maybe the 1st was a freebie day.


    Today, 07-02-2011, will be a true test as Saturday Morning these lots are packed, we shall see if anything is done to those without a PASS. <_<

    There was an news article I caught that indicated that they were going to give the 4th of July weekend a free pass as it were and start ticketing on Tuesday.

  5. Ok am I totally missing something or has the bookmark list jholly puts together vanished? I am not seeing it on the listing page or on any of the caches on the route.


    Jim, any chance you changed this from public to private?

  6. I have yet to see anywhere that says that you have to fill in the license plate line on the pass or that there is a penalty for not doing so.

    For the old vehicle use permit, DFW regulations specified:


    • Vehicle Use Permits may designate up to two vehicles for use.
    • Permits must be placed in full view from outside the vehicle. Please have the license plate number(s) of the vehicle written in the space provided on the permit.

    That web site has been taken down but, for the next few days, you can still see it in the Google cache.


    We can hope that the new permit won't impose this same restriction, but it looks like we won't know until July 1.


    Per the Discoverpass.wa.gov site:


    "Q. Why can’t I transfer one Discover Pass among my vehicles?

    A. The Discover Pass legislation specifically states the pass applies to one vehicle. "


    Discover Faq

    Like I said I never actually found that in the actuall document. I may have overlooked it, or not understood it.

  7. You know I actually sat down and read the legislation. I am no lawyer but I noticed 2 things. It sets up the pass and says that it has to be in its carrier and it says that it has to be visible and that the pass will be needed per car.


    But I have yet to see anywhere that says that you have to fill in the license plate line on the pass or that there is a penalty for not doing so.

  8. I'm going to run out of room on my windsheld for all these permits...


    1. Washington Fish and Game Conservation License ($10)

    2. Northwest Forest Pass ($30)

    3. State Parks / DNR Permit ($30)


    I'm going to run out of room on my windsheld for all these permits...

    4. Sno-Park permit ($40)


    So which areas will be covered by the Discovery Pass? The Fish and Game vehicle use permit areas, the Northwest Forest Pass areas, access to DNR and state land trust areas which currently do not require a permit, access to state parks--is that correct, and is anything else covered? If I have this and a national parks permit, is everything covered?

    My understanding, And I may be wrong, is that we will need three passes based on what you are describing GA. The National Pass would cover the the National parks, the Forest service pass will cover the same trail heads that they cover now, and the new Discovery Pass will cover DNR, WSFW, and other state forest lands.

  9. JHolly's nailed it exactly. It seems like everyone has their own strategy and style for the CM. Some start the route the day before. Some sleep in. Some start at midnight. Many start at the start time.


    Some folks pick and choose the caches they do on the route. Some follow the route exactly. Some start in the middle. Some run the route backwards. Some ignore the route and make their own way. Some just show up for dinner. Some cache through dinner in a quest to complete the entire route. Some bail out for coffee, lunch, and nap breaks.


    Your mileage will vary, but you'll have a good time regardless of how you do it.


    Thanks for the guidance. I really appreciate it and I can tell how much time and effort you put into each CM. Very cool.


    So tell me...does anyone ever get ALL of the caches on the route in the one day? Phew...I'm tired just reading the itinerary! :lol:

    The simple answer is yes.


    I am in one of those groups that jholly made mention of, We are a bit nuts its true and the level of preparation that we put in is getting a bit extreme. I admit that we usually do the first few the night before to get a jump on the main group. I create a text file from GSAK of all the caches that gets spiral bound along with the route, then the entire route is Google checked to try to pre-locate as much as possible, ie in a guardrail or a lampskirt and to check parking and access. Those notes are loaded as well. Then we have a driver who has no fear, the driver also reorders the caches in his GPS so that they are numbered so that when he searches for the next one on the route they come up in numeric order. As a group we have stickers that we used (although we have upgraded to a stamp if I can find where I left it) and we also have a lot of practice as we have only missed a few.


    That said we stop for lunch and pit stops and above all we have a LOT of fun. Also the routes are usually more like 90 caches not 150. I doubt we will get all of these this time on Saturday, so we will probably finish up on Sunday instead.

  10. Well for me, I always used to buy the Fish and Wildlife Parking Pass as there are a lot of those areas near me, also I will start opting out of the state parks fee on my wife's car and my own so that was combined $22 a year. So this new pass will really only be a hit of $8 a year for me and the added benefit of its a year from time of purchase not April 1 to April 1 like the Fish an Wildlife parking pass was.


    Also here is the distribution breakdown

    DNR would receive 8% of the revenue, WDFW another 8%, and the balance - 84% - would go to State Parks. The legislature projects that pass revenues will total around $65 million per biennium. If the revenue exceeds $71 million, the excess revenue will be split equally among agencies. The agencies may only use this revenue for operating public use and recreational facilities, including trails.


    May not like it, but I will pay it, pros out weigh the cons for me.

  11. Thanks for continuing to comment on the release. We are reviewing all your suggestions and complaints here as well as in User Voice.


    I just wanted to take a moment to share with you this graph displaying weekend performance for the last 6 weeks. As you can see the database has, at times, been pegged at nearly 100% during our busiest periods.


    Now I will direct your attention to the bold orange line representing database performance since our upgrade last Wednesday. It's a beautiful thing. :grin:




    We will not let this success make us complacent, however. The team is laser-focused on improving site functionality as well as performance going forward.

    That is a massive change! Very impressive.

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