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  1. Just post a link to it, after uploading it somewhere like YouTube
  2. I agree, it is very possibly missing so my advice would be email the cache owner to check if its still there. Log your DNF if you haven't already, and if you're confident you've looked everywhere then you can log a Needs Maintenance on it.
  3. This is a thread, a newly created post on the board /forum which people can read and reply in.
  4. ...and one more thumbs down on the youtube video, plus one more report. I'm all for fun, and new ideas are great, however from what I can see this guy is trying to make money through theft and extortion or destruction of people's property. He's not even a kid ffs ... everyone knows that bored teenagers trash geocaches but he's twice their age. If he loves geocaching as much as he says, then there is every chance that he is reading this forum thread, in which case I'd just like to say what a complete w****r you are mate, get a frikkin life, really. I do admire the b@lls of appearing in the video though
  5. Road trip !! Do you have people out of town you should visit, just set off much earlier
  6. I've been planning almost exactly the same cache as the owl/tree one but I was thinking of using nylon fishing line not rope which isn't as easy to spot by muggled at a glance. Also, tying it off on a low branch rather than screwing hardware into the tree.
  7. I don't own a ladder. I do own a chainsaw though.
  8. Anyone know why I got this message? I haven't run one for ages and my profile page is way out of date, so I finally remembered to run a Finds query to bring it up to date. I don't use PQ's really, other than for this, so haven't seen this before. (Probably quite a noob question actually but I am a noob at this !)
  9. Lame thread, already been done to death many times, go find or don't bother... up to you. Try being glad that someone spent time and money doing something for others. If they didn't get it right then if you can offer advice then go for it. I have 120 finds and 50 hides. I give people something to do, and they appreciate it. This game and some of its players have gone way up it/their own backsides it really is unbelievable. Chill our and enjoy !!
  10. Absolutely agree with this. I have a local cache I have already found on watch list, recently it got NM'd as it was letting water in and the log was mush. I emailed the CO to check they didn't mind me sticking my nose in and placing a throw down as I pass it on the way to work and they live further away. Placing a throw down to log a find? Just take the DNF and wait to see the next few logs on it. Sheesh!!
  11. This is one good reason for rules banning buried caches!
  12. People are already on ones that already exist. Facebook groups work because people are already on it. And they can mention non Groundspeak sites, activities and apps there... unlike on here. I doubt that will be different on a GS network.
  13. The camp tape I bought is almost like fabric, and is definitely non sheen. It isn't adhesive as such but sticks to itself. I think it's for camo'ing gun barrels. You need to glue it but I've used double sided sticky tape too. Just takes ages!
  14. Ah, on reflection I didn't quite understand the question then. I've never seen a multi like this, I assumed a multi-stage cache as I described. I need to read more carefully!
  15. I certainly didn't misunderstand the question! Somebody goes to the time and trouble to set up a multi for a reason, the question says can I use technology to bypass the stages and get straight to the cache. yes? Sure, that would make it a traditional / save time and effort. If that's what you want to do then go for it. I'm assuming its a multi for a reason though, to take finders to certain interesting features or landmarks or just to be a bit more fun than a traditional. The helicopter line I did say was a sarcastic thought, as in why not make it super-quick and completely change the way the cache was intended which I think you'll find was "go for a nice walk" rather than sign the log and get another cache off the map as quickly and easily as possible. I did actually say do it however you want to
  16. A good multi will be one rather than a traditional to provide a scenic walk or take you to landmarks or other features. Depends why you went really, for that or just for a quick point! It might be cheating yourself, but there aren't really any rules to break by doing it. The sarcastic side of me wants to say "why not just use a helicopter" but I fought it and won so I won't lol
  17. Go to PurpleHell.com Wow, nice site! Thanks
  18. Cheers for the replies so far, very helpful
  19. I bought some camo tape thinking it would be really quick and easy to camo lock&lock tubs but it's actually quite fiddly and time consuming! Also, the locking tabs are a pain in the butt to camo and they stand out like a sore thumb if you leave them as they are. Any tips for camo'ing tubs that won't leave bits un-camo'd ? I'm assuming spray paint is the answer but don't know what paint to use, that doesn't cost a fortune! Paint or otherwise, all help is appreciated! z.
  20. I want to set some puzzle caches, I can't think of any though! I did a google for "puzzle generator" etc but all that seems to come up in the results pretty much is loads of crossword generators. Does anyone know of any sites I can get puzzles or ideas from for new caches? z.
  21. I dont EXPECT them to but it would be nice. The way the original post reads, it does kinda sound like you do expect it!
  22. ... really?! OK, I'll bite. Why should you put caches out and complain that finders aren't maintaining them for you? How about they put some new ones out for you too?! :-P
  23. LOL I had heard rumors of some kooky folks using plastic cache containers to store food in. I didn't really believe it... Not sure I do now... Photoshop? Maybe? lol er..... lol
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