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  1. Thanks, that's what I thought based on what I've been seeing but wanted to be sure. My main reason for asking is definitely for the map view, since that's the way I normally view nearby waymarks
  2. That’s crazy! I know famous places like the Eiffel Tower are in lots of categories, but it’s cool to see something a lot smaller get the same attention. So this brings up another question of mine, if something is listed in two categories those two listings can use the same coordinates right?
  3. They do indeed! I know the one I drive on more often (the free one ) is a swing bridge, not sure what the other one is
  4. Adding to this, there’s a geocaching duo (same profile) nearby that almost all of their caches are in different series. Right now they’re running a COVID-19 series, since they’re school teachers and therefore have more time on their hands (what the top of the description says). I’ve gone out and gotten a STF on one of them, but other than that I haven’t gone for any of them
  5. Thanks for the help! That's probably my best bet. But I know for example there are two big bridges to a nearby city island, so even though bridges are fairly common I might just make a waymark for one of these and leave the other one for someone else
  6. Yep, this is something I had to remind myself of. I went through the full list the other day, and wrote on my phone all the places around my hometown that could fit into those categories. But I took a step back and realized if I go ahead and make all of those waymarks, there would be a lot less left for the other people around here. So I'm planning on pacing myself, instead of making all of them within a week of each other
  7. That's pretty smart! Kind of like the butterfly effect, or the old phrase "what goes around comes around" EDIT: I misread, I thought you meant somebody would see a waymark posted, and think "hey I know something that would fit in that category" and go make a waymark for that. But what you originally meant is also a really cool idea
  8. From what I understand yes, photos can be added at any time
  9. Awesome, thanks for all the help. I'm rechecking the app and website and I don't see the cartridge that even made me feel the need to ask this question. But I'm sure it would have come up sooner or later
  10. I’m sorry, I should have deleted this one first. I asked it here first and then it wasn’t being seen so I reposted it in the main topics forum
  11. Alright, thank you. That kinda stinks, I was hoping to mark them complete as I finished them since the website says you can upload the file. Is that outdated or is it only possible with a GPSr?
  12. Like the title says, is there anyway to upload a save file from the iPhone app? There's an option titled Upload Save File, but whenever I hit it I just get taken to the Wherigo home page
  13. Update: I just got an email from the leader of the group, it says the plan is to proceed to peer review soon. Here's hoping it passes!
  14. Thanks! I had started it about a week ago but my phone wasn't uploading photos to my computer so I was having trouble adding images
  15. Am I too late to join in the beta testing? I just heard about this and would love to be a part of it!
  16. Yeah, we are a bit off topic... I’ll give that thread a read! I completely skipped over the link in your post so I didn’t even think to check it out
  17. Apparently the issue with this is the fact that different categories are run by different groups. I think the best way to do it is have someone create a waymark, and then have a drop down list for each department for them to select which categories they want to try for it to be. From there it can either be approved or declined by each individual group
  18. Yeah, I reread your post and looked at the categories. I misunderstood and thought you meant there was a category for official LFLs and one for other types of Free Community Book Exchanges
  19. Ah okay, gotcha. I looked at the group's past activity, and they had two votes to approve the category. The first one failed, and the second one, a week later, was cancelled. So by the looks of it, the details page saying the category had been created was inaccurate, and like you said the category doesn't exist. Very interesting, I'll have to look into that. The one I saw the other day and the other one I know in my city are listed on the official LFL website, so I'll look at that category first and then see if they can also fit the other ones EDIT: I started looking at categories and I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying there was both a LFL and a FCBE category, but from the looks of it there's only the latter
  20. The group was created back in January of this year, so I don't know if that has anything to do with the peer review process, like if it takes so many months or the fact that corona is probably reducing the amount of new categories being created I was looking into that, cause I was thinking of making a BookCrossing LFL. And like I mentioned in another thread about the eye-opening aspect of Waymarking, I was driving home the other day and noticed one on the side of a building near my house. I've driven past that building 100's of times, and never batted an eye. That's another one I'm gonna have to go out and make a waymark for
  21. Alright, thanks for the help. I remember hearing about peer review for categories, is that what it means when it says it's been created but no waymarks have been posted? Or has it already failed peer review and is pretty much done
  22. That's some really good news! I plan on getting out these next couple of days and getting the coordinates and pictures taken to start posting some waymarks. My goal is once this corona stuff is over to go to some events and spread the good word of Waymarking
  23. Yeah, that is a pretty weird coincidence. So to make sure I understand, because it doesn't show up in the category search, it's not a category (yet)? That is a bit confusing, cause you would imagine if a group has "The Self Service Coin Operated Laundromats category has been created (with variables)" as it's category status, it would make sense to think that the category has been made. Maybe I'm missing something?
  24. Thinking about it, yeah, that makes sense. I'm just a bit sad to see Waymarking is pretty much dead in my community, no new waymarks or visits for the past few years from what I've seen. Will have to check out that thread though, thanks!
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