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  1. Hey E! I'd be happy to help with your assignment

    1. I was first introduced to geocaching on an elementary school field trip, but didn't do it again until many years later at a scout camp
    2. I've now gotten into many different location based hobbies, as I like to call them, and all of them I enjoy because they help me see the world around me in a new way. It takes me to places I never would've noticed before, or helps me notice them in a new way. And, afterwards, I can look at that place and feel good because I know there's a secret there that only a few people know about
    3. I continue geocaching because it always gives me something to look for when I go to a new place, and I continue to get enjoyment from every cache I find and every connection I make with other cachers
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  2. 30 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    Check none and continue. None of those are required for a visit.


    Those are variables listed for posting a waymark (see the category description). When variables are left blank, and someone visits the waymark, sometimes they are asked if they can fill them in.


    On the lighthouse category description, there are three links related. Two are dead. This is the only one still active:



    This is just an fyi. No need to worry about any of those variables when you visit a waymark. They are only offered as a way for you to include additional information.

    Okay, thank you. I know how the variable part normally works, I was just curious since the challenge one seemed designed to be checked by people visiting

  3. My family went on a lighthouse tour around our state last week. I'm now in the process of going back and logging waymarks that we visited, and at the first lighthouse under answers to variables, I saw


    Visit any location on the Lighthouse Challenge list. You need to include a description of the light and also include a picture of the light with your GPS in the photo.

    Does anybody know what this means? I don't want to not select it and regret it, but I also don't want to select it and have something go wrong

  4. 15 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:


    The Help Center has a wealth of info.  The very-first sentence is "Geocaching Favorite points are a simple way to track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most. "       :)


    In  the other thread ...  in case you missed it, some do feel FPs have something to do with them.

     - But It's not about them at all ...  and why you can remove FPs from a cache if/when you want. 

    The site has been pretty open that they don't care for negative actions on its members. 

    A good example is you can't "ignore" a member, but you can ignore their caches.

    Sure, someone can feel good that their caches have some FPs,  hopefully good logs thanking them are enough.

    Yeah, the help center thing is why I figured it wouldn’t allow you to give another cache a FP if one of your caches got one. And that other thread is what caused me to start this one. And I have to agree, the FP is for the specific geocache, not the person who hid it. It’s possible that I could love a specific cache by someone, but all the rest of their caches I find boring or just don’t like

  5. 7 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    No. You earn favorite points by finding caches. Those are the favorite points you can award to a cache that you find. 


    Favorite points are given to caches that you own are not yours. They can be taken away at will by the person who gave them to your cache. 

    Thank you. That's what I had assumed, because it would make sense for the FP to be awarded to the cache, not the cacher

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  6. This sounds like a dumb question in my head, but I'm not able to find an answer anywhere. I'm going to be placing my first geocache soon, so my head is racing with all sorts of different questions and ideas. One of these was about favorite points. If somebody awards my cache a favorite point, do I receive a favorite point to give to another cache? My gut is saying no, since that would cause an infinitely growing number of favorite points, even ignoring the fact that you are awarded one for every ten finds. But then again, I could be wrong in that assumption

  7. 44 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

    That's a minimum of two waymarks at your LFL. Add a fairy door (which I think are adorable additions to LFLs, and you've got a third.


    I don't take trips without looking for LFLs in the area. I always have a box of registered books in my car.

    Oh man, a geocache, letterbox, OBCZ, and three waymarks all in one package, that's pretty crazy to think about

  8. So my mother is planning on making a LFL out of some wood we acquired from our recently torn down shed. I mentioned that she could make one that's also a geocache, and she seemed to like the idea. She asked me to find a design online, and I have a good idea in my head and wanted to bounce it off of some other cachers to make sure there wasn't something I was overlooking. My idea is to build it in the shape of a house, and place a compartment to the "attic" that would be locked with a combination lock. The house design seems to be the most common one, so it should be easy enough to find a tutorial online.  The combination would be posted on the cache page, to make sure muggles couldn't get in but it's still easy for those who know what's there to open it. This seems like the best solution to me, but I'm open to any suggestions

  9. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my first post. The photos are two sides of the same tag. This is the first one I physically found, the same day as discovering one virtually.


    I’m wondering about the design of the tag itself. I understand the difference between a trackable and a hitchhiker, so I’m not concerned with the tiger.

    The tag I posted has the code on the front, where it normally says “trackable at Geocaching.com” and the backside has the design vertically instead of horizontally

  10. So I recently found my second travel bug with a dog tag, and I realized that the first one I found has a different design. After looking on the Geocaching store, I found out the first one was the odd one out. I was wondering if this was simply a copy tag made by the owner, or if tags with this layout of info is available for purchase somewhere cause I’ve grown rather fond of this one over the default




  11. 38 minutes ago, T0SHEA said:

    Yes, I did locate it.


    Is not quite what I expected looking on Google map. It is a nice building.


    I did find their website. (not facebook) What do you want me to do? I can post it here or sent it to you from your profile page.


    From what I read it is a Non-Denominational church (Spirit filled) and should be a nice addition to the RBM Religious Buildings Multifarious

    Please read the category requirements before you go, be sure to take lots of pictures. The RBM requires a minimum of 3 pictures. Though not required, inside pictures are a bonus. 

    I will look forward to reviewing the New Destiny Church.

    If you are interest , there are several more churches in the area that would also qualify in the RBM. 

    Don't worry about sending the website, like I said I've already looked through it. Thanks for the other information

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  12. 1 hour ago, QuarrellaDeVil said:

    I am reminded that I have photos of a "biker church" that I spotted some years ago.  Non-denominational, it didn't fit into a category until the multifarious one came around.  "Voici" an example of something that might that ol' local neighborhood church, but it already fits into an existing category.

    That’s a very interesting idea for a church, for sure. Thanks for the advice

  13. 1 hour ago, T0SHEA said:

    If you would share the name of the church and denomination, I may be able to assist you.

    The name is New Destiny Church. I was unable to find the specific denomination on their website. After thinking some more, I feel that if this category was to be made, the number one thing it would be looking for is a physically small church (around the size of a single story house) that caters to less than 100 (or so) members

  14. 1 hour ago, vulture1957 said:

    (be ware, look at the category BEFORE going to the winery. Very exacting requirements and some questions you'll have to ask the winery about.)

    This is very important for new waymarkers, I've found out. I went to post a You Are Here map waymark, and upon getting home and haven taken ~5 photos of the map, I realized it also needs a photo of the area around the map. Now I know to always check the category before setting out to get pictures and coordinates

  15. 1 hour ago, iconions said:

    I want to commend you for your enthusiasm - it's great to see in someone new.  That said, you need to experience posting more waymarks before you try to create a category.  1 posted waymark is not enough experience to know how to do a good writeup for a category.  The problem with your concept of a neighborhood church is that ANY church of ANY denomination located in a neighborhood (what defines a neighborhood?  small town, within a few blocks? ..etc?) can be waymarked.  The category is too broad; it overlaps too many other categories already in place; and it is EXACTLY what the multifarious denomination was designed to do - catch those churches that weren't being waymarked.  The neighborhood grocer category is again a "catch-all" to be able to waymark those unaffiliated grocery stores that aren't able to be waymarked. 

    You can still do a REALLY great write up on those churches in the categories they are designed for - that is EXACTLY what Waymarking is for!  TELL the stories of those churches - what makes them special and unique!  You do not need a brand new category for that - especially a proposed one that, from experience, will not pass peer review as that is why the multifarious category was created to end the parade of church denominations and types being proposed.     

    Thank you for the feedback. I know I'm new, it's just an idea I had on a whim and was wondering if it had any need to be made. The church that made me think of it is one that is on the end of my block, which seems to be for a specific denomination of Christianity that I've never seen before, and only ever has 5 or less cars parked next to it. That's the idea I had for the category, a church that's very small (like around the size of a house) and has a small audience. But I agree with what vulture said in that other than the size aspect these would be very hard to verify and enforce

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  16. 3 hours ago, vulture1957 said:

    With most of the major church denominations, and then MegaChurches and Churches Multifarious, I think ALL churches can now be waymarked in a category. Country Churches has a delineation that makes it special. How would your idea be so different? Only 1000 sq ft or less, only XX attendance. How would reviewers be able to verify this?

    That’s a fair point, and one I haven’t considered. Do you happen to know what the distinction for Local Neighborhood Grocer is? I think it could use the same one, since they’re a similar concept

  17. 4 minutes ago, Alfouine said:

    We have a lot of categories for churches, and especially small churches, like Country Churches or Waychapels and all dedicated religion churches categories or Religious Buildings Multifarious


    Yeah, I looked through all of those to see if this category has already been done. I was thinking it’s similar to country churches, but that category specifies they have to be outside city lines

  18. Not sure if this one's been suggested before, but I didn't see anything with the search. This category (which needs a better name) is essentially what it says in the title, a category similar to the Local Neighborhood Grocer category, but instead for churches. I come from a city that is locally famous for having a church and a bar on every corner, and most of these churches are very small and only bring in a few families each. I feel like these types of small, more personal churches would be good for a new category, but I want to hear what the rest of you guys think

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