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  1. Thanks all. After a road trip over Christmas, I picked up 34 new counties.
  2. Just wondering if there is a list of the cachers who have found a cache in the most US counties? I'm at 341 of 3142 and wanted to know where I stacked up. Thanks, Pittrfc
  3. how many others do this? i was out today in a big area looking for caches while on my Mtn bike. I also got to thinking how cool would it be to have a mountain bike cache race in this area. has anyone ever heard of or done something like that?
  4. pittrfc

    Coin icons

    How do you get a little icon for your coin on the geocaching site? Mine just shows a generic coin picture. How do you get the picture of what the coin represents?
  5. What is the maximum amount of stages for a multi? Would 10 be too much? I have one long trail that I would place a couple stages on to get people to log some distance while caching.
  6. pittrfc


    do you need to leave something in a cache if you take a travel bug? I found a couple bugs today but didn't have anything to leave. I will be relocating them soon though. I thought it was more important to move a bug than to take/leave equal behind. Now that I have a bug though, if i find another one when i drop this one off, i'll make the equal switch. any thoughts?
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