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  1. Just spend 3 dollars for an inexpensive compass, it doesnt need power, and isnt subject to a software glitch.
  2. I have had my fuse burst once when I unplugged it scared me to death, kind of welded the cigarette plug to the socket
  3. He is right RUN, this is a Walmart private brand, It does seem pretty nice, although my experience with anything walmart private brand tends to be pretty crappy, but hey try it for 30 days see what you think.
  4. I am closing this topic
  5. Now it expires "Tuesday May 11, 2004" Hmm.......
  6. ariha

    Free Template

    Here you go Stash Note
  7. Ok, I just subscribed but maybe something went wrong because, see screenshot (warning quite big not for dialup) my subscription expires in a few hours! Screenshot Oh yeah, and I changed my user name in case your wondering
  8. Hi, I just spent an hour perfecting this template, its in pdf format, contact me if you want it in xls format. I would appreciate your comments! PDF template
  9. Ok, this is the thing, my Etrex gets better reception in my HOUSE, than under trees! Can someone help?
  10. Ok, how does this idea sound for a cache, Place a Lock on one cache, and place the combo for the lock in another? Also, do you think I could chain my cache to a tree? PS Has anyone else had problems with the website, it keeps giving me n ASP error, and its very slow!
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