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  1. Ice caps from Timmy's... (Iced Cappuccino's from Tim Horton's).
  2. I've done this particular cache. It's about a medium-level of difficulty to get to, depending on the season (sometimes the path can be very waterlogged, and the foliage overgrown). The hiding place is relatively simple - hoist yourself into the crotch of the tree, about three feet off the ground, and uncover some bark in a big rotted branch. Fairly obvious to a seasoned cacher. I really wouldn't call this one a hard hike in (maybe 400 metres?) or a difficult find. Sheesh.
  3. I haven't seen any recent posts on the size capability of the waypoint name or notes sections... are there any updates on this? Will Garmin, in their next free download for the 60CS increase the size capability of the waypoint name from 10 characters to ? and the size of the notes section from 30 characters to? Thanks, PumpkinOneA
  4. Well, I took your advice and called Garmin's head office in the US, explained the situation, and they told me to send the unit to them and they'd charge me $50. to replace the screen - a savings of $100. from their usual $150. fee! I'm impressed. And, only a 7-10 day turnaround. Thanks for the posts. - PumpkinOneA
  5. hmmm... my username converts to N78 - 33.54. Pretty far north. Any chance of a cacher living or visiting there, who would like to work on the "Where's in a Name" cache with me? I think the line runs through Norway's northern islands, and the northern (!) part of Greenland. Thanks! - PumpkinOneA
  6. Hi, Right Wing! Actually, I thought of that - using a serial cable to connect the 60CS to the PC - but the one that my wife uses for the Vista has a different end on it, that sort of slides into the back of the Vista. There's no such outlet on the 60CS. Perhaps there's an adaptor available somewhere? - PumpkinOneA
  7. Well, a few things are cleared up for me! Whew! I had version 1.2 of EasyGps - this is the one you get directed to from the geocaching site. I went to the EasyGps site and downloaded 1.3.7, and that has the Garmin 60CS on it, as well as the usb option. It worked - I now can download waypoints from geocaching.com to easygps, to my 60CS. Now my concern is trying to figure out how to get the waypoints coming in to our inbox from the pocket query in the right form - easygps for me, and gsak for my wife. I'm downloading gpx files to easygps and am hoping all the information i need - including the hints - come through to my GPSr. Just busy checking that now. I see that some people download the gpx files to gsak and then to mapsource and then to their 60CS - that would be great, but I'm not that computer literate. Tried to do that a few times but can't quite figure out how to fill out the "Export MapSource MPS File" form. Plus, I've no idea how to create the proper association in "My Computer" (it keeps telling me to do that). Thanks for all the help, everyone. I see there's a similar thread going on a few titles away. - PumpkinOneA
  8. Very interesting, Team DEMP! I had no idea about that. Zack, I took your advice and downloaded EasyGPS (it's what my wife used to use before she switched to GSAK, so we were a little familiar with it). We tried entering the 60CS but it's not even on the Garmin list in EasyGPS! There are about thirty different ones, including the 76 - so I tried choosing that one, and then EasyGPS still only gave me the option of a COM1 or COM2 serial port - no option for a USB port. How did you do it? - PumpkinOneA
  9. Me again! I'm trying to download waypoints (gpx) from GSAK to my 60CS. My wife downloads from GSAK to her VISTA no problem, but she uses a serial port. My 60CS deals with a USB port. With GSAK, your only option is to choose a serial port - whether it be COM1 or COM9, or anything in between. In the GSAK Help - GPS Set-Up Dialog Box, it says "some modern computers don't have serial ports, and you need to use a USB-to-serial converter - in this case your communications port might be COM3, COM5 or some other designation other than COM1. If you are having trouble communicating with your GPS receiver, consult your computer's configuration or documentation to determine what to choose for this field." So, I've tried COM1 right through to COM9 on my Packard-Bell computer, and nothing connects. I've even tried typing in the letters USB, but that's not working either. The 60CS is definitely connected to the PC - I've exchanged waypoints with the MapSource map on the PC that came with the 60CS. (BTW, the GPS is set to Garmin mode). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - PumpkinOneA
  10. A week after I got my unit mailed to me from RadioWorld, I fell on it and slid down a stony hill - and deeply scratched the clear plastic screen cover. RadioWorld gave me the name and number of the repair place in Canada; I contacted them, and they're estimating over $200. to put a new screen cover on it. (Apparently the entire outer case is one piece and needs to be replaced). Does anyone know of a cheaper, alternate way I can get this fixed? There's only one scratch, but it's quite deep (about half the thickness of the screen cover), and runs the entire length of the screen. Sure wish Garmin would come out with protective cases for these units! - PumpkinOneA
  11. PumpkinOneA

    Garmin 60cs

    Sorry, that last post was mine... it wasn't hamgran's. (shared computer) - PumpkinOneA
  12. Wow! That was a breeze! Thanks so much, everyone. - PumpkinOneA
  13. oh-oh, sounds complicated. What's an html IMG tag, and how do I use it? - PumpkinOneA
  14. Someone has recently put a geocoin into my cache... now I'd like to put the logo on the cache page (GeoCoins have been seen in this Cache!) Does anyone have any idea how to go about this? I think I might have been able to figure it out before they changed the site last month, but I'm lost, now. (Can't even figure out how to put a background into a cache page the new way!) Thanks for the help - PumpkinOneA
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