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  1. I am currently working on getting NMEA ouput to work with my BT338, but I wanted to say Thanks for getting this on PPC, I missed it since I left the Palm platform. GREAT JOB!
  2. It only had to lose my notes once, I got another program which doesn't erase my notes........so frustrating to flip through 60 some caches trying to remember your logs to each. I liked everything else about GPXSonar though.
  3. It sounds like you want as much of an answer as you can get, here's what I think as I have owned them both. I started on Palm, it is cheaper and can get the simple job done of carrying info about caches with you. Cachemate would be the way to go, it costs 8 dollars, more than worth it 5 times over. Palm have their own software, and must use their syncing program to transfer back and forth when it comes to your pc. Some things you would want to look for on a Palm, Bluetooth wouldn't hurt, you may decide later to add a GPS to your handheld and Mapopolis for turn by turn routing. I prefer a color screen but this isn't a deal breaker honestly, most people get by fine black and white. The Treo's you mentioned will run on a Palm platform, but also provide you with a phone. I have owned the Treo and would not suggest it, others may feel different but when I wanted to expand I had to buy new because nothing seems to work with these units. Just my 2 cents. A PDA or Smartphone running pocket pc will be very similar hardware wise, roughly same size, battery life, but the software is very different. I now own a ppc 6600 and far prefer it to my own palm predecessors. It uses it's own sync program as well, but it is meshed for windows so I can simply drag and drop files to move them without ever syncing. This is very valuable to me as I carry many gpx at a time, and change them all the time. These units will cost you more, but likely provide you with more room for expansion and productivity. I have added Mapopolis, and route on my large color screen instead of my GPS. As a phone, you can buy the insurance, at which time the delicateness becomes a non-issue. Mess it up and you get a new one real cheap. I have never hurt mine and I have had it on the lake, long hikes etc. with no issues. I also store all my contacts, schedules, so on and so forth and carry them with me. But then you can do that with any of these options. For me the choice was easy, I didn't want to be limited. I haven't yet found something my ppc can't do, sure it wasn't cheap, but it has everything I could possibly need. I can take pictures at the cache site, call a buddy to ask a question, log the cache, or grab info about it, and route to it. I leave all the rest of the electronics at home, in this device I have everything I need but a replacement container for a weathered cache. Be sure to research your options before buying, take time, read reviews, learn about fixes to issues and ways to modify the unit to do what you'll like. If you do this slowly you'll be superbly happy with your unit in the end, and it will pay off ten times. Let me know if you have any specific questions about certain units, I'll be glad to hash them out with you, just don't get in a rush, or you'll find yourself longing for a new device. Good luck.
  4. I'd say go with Cachemate for PocketPc, if only for the GPS support. let us know how you like the 8125, I have heard mixed reviews but was considering it. I was most concerned about the slower processor.........look forward to your review!!!!
  5. Sometimes mine has scared me, on some I have spotted without knowing they were there at all, and on others where the coords are off a 200-500feet, but they just happen to show up in your hand. One of those moments where you grab a seat and shake your head, and eventually laugh.
  6. I'd sure hate to see these go away, they are near the top of my must-do list......I guess I need to move them to the top of my "do soon or never do" list. Sorry such great caches got ruined by an idiot, I know you put alot into them Snoogans.
  7. I think it sounds like a win/win to me, as far as the actuality of it is concerned, would this be like a Trackable Icon, or something which would require gc's direct involvement. And would they be in to something like that?
  8. So I am just wondering, if GC made it so users only saw their own find counts, would it really change anything? Would I run into other cachers at events who asked how many caches I've found, and would I say "I prefer to keep it to myself". I think the point is being missed. If GC took it off the autolist, as it is, wouldn't some folks decide to list their find count in their profile, and we'd be back here once more.....folks saying those who list it in their profile are wrong. My count is just that, my count, and it's only importance is to me. If others don't like it or do like it, I don't care. If others log my cache and just leave a short post, I don't care. There are so many ways to be involved in this sport, which is one of the major reasons it's growing so fast, lets not limit the options. It doesn't neccesarily mean we're going down the wrong road. I have found the best way to get enjoyment from geocaching, is to geocache my way....and not worry about how others are geocaching. "There's too many fish in the sea".
  9. I love to night cache, but then I must have explained geocaching to over 100 different cops in the Greater Houston area as a result....to each his/her own
  10. I have a sprint phone/pocket pc and I use a GlobalSat BT338 with it without issue. I can't begin to tell you what voice directions from the pda on Mapopolis wirelessly is like, you have to experience it for yourself. BT unit was only $120, I'd say go wireless if you ask me. These units are top quality.
  11. My BT Sirf III will tracklog better than my Garmin 60 series, even when its under my seat in the car and upside down. It is a whole world apart. Hands down, worth the bucks. Just my .02
  12. FizzyMagic, in response to your above post I would definetly use that option in geocalc. I am sorry to hear you were hurt, I hope you get better soon. Wanted to insert Thanks for geocalc, I use it all the time. Thanks for all your contributions.
  13. I normally use GpxSonar and Mapopolis, but I would be willing to try something that replaces GpxSonar. Recently it mysteriously deleted my notes after finding more than 50 caches in a day. I use a PPc 6600 which runs WM 2003. Let me know if you are still looking for testers on other hardware. I have other PocketPc's as well.
  14. OK, I was backwards.....guess I need to sleep more and read the forums less.
  15. Assuming premium membership, you should check your pocket query page.....it appears your prayers have been answered. You can arrange, be it once a week, a query with all your caches and all their finds. Good job Jeremy.
  16. Remove it and re-download it, it sounds like something in your install process was off. They have a pdf with install instuctions , and I'd read that before you download, I had this problem at first and decided to go with GPXView.......finally tried again and I am very happy with this program....stick with it.
  17. the 60 is the way to go, I own 5 different units, both Magellan and Garmin, and I use my 60 from the car to the cache everytime. I bought this one when they first came out, it has been through alot, never had one issue.....and so cheap
  18. He might have meant AFAIK = As Far As I Know
  19. I think the reason the article started well and ended poorly was he had some great input from some local cachers. His article would have been great if he'd have stuck with that, but instead turned his focus away, like all the rest, to what bleeds. I am thankful to those who had input on this, apparently it helped some of the techmical details and clarified some other details. At least his article may be be a step in the right direction, but shame on him for spending so little time on the benefits of geocaching. Improved health, beautification of local parks, increased awareness in some otherwise dangerous areas, I really feel like he missed alot. The list goes on and on....he just got off track. Maybe the next one to come along with a story will do a better job, and not spend so much time off topic. We should bring this guy to a big event......maybe then he would realize what it is he should be writing about..........
  20. Yet another premium cache dog, well known as the quickest and most ruthless in the south can be found here, http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=98...a1-ab55392fb793. Loves to chat the babes while spotting caches from afar, but certainly not afraid to head into the woods and get the job done. Call for a good time.
  21. It just depends on the area. I live in an area of huge geocache density, and I have over 80 FTF's but I have only been caching about 9 months. However there is alot of competition for FTF's in my area as well. Most caches that come out last only a few hours if that before they are found, regardless of difficulty or terrain, with the exception of Jack's Pocket cache, which has been there like two years with no finders. Who knows if it's even still there. Really it's just another level to the game, its fun for some people to add to the challenge, and some don't really care about it. It's a choice you make for yourself. Eventually when there aren't any caches for thirty or more miles, new caches take on a new meaning and being FTF on them makes it more fun. Just my .02.
  22. I am pretty sure it was the za, best I could figure it had something to do with the email scanner, perhaps not but after I shut that down it all started working again. I haven't been testing it back and forth since it appears only I experienced the issue. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  23. Many times reading these forums I have noticed this is a collection of some of the finest minds you could find anywhere.....I think we need Markwell in the office at Groundspeak, then all of these issues would be peas and carrots. Keep writing and I'll keep reading->
  24. Thanks for the quick response everyone.....these are some great points. These are the same pq's I have submitted before, no changes, and when I run the preview I get a full set of info. I did however recently add zonealarm firewall software, and I fear Jeremy may be right. This is probably the culprit as I have never had a problem before. Oddly enough the docs show 516k, but when I try to extract from zip it says there are no files. I will attempt to disable some some features on the ZA and see what I get. Thanks again for all your help everyone, I really wanted to get this figured out, though I can't cache much being pinned down by this hurricane. Thanks again.
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